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After the fact sheet release yesterday, are you buying MLB 12: The Show?

You can vote on your right on the frontpage and above you in the forums. Also leave us a comment as to why you are or are not buying the game!

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# 1 Skyboxer @ 02/08/12 10:51 AM
I was buying before the Fact Sheet so ...yep.
# 2 ozcore @ 02/08/12 11:01 AM
haha me too. i preordered it like a month ago, cant wait till the 6th.
# 3 addybojangles @ 02/08/12 11:06 AM
I skipped last year so I am REALLY ready for this year's game. Buy, buy, buy (but not because of the fact sheet or any feature in particular).
# 4 F0rl3fclov3r @ 02/08/12 11:09 AM
No, I have 360 with no plans on buying a blu ray player that plays video games.

MLB 2k12 will be mine. Looking to start a league with sim gamers. OS members who want to join send me a PM. So far only a few teams have been taken. I haven't posted an official thread yet, just a simple post within my madden forum here on OS to see if members of my current madden league want in before I open it to others.
# 5 pdawg17 @ 02/08/12 11:13 AM
I buy it every year day 1 and have not regretted it once...
# 6 misterkrabz @ 02/08/12 11:18 AM
Definate buy...every year they give me a good reason to buy this game and I'm not only happy with the purchase, I look forward to it. How they handle their interaction with their fans should be copied by every gaming company out there. E.G. they actaully tell you what they fix, what they're working on, and why that improves the game. Unlike for example EA, who thinks everything they're doing is big secret even when there is no one competing with them.
# 7 NotoriousReignz @ 02/08/12 11:20 AM
I am buying MLB 12 regardless of the fact sheet.
# 8 Chef Matt @ 02/08/12 11:28 AM
I was going to buy it regardless of all the info, but I was on the fence wether or not to get it on release day.

I was going to wait a while until most the wrinkles got ironed out but in light of some of things I've seen and read, I will now be getting this release day.
# 9 sydrogerdavid @ 02/08/12 11:31 AM
Are you kidding? I'm already going to buy MLB 18: The Show and all the years in between.
# 10 TexasBorn1 @ 02/08/12 11:46 AM
Well in years past I definitely would, but I am trying to limit how many games I buy and for March I gotta go with Mass Effect 3. If it wasn't for that I would definitely be buying the Show
# 11 ozcore @ 02/08/12 11:48 AM
haha im on the same boat as you dk57
# 12 MelMan1486 @ 02/08/12 12:00 PM
I'm not buying it... it's already bought, just waiting for it to release.
# 13 tlobster12 @ 02/08/12 12:09 PM
I'm defaintly going to get it. I switched to the PS3 just for this game and I don't need to buy it...

Because it's releasing right on my B-Day
# 14 Sheamazin @ 02/08/12 12:21 PM
Yes sir!!! Every year I do. No stopping now.

Best Game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!
# 15 HustlinOwl @ 02/08/12 12:26 PM
Only Sports Game I play anymore
# 16 pay_26 @ 02/08/12 12:30 PM
yes baby !!!!!!!!
# 17 PhillsPhan26 @ 02/08/12 12:35 PM
The Show is a must buy...
# 18 b22gamer @ 02/08/12 01:19 PM
hmm, let's see....................yep.
# 19 BEARYChi @ 02/08/12 01:35 PM
OH YEAH....Must Buy.Especially for the Vita.CANT WAIT.
# 20 DJ @ 02/08/12 01:37 PM
There was never a doubt. Game is pre-ordered and I'm ready to roll. The Show is why I bought a PS3. Definitely one of the better decisions I've made when it comes to videogames.

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