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With every new year comes new games. And with those games, us gamers get both the good and the bad. But with 2012 being one of the most anticipated sports gaming years to date, with the return of EA's NBA series and releases of old favorites (SSX, Blitz, FIFA Street), what are you the most excited to see?

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# 1 bigsmallwood @ 01/05/12 11:08 AM
I'm looking forward to seeing the return of EA's Basketball (NBA) title. I hope that they have created an NBA simulation experience that will be enjoyable as well as realistic for SIM players.

I am giving Madden 13 the title of make or break for the series this generation. No excuses, just results. The game needs to be miles ahead of any other Madden (or any other NFL Simulation before it) this generation that we have played. That means Presentation, commentary, gameplay...the whole package. If not it will be considered a bust. (Non-exclusive licensing maybe?)

I hope that NBA 2K13 can raise the bar again as they did with 2K11 yet, polish some of the core gameplay mechanics and correct the issues that have long plagued the series (ie Unintelligent teammate AI)

I think NCAA 13 is in the same category as Madden as well....so it should be a interesting year and I definitely have my eyes on EA Sports! Deliver!
# 2 Sim Easy @ 01/05/12 11:24 AM
Looking forward to madden/NCAA 13. I have a strange feeling that this is going to be THE year for both titles.
# 3 Retropyro @ 01/05/12 11:36 AM
Most inticpated games? Mass Effect 3.
As for sports titles, I'm interested in what EA is going to do in their return to Basketball and seeing if they can deliver on NCAA 13.
# 4 NikeBlitz @ 01/05/12 11:40 AM
I don't expect big things for NBA Live/Elite on this gen. IMO EA should stop making NBA games and work on a new NCAA B-ball title.

I have high expectation for Madden & NCAA FB. Hope it will be the year for football games. (please a PC version).

However in my mind this generation is almost dead. It's 4th quarter ... too late for something really fresh.
# 5 HustlinOwl @ 01/05/12 12:33 PM
MLB 12 The show and is 2012 the year College Basketball comes back?
# 6 BurghFan @ 01/05/12 01:13 PM
Of the sports games, NCAA Football is my most anticipated title year in and year out. Also waiting to see what Eutechnyx can do in their second crack at the NASCAR series. As for non-sports games, I'm hoping to finally hear some infor or get a release of Half-Life 2: Episode 3.

Also can't wait for December 22 so I can laugh at all the people predicting the apocalypse on the 21st.
# 7 BlackJack_Williams @ 01/05/12 01:27 PM
Madden 13. I got more than I expected with M12. No where near a 'perfect' game but it was actually fun again compared to the rest of the next 'gen' Maddens. I might have to give 'the show' a try. Being somewhat disappointed (more so frustrated) with NBA 2K12, I'll probably never get into basketball as a sport.
# 8 DetroitStyle @ 01/05/12 01:53 PM
I'd like to see the return of 'sim'. A new outbreak of innovative franchise modes and features that give users a good AI to compete against and 'sim' stats.
# 9 jyoung @ 01/05/12 02:22 PM
Nice photo

# 10 Boogiemanjay @ 01/05/12 02:40 PM
If ea makes a NCAA basketball game were you can develop him for the NBA
Elite or live and can become number 1 pick it will
Kill in the market
# 11 TheTruth437 @ 01/05/12 03:32 PM
I want to see what has been done to Madden 13 and NCAA FB 13.
# 12 shadia147 @ 01/05/12 04:56 PM
I'm looking forward to MLB The Show and Madden 13. I think the guy who was the creative designer of the Show that moved over to Madden might just be a game changer. Sorry, can't think of his name.
As to NBA2K, Personally I think that game might have peaked this last season. I can't imagine how they could possibly improve.
# 13 tril @ 01/05/12 05:19 PM
Im looking forward to both Baseball games again. both games have been enjoyable in their own way.
Im also looking forward to another round of NBA 2k. IMo they have never disappointed. some years are better tha others, but overall the game has gotten consistantly better.

things I hope for-
that these developers take college sports seriously. TV ratings and networks show that there is a good sized market for college sports, so these devlopers need to follow suit. Hopefull they could find a nice balance bewtten cost of development and profit.
-Im hoping to see another college basketball game. at this point it can be from either 2k or EA.
Ea built a nice foundation with 10.

maybe a new developer enters the arena of sports gaming.
# 14 SilentSanta @ 01/05/12 05:27 PM
Really excited for MLB 12 The Show. As always, I'll be excited for NHL 13 as I'm a huge hockey fan.

I'll also be interested to see what's new in NCAA FB 13 and Madden 13. Madden 13 more however, as I skipped on Madden 12.

I really hope to see a new college basketball game this year as well.
# 15 trobinson97 @ 01/05/12 06:07 PM
NCAA or Madden to PC. Oh that's not happening this year? There's always next year.
# 16 Gotmadskillzson @ 01/05/12 07:01 PM
Mass Effect 3
# 17 LionsFanNJ @ 01/05/12 07:08 PM
The Last of Us
Also if EA NBA gives me 500 shoes and actual fastbreaks I'll be all over it.
# 18 statum71 @ 01/05/12 07:30 PM
Madden 13.

Really hoping commentary and presentation take that huge step to blur the lines of realism this year. Not saying by any means that other improvements are not important too.
# 19 CraterFace @ 01/05/12 07:42 PM
An MVP baseball announcement, the next round of consoles(E3?), AND MOST OF ALL WAITING FOR PATCHES TO MAKE ALL THESE FUTURE GAMES PLAYABLE. Oh the joy of yearly release schedules and online consoles. Im about to stop preordering any sports games, get it somewhat right the first time u modern spoiled developers. Hee-Haw.
# 20 Petey B @ 01/05/12 10:33 PM
I love the love MASS 3 is getting on this board. For sports games, I thought NCAA this past year rocked, so I'm pumped for next year's version. And of course THE SHOW.

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