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ESPN The Gamer has posted their UFC Undisputed 3 interview with Producer, Neven Dravinski.

Jon Robinson: You guys have tried to create this game for two very different types of users, simplifying the controls for the average gamer while at the same time delivering an option for competition rules and controls for the hardest of the hardcore. How much of a challenge is that to develop for everybody?

Neven Dravinsky: When we had the great success in 2009 and then we came back immediately in 2010, the game still sold a couple of million units, but there was this perception that because it wasn't an out-of-the-park hit, that it wasn't as good of a game. But when you look at it, the game was better and we got more stuff in there, but there was this expectation that there was going to be more. But when you're stuck in yearly development, you're just limited to what you can do. So now that we had more time, we were able to put more features in. And the thing is, the game is always in development. Sure, it goes into a box every now and then, but it's always being worked on. Now that we've had more time and we've been able to continue to tune the systems we've been tuning since 2007, this is the best one we've done. I'm just so happy with where we've gotten to. It's very satisfying to see where the game is at.

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# 1 BlueNGold @ 12/29/11 09:51 AM
Cautiously optimistic for this game. I really hope it's good and is the UFC game we've been waiting on, but I still haven't forgotten the atrocity that was Undisputed 2010.

I think I'm gonna wait to see what OS thinks of the game when it releases before I go out to buy it.
# 2 drewst18 @ 12/29/11 10:37 AM
The biggest thing I took out of this was the 8 week and cost for one character. That is pretty crazy, the cost of a car on one guy... They spent more on a couple of the bums on the roster than the guys probably make in a year.
# 3 ps3veron @ 12/30/11 05:49 AM
I am totally psyched for this!

Although I am a little concerned about that "box" that appears during the new submission system it appears as it could be a diversion. Nevertheless, being a total noob to submissions I really could use it!

Lets hope for a demo!

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