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Today, the official NBA Jam Facebook page announced the release of NBA Jam: On Fire Edition's long-awaited roster update.

Simply boot up the game on your PS3 or Xbox 360 and go to “Online Arena”. The new rosters will begin downloading from there. We thank you for your patience and hope you continue to JAM ON!

No new rookies have been added.

The update is largely limited to players who were already included in the game, but have simply switched teams. Players like Chris Paul (Los Angeles) and David West (Indiana) are still shown wearing the jerseys of their old teams on the "team select" screen.

Several teams (Denver, Cleveland, Indiana) are also down to only 2 playable characters as a result of today's roster update.

What are your thoughts on the NBA Jam: On Fire Edition update?

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# 1 davis420 @ 01/31/12 02:51 PM
So far, this roster update is garbage. I don't see Irving on the Cavs or Walker on the Bobcats! Rubio is in and Paul on the Clippers. Most of the deals that were done are in but no ROOKIES!
# 2 jyoung @ 01/31/12 05:36 PM
It looks like the update was limited to players already in the game + Rubio.

Frankly, I'm just glad we got this one update.

Thank you, Jam developers!
# 3 michfan16 @ 01/31/12 09:30 PM
it would be good if i could get past the start screen
# 4 Fiddy @ 02/01/12 08:21 AM
horrible update, but was expected..
# 5 Scheib43 @ 02/01/12 08:52 AM
Go figure. People complain if there is nothing done, but if there is anything done and it's below expectations, they complain about that too. It's not perfect, but it's something which is what most everyone was asking for....something.
# 6 davis420 @ 02/01/12 09:03 AM
I'm glad for the update but don't just throw it out because you were forced to, this was supposed to have roster updates and to have NO rookies just isn't right. It's not like they didn't know what team the rookies were going to be on.
# 7 jyoung @ 02/01/12 09:58 AM
Originally Posted by michfan16
it would be good if i could get past the start screen
I had the same thing happen to me. The only fix I've found so far to the "press start" screen freeze is to delete your save file and start over from scratch:

# 8 dvir10 @ 02/01/12 11:31 AM
Originally Posted by Scheib43
Go figure. People complain if there is nothing done, but if there is anything done and it's below expectations, they complain about that too. It's not perfect, but it's something which is what most everyone was asking for....something.
sorry man, i don't agree with you at all. EA Sports are just lazy!!!!
making a NBA game without rookies?!?! lazzzzzzzzzzzyyyyyyyyy
teams with only 2 players and no choosing ability?!?!?! lazzzzzzzzyyyyyyyyy
imagine NBA 2K with only transfers around the NBA and without any rookies
would you say the same thing?!
# 9 davis420 @ 02/02/12 11:13 AM
Now I found out that Yao Ming is not in the game anymore? I just bought him from the Jam store but he's not on my Rockets team! C'mon EA, why did you remove people from the game?
# 10 bigball12 @ 02/02/12 11:24 AM
Just clarifying something because it bugged me.

Rubio was not JUST added. He has always been on the T-wolves since day one. I was the #2 player for Xbox for a few weeks, and have been playing with the T-Wolves off and on when I decide to play this game.

Please trust me, I would only take Rubio & The Wolf as my duo.
# 11 davis420 @ 02/02/12 11:35 AM
I think Yao Ming missing after being purchased is more of a problem then if Rubio was or wasn't in the game. Sorry for the misinformation.
# 12 jyoung @ 02/02/12 12:40 PM
Yao Ming retired.

That's why he's out of the game.
# 13 davis420 @ 02/02/12 12:45 PM
Originally Posted by wEEman33
Yao Ming retired.

That's why he's out of the game.
So did all the legends you can buy from the Jam store, so that's not a good enough reason. If that's the case, you shouldn't be able to purchase him from the store.
# 14 TDenverFan @ 02/02/12 03:16 PM
Cool. No biggie to e as I don't really follow the NBA too closely and was unaware of some of the player moves.
# 15 Sublime12089 @ 02/05/12 03:03 AM
Yao is still on the block party team

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# 16 jyoung @ 02/06/12 12:58 PM
EA just posted a full list of the roster update changes:

Atlanta - Added Tracy McGrady

Boston - Dropped Jeff Green

Chicago - Added Richard Hamilton

Cleveland - Dropped Baron Davis

Dallas - Added Lamar Odom, Vince Carter, Yi Jianlian
Dropped - Jose Barea, Peja Stojakovic, Caron Butler

Denver - Dropped Kenyon Martin, JR Smith

Detroit - Dropped Richard Hamilton

Golden State - Added Nate Robinson

Houston - Dropped Yao Ming

Indiana - Added David West
Dropped- Mike Dunleavy, TJ Ford

LA Clippers - Added Chris Paul, Caron Butler, Chauncey Billiups
Dropped Eric Gordon, Chris Kamen

LA Lakers - Dropped Lamar Odom

Miami - Dropped Mike Bibby

Milwaukee - Added Mike Dunleavy
Dropped- Michael Redd

Minnesota - Added Jose Barea

New Jersey - Added Mehmet Okur

New Orleans - Added Eric Gordon, Chris Kaman
Dropped Chris Paul, David West

New York - Added Mike Bibby, Baron Davis
Dropped Chauncey Billiups

Orlando - Dropped Gilbert Arenas

Phoenix - Added Michael Redd

Portland - Dropped Brandon Roy

San Antonio -Added TJ Ford

Oklahoma City - Dropped Nate Robinson

Utah -Added Josh Howard
Dropped Mehmet Okur, Andrei Kirilenko

Washington- Dropped- Josh Howard, Yi Jianlian

Players Dropped out of Rosters

Andrei Kirlienko - Playing for CSKI Russia

Peja Stojakovic, Yao Ming, Brandon Roy- Retired

JR Smith, Kenyon Martin- In China

Gilbert Arenas- No team

Jeff Green- Heart Condition
# 17 jyoung @ 02/06/12 01:01 PM
Also, the "legend" Yao Ming who is purchasable in the Jam Store will be coming back:

We have identified the issue that was causing people who had gotten access to Yao Ming through a DLC purchase to no longer be able to use him post roster update. Once we have resolved the issue, we will start a new thread to let you know. We apologize for the inconvenience.
# 18 illmatic21 @ 02/08/12 01:54 PM
The rosters would be perfect if they just added the top rookies. But I guess that's too hard for them or something.

Still, this is better than nothing at all. It's cool to have Paul on the Clippers finally. That team almost rivals the Sonics now.
# 19 okstate19 @ 02/09/12 11:42 PM
I'm in agreeance that the rookies need to be added asap, but I don't quite understand why there are still some players that are missing. The first player that comes to mind is Jeff Harden, but I'm sure there are some other good examples. Any chance of veteran players being added also?

I know the Thunder don't exactly need any more help, but it bugs me that players like Harden are left out. Still enjoy the game, but there really needs to be more attention paid to the rosters.
# 20 illmatic21 @ 02/14/12 05:11 AM
It took them four or five months to put out this roster update... however long it has been since the game was released. And all they did after all that time was shift players around. So it's pretty apparent that we won't be getting any new players added to the game. They need to give us an incentive to buy next year's version, right? =\

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