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Check out the new Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13 screenshots, showing off the Crooked Stick Course, right here.

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Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13 Videos
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# 1 ocat @ 01/28/12 04:27 AM
Thanks for the vids. They just saved me some cash
# 2 OnlookerDelay @ 01/28/12 09:10 AM
Typical EA Sports approach to presenting the new Tiger Woods game in the tired, throwback to the stone age, waist-high/Follow-cam perspective.... blech! If I didn't know more than I know about the game, I would be turned off from considering it based on what is shown in these videos.... [walks away scratching head in bewilderment]
# 3 OnlookerDelay @ 01/28/12 05:09 PM
Originally Posted by Seymour Scagnetti
I assuming you're excited about the Kinect option because anything else about the game seems to be the same stuff dressed up differently. That total control looks like what we had before just simply mapped to different buttons to make it a little more user friendly and tweaked a little bit.
The Kinect option is about 5th on my list of things to be excited about with this year's game. I am genuinely excited about the prospects for Total Swing Control, not because of the stance and ball position tools, or even the Strike Meter. BTW, I agree with your comment that we already have the tools to accomplish the same things under different names. The Strike Meter looks like something I've seen in Hot Shots Golf. Anyway, back to my point, from what I'm picking up, there's an authentic new component that's at the core of the new swing mechanic. It involves tempo to the extent that the new golfer animation engine is required to give you a level of visceral feedback for it to work.

I'm still very much a doubting Thomas on the Kinect front. Even if the swing works to my satisfaction with it, I'm concerned that I'll be discouraged from using it because of what looks to me to be a tedious and inefficient navigation system.

EA Sports is having a tough time describing the full benefit of the new swing mechanic in their superficial previews, but after reading what Fred Parrow (Oblong) had to say about it in his "Game Changer" blog, and in subsequent postings and messages, he had been sincerely affected to a degree I haven't seen him admit to before. These videos we're seeing so far, showing the game in Amateur difficulty level with the waist-high/follow-cam fare aren't showing me what this game will look or play like for me.

Certainly won't be a day 1 purchase for me and the only way I will buy it later is when it's goes down in price after a couple of months with mutliple improvements to career mode
I'll admit that I'm a Kool-Aid drinker, and I'll have it in my house day one. Heck, I still play Tiger Woods 12 Live Tournaments almost every day that I'm off and on some work days, as admittedly flawed and short-sighted as this game is... I can't explain why or how I still derive some enjoyment from it, but I do. I guess it's the only golf game in town right now, so it gets away with a lot.

Playoffs and full career customization with DLC would be nice as well but that's a pipe dream at this point. I'd be shocked if that was in TW13. Looks like I have to start buying this game every 2 years to notice a real difference.

As for career mode, I really haven't heard any mention of what changes are being made for it, but it can only go up. I think the career mode just flat out sucks in this game over the the last three years. I haven't seen any mention of what they may be doing with it, which makes me think they maybe haven't bothered with a lot of change here.

And one more thing that really is starting to bug me. Can't they change the damn scorecard music. They have had that same melody for at least 5 years. It is beyond annoying.
LOL... I was just thinking the same thing today after I finished my Weekly Live Tournament round at Torrey Pines! There's got to be some alternatives they can insert cheap here!?
# 4 DivotMaker @ 01/28/12 08:43 PM
Originally Posted by Seymour Scagnetti
Even if the swing is markedly better I don't know if it really matters that much just because of the ball physics. That video shows the same ball movement as last year.It looks unnatural. I see better ball physics in my $1.99 pinball game app I play on my tablet.
C'mon, you can do better than that....
# 5 Brian_OS @ 01/29/12 02:30 AM
To me this series has hit the wall on this generation of consoles. They can't push the graphics any further and they add small bits of code to repackage 6 year old code as a new game.
# 6 DivotMaker @ 01/29/12 08:36 AM
Originally Posted by peigone
Well put. Which makes it even more puzzling why they haven't at least added a presentation package that mimics a PGA television broadcast.
Yeah, can't argue with you there. They did include a feature in TW11 I believe which ran a ribbon across the screen updating when a significant shot was made or someone moved up the leaderboard.

Now I have heard that they have brought some new technology to the rendering engine and they have done alot of work on the crowds, and many of the 3D objects on the course. Gotta see it in full 1080p to see what has changed. I believe they will be announcing some of this soon.
# 7 Zinger @ 01/30/12 10:32 PM
Originally Posted by DivotMaker
they have done alot of work on the crowds,
The crowds have looked better in the video clips I have seen. Their audio reactions have sounded as limited as ever though. Surely the devs could have added a bit of variety to the loud cheers or gasps of disappointment.
# 8 myghty @ 01/31/12 12:04 PM
Im agreeing with everyone... Does look like the same old game, different year... I haz a sad...
# 9 Br_Mac16 @ 01/31/12 07:01 PM
If you guys take a stroll over to the ea sports forums you will get a good feel for how much was actually done to this game under the hood. Looks to be quite impressive honestly

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