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Hello everyone!

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for the time, thoughts, love, hate, and sense of community you've brought to me and the MLB The Show dev team! It's because of you that we have been able to go from one of the lowest rated sports games on the market to the only game to achieve a 90+ metacritic rating 3 years running! This is absolutely the best sports gaming community anywhere - we may all have differences but don't forget what brings you all together.

With that, I feel I need to let you know that I have resigned my position with SCEA. It has been a truly exciting and fun filled experience working on the MLB The Show team! I was with SCEA for 15.5 years and have been on MLB for ~9 of those years; It's time to move on. Effective Friday, Dec. 23rd I will be "unemployed" - I'll celebrate a wonderful Christmas with my family (We're hosting 15+ people for breakfast, lunch and diner... yes, we know... we're insane) and then on the 30th I'll be moving with my wife and unborn baby girl (Due March 6th) to Orlando, Florida.

Beginning Jan. 9th I begin work as a Creative Director for EA on the Madden Team. I'm sure many of you will follow along as I get to know that "sub community" while I learn and interact with the Madden fans on the site. This is a huge change in my career, and a huge change for my family. My wife and I are truly looking forward to it! Except maybe the whole mosquito thing going on in Florida... GEEZ!

Thank you again for everything you've done for me and the MLB The Show dev team. Here's to 9 more excellent years!

I hope you all have an excellent Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, New Year and anything else you may celebrate!


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# 1 NDAlum @ 12/22/11 05:23 PM
Congratulations sir

I'll be looking forward to your contribution to Madden

# 2 Dice @ 12/22/11 05:24 PM
Safe travels to you and your family and best wishes on your career move. You've definitely helped The Show become one of the best Sim Sport games on the market. Hopefully, you can help the Madden franchise get back to the status it used to have and be on the level The Show is on now.
# 3 tree3five @ 12/22/11 05:24 PM
thanks for all the hard word Kolbe, I look more forward to Madden now!!

congrats on the baby, and good luck in the future, see ya on the Madden forums!
# 4 Cubfan @ 12/22/11 05:39 PM
Thanks for all your hard work on MLB The Show. Good luck with the Madden franchise. Congrats on being a father.
# 5 bkrich83 @ 12/22/11 05:40 PM

Good luck Kolbe, keep in touch.
# 6 BatsareBugs @ 12/22/11 05:50 PM
I wasn't expecting this, but best of luck Kolbe.
# 7 Bigsheen @ 12/22/11 05:53 PM
Not a doubt in my mind that there are quality designers like you to take over at SCEA. And i like the rest have said hope that you can use your awesome talents over at EA/madden...please
# 8 Ninjoid @ 12/22/11 05:56 PM
All the best mate...thanks for your contributions and looking after me and my fellow cpu v cpu brethren.

Take care and good luck
# 9 loganmorrison1 @ 12/22/11 05:58 PM
This is good and bad news rolled in one. Definitely will be missed on the show, but I am so pumped to see what you can do with Madden. Best of luck and bring that greatness to Madden
# 10 Blzer @ 12/22/11 05:58 PM
Dude, I'm going to miss you. No other way to put this, really.

It was truly an awesome, awesome pleasure and experience getting to know you.

This is to Kolbe!

SYF should revise his Night Before Christmas poem to include a memorandum of Kolbe's departure.
# 11 sydrogerdavid @ 12/22/11 06:01 PM
Good luck, Kolbe. I can't wait to have a Madden game with your finger prints all over it.
# 12 tnixen @ 12/22/11 06:02 PM
Congratulations Kolbe

This is great news and sad news for me.

Its great news because maybe now with you on the Madden team it can start improving much more rapidly and be as good as MLB The Show some day in the not so distant future. But on the other hand you are leaving the MLB The Show team and I have to wonder how this will affect the greatest baseball game ever created? I hope who ever is taking over your old job is as talented and creative as you are.

Anyway good luck to you and your family!

Here's to Madden NFL The Show
# 13 myghty @ 12/22/11 06:05 PM
Good Luck Kolbe!

Here is to wishing you the best on MVP 13....errrr, I mean Madden!

(see what I did there?)
# 14 nomo17k @ 12/22/11 06:09 PM

for someone who doesn't even have a passing interest in Madden...
# 15 rspencer86 @ 12/22/11 06:22 PM

Not sure whether to be happy or sad. Madden sure could use the help though.

Good luck at your new gig, Kolbe!
# 16 mike24forever @ 12/22/11 06:23 PM
Originally Posted by myghty
Good Luck Kolbe!

Here is to wishing you the best on MVP 13....errrr, I mean Madden!

(see what I did there?)
Oh I hope you are right.

Best of luck.
# 17 Bobhead @ 12/22/11 06:26 PM
Yeah I'm with nomo here:

Eww football!!

Nonetheless though, it's a fantastic opportunity, and I definitely give you my congratulations. From what I hear, the Madden fans will definitely appreciate your arrival.
# 18 Bobhead @ 12/22/11 06:30 PM
Also I also live in Orlando, Florida. The bug thing isn't that bad, you just gotta know when not to go out. Right now the insect population is nonexistent, and it won't really surge back up until about April. At which time the only annoying hours are from 5-8 AM, and from 4-7 PM. Love bugs are pretty annoying too, definitely suggest your car has a working air conditioner, because if you are forced to have your windows open you will lose your sanity quite quickly.

Again, best of luck, and congrats!
# 19 bigsmallwood @ 12/22/11 06:41 PM
Congratulations on the move Kolbe! I'll miss your contributions to The Show, but am SUPER excited for what you can bring to Madden! I'll be looking forward to it! M13
# 20 Steve_OS @ 12/22/11 06:48 PM
If you're on Twitter, follow him here.


All the best Kolbe! Thanks for everything.

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