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Game: UFC Undisputed 3Reader Score: 8.5/10 - Vote Now
Platform: PS3 / Xbox 360Votes for game: 11 - View All
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# 1 TripleCrown9 @ 01/10/12 09:01 PM
Game looks great. I already pre-ordered. The Mirror Match intrigues me.
# 2 Gotmadskillzson @ 01/10/12 09:46 PM
That just looked AWESOME. And very smart move on their part of releasing the game in the beginning of the year where it is way less competition.
# 3 Pensfan27 @ 01/13/12 03:25 PM
looks good!
# 4 BlueNGold @ 01/16/12 04:35 AM
I really really want this to be good.
# 5 redsrule @ 01/16/12 01:30 PM
I agree completely. I am not pre-ordering this, but I hope it is a good game. I didn't mine 2010 a ton, but it got boring pretty fast for me.
# 6 santa7999 @ 01/17/12 10:45 AM
I agree as well....2010 was ok, but I still get urges to play it for some reason. I will still occasionally make a PPV and play through it, but then Im good for awhile. I think its because there is nothing else out there.
Im very happy the gameplay was addressed for UFC 3 and Im still a little torn on the ground reversals the way I have still seen them in the videos. (nobody in full mount should get reversed into the other guys half guard) that is silly. Regardless if they didnt add more of a playable mode to the new game then it will probably get old quick as well. The game can play amazing but theres only so many exhibition matches that mean nothing that I feel like playing. We will see. They need a UFC Universe mode (like WWE 12) where fights can actually mean something and you actually work for title shots, that would add tons to it and not just using a created fighter.

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