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Is motion control sports gaming something you are interested in? For those voting on the homepage, the poll is on your right, for our Forum readers, vote above.

Let us know what you'd like to see implemented or why it needs to go far, far away.

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# 1 SinisterAlex @ 12/29/11 07:06 PM

Enough said.
# 2 Champion8877 @ 12/29/11 07:17 PM
motion gaming can be fun at times, like if you have some family over that isnt into regular serious gaming or a girlfriend who doesnt like regular games or something then yes it can be a good time to plug in the wii or kinect. but for my personal use, i dont like motion gaming at all. like i said, it has its places, but not for me.
# 3 Armor and Sword @ 12/29/11 07:43 PM
Just bought a Wii for the family. It is a total blast to play Golf. really serious fun. Baseball too. My son and I are loving The Bigs 2 on the Wii.

Bowling and tennis as well as boxing....really fun times and great family interaction.

For my serious sports gaming? No. I play my PS3 and bury myself in my hardcore sports titles.

But for casual famiy and party gaming the Wii is kick ***.
# 4 panthersfanstev @ 12/29/11 07:47 PM
I think there is definitely a future for Motion Sports Gaming. It will never replace the NBA 2K Series and NFL Football. However, there have got to be many family oriented folks out there who want their household to be healthy and active. That is why I am playing the Kinect right now. I will say the Wii with the remote, is far more accurate and allows for more depth of controls. What I would like to see is controllerless gaming with the accuracy and depth of a Wii remote.
# 5 at23steelers @ 12/29/11 09:43 PM
I really want an awesome motion sensor tennis game utilizing the Kinect. Also, wasn't there a scanning feature they talked about at E3? Would be cool to scan in your own tennis racket, baseball bat, bowling ball, etc to make it more personalized.
# 6 Cleaningman @ 12/29/11 11:42 PM
Motion Controls are just getting started. The next generation of consoles will be a 100 percent
improvement. I have both PS3 and Xbox 360 Motion controls. Much needed hardcore games will not get here till the new consoles arrive. Be thankful !!
# 7 ps3veron @ 12/30/11 04:01 AM
No sadly. Before the whole motion movement kicked in and I read rumors I was actually very interested, I thought hey if I could play FIFA, The Show, NHL, Madden with some sort of movement, this is a total win.

However, the games that have come out are far too "arcadish" for my taste (and not that I dislike arcade games but there's a realm of separation between hardcore and arcade). I like my sports realistic and sadly this has yet to be captured through motion control.
# 8 miraiii @ 12/30/11 07:49 AM
# 9 Cardot @ 12/30/11 08:50 AM
As someone with limited free time who juggles going to the gym with video games, I love the idea of being able to get a workout while playing a game. So I am interested. To this point, developers haven't really tried to do a motion based sim......yes, they have ported some titles over, but haven't really fully invested themselves into it yet.

I do find it ironic that some "hard core" sports sim guys scoff at anything that would require them to get off of the couch.
# 10 mdiggitydawg @ 12/30/11 09:19 AM
Have to agree with many comments here. For the times I am playing with my 8 year old twins...it's great. but until it becomes completely responsive to my movements I will always use the controller for my 360. Also, for it to work in football , or even golf well enough, it will have to be able to judge how hard I am throwing, running, swinging or kicking on that play.
# 11 Pete1210 @ 12/30/11 10:21 AM
I'd like to see a some of motion/voice control used along with the normal controller.
For example in Madden, use the controller, but be able to also use voice commands to hike and call audibles. Maybe head tracking for the QB looking downfield on pass plays.
# 12 coogrfan @ 12/30/11 11:10 AM
Originally Posted by dukebeatsuncagain
If i could stand in front of my TV with Kinect, hold an actual REAL baseball bat, and dig in every at bat for a 162 game season...SIGN ME UP.
A motion control based game that attempted to realistically simulate the experience of trying to hit a major league curve ball would be an exercise in frustration for 99.999999999999999% of the population.

Those who can, do. Those who can't play video games instead.
# 13 ImTellinTim @ 12/30/11 11:20 AM
No. At least not from a personal purchase standpoint. If someone busts out a game that uses it at a party, that can be fun.

However, when I'm gaming with sports titles, it's not what I'm looking for. When I want to engage in the actual motion I'll grab my set of clubs or tennis racket, call a friend, and actually play the sport.
# 14 tbook24 @ 12/30/11 12:34 PM
motion gamiing is a good niche thing for moving the kids around but as far as a serious genre not quite there yet. this wouldve been great during the virtual reality craze of the 90's
# 15 jfsolo @ 12/30/11 01:58 PM
I play basketball 4 to 5 times a week. My sports video game time is for me to be on the couch recovering from turning my ankle after landing on someone's foot, getting kicked in the shin, and getting elbowed in the chin. Ice packs don't stay on well if you're having to jump around and stuff.
# 16 jeremym480 @ 12/30/11 06:15 PM
No, not at all. If I want to move around, I'll go outside.
# 17 EmmittSmithx22x @ 12/30/11 06:28 PM
Well.... I have to say this.... I am not interested in the current state of motion control gaming. But I am curious to see how it develops into the future.

As some others have said. it might be fun at times, but right now there just isn't enough weight to make it a true platform. It is more of a gimmick right now. Who knows? Maybe they can find a way to add depth to it. but right now I can't say I am interested. lol
# 18 Flithy @ 12/30/11 07:39 PM
Originally Posted by dukebeatsuncagain
If i could stand in front of my TV with Kinect, hold an actual REAL baseball bat, and dig in every at bat for a 162 game season...SIGN ME UP.
They have something like that for PS3.MLB The Show will have motion control for everything and they have created a baseball bat attachment for PS Move.If u want to do that u have to get PS3 and Move.Cant wait till March 6th!!
# 19 SIMatic @ 12/30/11 09:08 PM
nope. focus on gameplay for the hardcore fans and not how casuals play the game.
# 20 TDenverFan @ 12/30/11 09:39 PM
I enjoy the Kinect greatly, so yes.

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