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ESPN The Gamers' Jon Robinson has posted his preview of Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13 with the Kinect control system.

And while golfers can take their cuts with empty hands to mimic their real swings, one thing the Kinect also enables you to do is to put a real club or a weighted shaft in your hands, and when you swing with the real club (if you have enough room, that is), the camera will take that exact swing and put it into the game. The Kinect camera is there to track your hand, hips, and arm movements, so while it doesn't pickup the club (concentrating on the player's skeleton instead), it enables you to take your natural swing to the video game, rather than simply pretending to swing a club and going through the motions with empty hands.

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# 1 JackosanWYO @ 01/23/12 03:10 PM
Damn! hey Korea get on making a cheap weighted peripheral for the PS3.

March is gonna be a good month!!!
# 2 lnin0 @ 01/23/12 06:44 PM
It will be odd at first - standing in a different direction then you are shooting but I love the idea. It lets you face the TV without craning your neck, it allows the Kinect to see your entire swing motion and, best of all, it makes me less likely to accidentally stick a club into my TV.

Cannot wait for the video of this in action.

So I am thinking of cutting a handle off an old club, pouring some sand down it for a little added weight and then capping the rough end somehow. So I get the feel of a club but nothing so long it is going to break stuff. Maybe even pick up a wrist strap for it just in case. I've seen dudes launch clubs because of sweaty hands...my wife would not be cool with a weighted handle flying through our picture window.
# 3 huntt26 @ 01/24/12 09:56 AM
Haven't bought a Tiger Woods game in years, but I definitely want to try this on the Kinect.

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