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Check out some of the new Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13 screenshots featuring the Legacy Challenge mode, right here.

Here are some details from the Tiger Legacy Challenge Mode from EA. Personally, I'm actually quite excited about this mode at the present time. What do you all think?

Tiger Legacy Challenge lets you relive Tiger’s most memorable golf accomplishments as he rises from a child prodigy to a golfing legend. Revisit each era of Tiger’s career, from his Toddler Years practicing in his backyard, to his first television appearance on The Mike Douglas Show, thru his epic victories at the Masters. Play through and complete each era to unlock bonus in game content.

Toddler Years - The first era includes events from Tiger’s childhood in the late 70’s, which introduces players to the new swing mechanics found in Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13. During these events, you will play as Tiger between the ages of 2-6.

Early Years – This era takes place between 1983 and 1986 between the ages of 7-10. You'll participate in some of Tiger's first golf tournaments including the Junior World Championship

Junior Years – Takes place between 1988 and 1991 at the ages of 12-15 and showcases Tiger winning each age group of the Junior World Golf Championships. These events incorporate various audio distractions while playing, which Tiger’s father used in real life to help him train and hone his skills.

Amateur Years – This era focuses on Tiger at the ages of 18-20 and includes accomplishments during his Amateur golf career such as the U.S. Amateur Championships, his first trip to the Masters Tournament, and College Invitational.

Rookie Years – Between the ages 21 and 22,this era encompasses Tiger’s first two years on the PGA TOUR, as well as his first major win at the Masters, his first President’s Cup, signing with EA SPORTS, and hitting a hole in one at TPC Scottsdale on the famous hole 16.

Tiger Slam – Arguably one of Tiger’s most memorable accomplishments to date, this era focuses on his career between 2000 and 2001 at the ages of 24 and 25, when he won four majors in a row. It also includes a challenge to match Tiger’s snaking putt at the 2001 Players Championship on the 17th island green at TPC Sawgrass.

Pro Years – The Professional Years include accomplishments between 2002 and 2008 such as various major wins, famous shots (2005 chip-in at Masters), and winning the FedEx Cup.

Present Day – This era includes current events such as the 2010 Ryder Cup, 2011 Presidents Cup, and the beginning of fictional events that lead up to the ultimate goal of winning 19 majors.

Future – This section includes major events that are in the future such as the 2014 U.S. Open at Valhalla and the 2015 British Open at St. Andrews.

Record Books – The last era will end with Tiger chasing his 19th major on his way to breaking Jack Nicklaus’ record."

EA Sports also posted a blog on the topic, right here.

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Member Comments
# 1 huntt26 @ 02/07/12 02:30 PM
Very cool! This has a lot of potential...
# 2 malachijohn666 @ 02/07/12 02:38 PM
But wait, is there Grand Theft Auto type mini game where your wife chases you around with a golf club?
# 3 misterkrabz @ 02/07/12 02:49 PM
Enough with Tiger already....I'd love to see the day when they went back to calling the game "PGA Tour". Tiger this, Tiger that....it's getting old. It's actually been refreshing watching the last few PGA events on TV and Tiger not being there. Many of the up and comers carry themselves so much better than Tiger and really represent golf better than Tiger Woods does...It would be nice to see some of them get some play.
# 4 misterkrabz @ 02/07/12 02:53 PM
Why are the fans standing on the fringe of the green in those videos? I've never seen that in all the years of watching golf on TV.
# 5 CerebrumMusica @ 02/07/12 03:00 PM
This would be so much fun IF we weren't forced to use Tiger Woods. Let us create a player for this mode, please. I won't play it if Tiger is the only option, unless of course I play just to ruin his "Legacy".
# 6 bigsmallwood @ 02/07/12 03:14 PM
NICE ADD by EA SPORTS!.....now if only they apply this to their other sports games!
# 7 Jasong7777 @ 02/07/12 05:46 PM
First time I have been excited for a golf game.
# 8 noshun @ 02/07/12 10:31 PM
Seems EA took a page from 2k..
# 9 ctulb @ 02/08/12 09:47 AM
Given the series' recent track record, we probably won't have any of the following:

- round 4 greens without a pin placement needing 8 putts to get down
- any kind of playoff at the end of tournaments
- multiplayer career
- enough golfers to allow for a realistic President's/Ryder Cup setup such that I don't have Michael Campbell playing for Europe or Morgan Pressel playing for the US

but we will have

- motion captures for a 6-year old

Don't know about you, but I can't wait.
# 10 kickingguru @ 02/08/12 01:03 PM
Im not a conspiracy theorist here.. but most people who view this forum would scoff at story modes. Any one posting their "Excitement" about another story mode feature in another Tiger Woods game is a bit suspect to me. EA loves story modes because they can simply repackage old code and spit out a "new" game mode quickly. How many ways can they package "Play these 4 par 5's on Pebble Beach in -4 or less".... EA will find out....

They avoid the hard work... and play around with stupid things... This should not have been their first big reveal as it will turn away their core buyers. When have they ever understood their "base" though....
# 11 kickingguru @ 02/08/12 01:58 PM
Originally Posted by peigone
You really think so? I'd say 95% of the core buyers for all their sports games are pick up and play gamers who want fun modes, and have little interest in old fashioned sim gameplay. That's why Madden, FIFA, NHL and Tiger Woods are what they are, every year.
I would like to see their research on this. When I think core buyer... I think of someone like myself.. I have purchased TW every year since 2002. Play it as my primary game. And know it inside and out. Maybe they think that no matter what they do, people like me will buy. I would consider however that their first intros to the new game would only work on those most loyal to the game. It should be to get that person interested. We are the only ones paying attention right now. As you get closer to launch, you can begin to market toward the "Casual" gamer and try to pick up some additional sales there.

My point is that the marketing of games from EA in general seems counter intuitive. Only hardcore fans pay attention 6 months before release. Give them red meat first and save the "gimmicks" for when the gimmick buyer really pays attention. My first reaction about a new "Story" mode is likely the reaction of most who frequent this place... To sum up its... "Are you kidding me?"
# 12 kickingguru @ 02/08/12 02:02 PM
and I ask the question again... How many times can they repackage... "Beat Old Tom Morris on the Front 9 of St. Andrews..." There is zero depth to that anymore and EA just takes the easy way out instead of risking a complete redesign.............
# 13 DivotMaker @ 02/08/12 10:35 PM
Originally Posted by peigone
That makes sense. But who knows what goes on in the minds of these devs and marketing people. Also, with EA we've seen that all the online dev blogs and discussions and such, mean little to nothing at all. It's all overhype and false promises every year. Difficult to fathom the true nature of it, and what the whole annual exercise is all about other than to push the product. Regardless, when communication isn't actually based on being entirely honest and upfront about things, it never really matters what's said anyway, does it?
What false promises? What are they not being honest and upfront about? No, seriously...because if they have, please point it out to us because I have seen nothing of the sort.
# 14 Oblong @ 02/09/12 10:40 AM
Originally Posted by Seymour Scagnetti
Let's see, how about the...

1.Move implementation, totally half assed effort and inexcusable since the Wii motion+ is much more manageable so it's just complete laziness that they decided to make it virtually unplayable but that was last year so this year will be the Kinect's turn to be done half assed.

2. Year after year they state they are looking into allowing DLC into career mode (while charging an outlandish fee most years) and the one year that they finally do it (and brag about finally doing something that should have been done years before) after several years of complaining they again do it half assed where we are not allowed to customize any tourney we want so you see most DLC courses once very 5 years at the game's choosing.

3. This total shot control looks to be a complete farce. I don't even need to play it to know that. Just from the videos it's painfully obvious that the buttons have simply been remapped and a graphic of the swing plane with a pair of feet added. And all these degrees of draws and fades, backspins and choked clubs (which you could do last year) is controlled by an aiming marker (just like last year). The only difference is they upped the tempo on your swing (we'll see because tempo was a part of last year's swing as well) and add a description of it post shot. Whoopee. You want total shot control? Then get rid of the damn aiming marker. Let the user decide how much draw\fade etc... to use and not see the exact end result with an aiming marker beforehand. They simply rearrange the interface and brag about a new groundbreaking innovation. That's a pretty good example of false promises.

The one innovation that I loved was the TW 11 true aim. Then they get rid of it because it was too sim like and made you think too much. So leave it in there for those who want it. They already have the code for it. I've never heard an instance in a sports game where they introduce a feature that the sim guys love and they totally turf it without even leaving it as an option which isn't hurting anybody. It's bizarre how these devs think.

But the devs say that their internal polling showed that most didn't like it. Well if you ask a bunch of 12 years olds, who hate math and don't want to think about anything except big breasts, then yeah you'll get a negative answer. And then you'll get those same kiddies saying they wanna play as Tiger before he hit puberty and voila the devs throw all thier money and resources into having you play as a 6 year old creepy looking mini Tiger hitting out of a sandbox. It's like EA putting a mode in Madden where all the players play in a superhero costume because thier internal polling showed that a segment of the fanbase wanted it (ie the 12 year olds)
Ignorant posts like this is one of the main reasons I largely ignore this forum. Hats off to Divot and Onlooker for continuing to wade through this muck.

Polling? They look at how users play the game. They get stats on what mode people play (online and offline). The numbers don't lie. In TW11, less than 1% of users played True-Aim mode (online or offline). The reason it was scaled back was because if you recall it wasn't available for p2p play because doing such caused camera sync issues. It was very complicated and far above your intelligence to even attempt to explain.

As with the other stuff, rather than just line by line provide insight, I'll just say each is completely off-base. Users will draw conclusions after they've PLAYED the game rather than from the rants of someone who hasn't.

I must say that when it comes to game design, things are far more complicated than what users think. Motion controls for example are completely new and uncharted territory (Wii is NOT Move or Kinect) so EA is basically designing the wheel with no past history to go on. Making a usable interface by compartimentalizing millions of unique user swings into a playable package is not something that can just be done with a snap of the fingers. I'll leave it that, ignore the coming attacks, and realize the more sensible visitors here will silently nod in agree rather than post something to be bullied over.
# 15 Oblong @ 02/09/12 11:04 AM
Originally Posted by peigone
You start out by calling people ignorant, then wonder why attacks might be coming? That's Logic 101 mate.
Where did I "wonder" if attacks were coming. I knew they were whether I called him ignorant or not. Call it a preemptive strike.
# 16 Oblong @ 02/10/12 09:33 AM
Exactly the type of response I was hoping for, Seymour/Dan!

It's not fun when someone speaks to you in the manner I did. The reaction is to lash back and the important points of discussing the game itself get lost in the shuffle.

The point I was trying to make here is that is exactly how you come across much of the time when discussing the game, lashing out at EA. It doesn't generate a climate of 2-way discussion, nobody likes to be spoken to via ridicule and the EA guys by the nature of their job can't just lash back so they just pull away completely. I've seen it happen.

Most of the thoughts and ideas you have about the game I actually agree with you on. I should be one of your bigger fans as I've pushed hard for 5 years trying to get more sim-like functionality in the game for those who want it (and not at the detriment of the arcade crowd).

I was actually not unlike you about 10 years ago. Loved Links on the XBox and would go on the EA forums trashing the TW series. Back then the devs were nowhere to be found. When I learned there wouldn't be a sequel to Links I figured I needed to work on somehow getting the TW guys onboard with sim aspects. They finally started responding WHEN I BECAME MORE CONSTRUCTIVE in my criticisms. Now some 5 years of pleading and working on those relationships were are finally seeing a Links-like tempo swing among many other what I call victories.

Truth is we need each other if we want to continue moving TW in the right direction. Stay constructive, stop the ridicule and making up baseless theories on why things are so. (Which brings up another point, every headscratcher I've asked them about always comes back with a reasonable explanation on their side). The guys working on the game are passionate, work hard, have to make tough decisions that not all of them always agree on, and do want feedback from gamers.

Hopefully this exercise will have helped make the point I was after and that you'll join those of us seeking change through positive constructive criticism.

# 17 orthostud23 @ 02/10/12 05:36 PM
This is the part that I don't understand when it comes to this game. I hear folks say that there are more "arcade" TW fans then compared to us "sim" gamers. Now with that said what more arcadish things can they incorporate to this game for them?? They can already control the ball in mid air and power boost so they hit the ball 400+ yards. So why is it so hard then to add some "sim" features that would grow the game more for them?

The swing tempo/arc seems like a step forward but its not that big of a step IMO over the last 5 years.

Oblong: I know I have played Links back in the days with you (LG gaming if I recall) and since you have played the game and have been down there for the community days then maybe you could shed some light on this. How many of these community day guys are looking for a "sim" type game??
# 18 kickingguru @ 02/10/12 06:19 PM
I simply question whether the developers really do know who this game is appealing for. Every year the excuse for the lack of support is the disappointing sales. If that is the case every year, maybe a complete change in focus is needed. Casual gamers do not pick up a golf game. Only fans of golf pick up a golf game. This is not football, basketball, or even hockey. You are either a fan of golf or not a fan of golf. There is very little in between. To do things that try to "capture" people not interested in the sport will be an uphill battle.

The point about this is that I have never once played with some one in the last 10 years that raved about the "Story Mode". They only comment about that it is the slog you have to go through to get your character's attributes high enough. It is a mode that you give up on because you can't score low enough, or you breeze right through because you can score low. There is very little satisfaction you derive out of that. Maybe promote your "new" and improved "Story Line" much closer to launch, and give your base customers a taste of what they are craving at this point in the promotion process.
# 19 DivotMaker @ 02/11/12 01:45 PM
Originally Posted by 1Rose
Who is that African American gentleman in those videos?

I know that's not supposed to be Tiger Woods is it?

Do they even invite him to mo-cap anymore? That swing looks nothing like his and his player likeness gets worse and worse every year. They really need to reboot this series, or let someone else make it.

Can anyone honestly sit here and say they want to play as a child Tiger Woods? Seriously. Tired of all the gimmicks when tons of major issues continue to be ignored. Ball physics, pin placement logic, player models, club proportions, atmosphere, presentation, animations etc. are all STILL awful and have been for a while now. I think 2007 was the last time I saw a smooth golf swing in a TW game and 2011 was the peak graphically. They need to go back to using the facial scanning technology they were using from 2011 and before because now the player faces look really bad.

Seeing this game progress through the years makes me want to bash my head through a wall. For every step forward they always take two or three steps back.
Obviously opinions do vary and Tiger along with 4-5 other Pros such as Dustin Johnson were mo-capped....
# 20 DivotMaker @ 02/11/12 11:12 PM
Again, opinions vary....

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