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Are you buying/picking up a PS Vita later this week? You can vote on your right on the frontpage and above you in the forums.

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# 1 Champion8877 @ 02/13/12 02:24 PM
the only reason i even knew this was coming out was because i got a 5 buck box from Taco Bell and it was advertised on the box. so yeah, not getting it, doesnt interest me
# 2 chrisjohnson83 @ 02/13/12 02:24 PM
If i do, it would be strictly for MLB The Show 12
# 3 solofx7 @ 02/13/12 02:31 PM
no,, not interested in a portable system just for gaming.
# 4 DirtyJerz32 @ 02/13/12 02:34 PM
Not even remotely interested in this. Have an iPad and iPhone, no reason for this.

What happened to the PSP? I feel like this has been done before...
# 5 mpbaseball22 @ 02/13/12 02:40 PM
Not interested in mobile gaming. I had a psp and most games i played were hacked anyway.
# 6 Sheamazin @ 02/13/12 02:50 PM
No maybe by Xmas for the kids
# 7 RedPhazon8 @ 02/13/12 02:54 PM
Nope, no reason to...
# 8 jyoung @ 02/13/12 02:54 PM
I don't buy handheld systems anymore.

If I want to play handheld games, I'll use a peripheral like the Super Game Boy or Game Boy Player that lets me display the games on my TV.
# 9 sydrogerdavid @ 02/13/12 03:01 PM
No for me, I don't need it. I have a PS3 and that's alright for me.
# 10 fsufan4423 @ 02/13/12 03:04 PM
Yep, preordered the first edition bundle plus hot shots and uncharted. Can't believe I'm about to drop over $450...ouch
# 11 opd897 @ 02/13/12 03:23 PM
Way too expensive at the moment......no buy for now. Will wait a year and see where the price is.
# 12 drewst18 @ 02/13/12 03:31 PM
stupid sony. The PSP failed because nobody wants to carry a portable device around for gaming. Smart phone games aren't amazing but they fit the bill for what I need out of my portable gaming until I get back to a console.
# 13 gigadkc @ 02/13/12 03:39 PM
no, I just don't need a handheld console. When I'm at home I got my PS3, 360 and PC and when I'm using the subway, bus etc. I just prefer listening to music or reading newspapers.
# 14 ozcore @ 02/13/12 03:44 PM
regardless that i got like everyone else says, an iPhone iPad and macbookpro i reserved my ps vita and getting it this wedenesday, whooooo can't wait.
# 15 DocHolliday @ 02/13/12 04:03 PM
I think that people are totally OK with the Iphone/Ipad for any sort of mobile gaming needs you have.

The need for a hardcore mobile gaming machine is just not there, and I think sales will reflect this.
# 16 jersez @ 02/13/12 04:17 PM
Maybe when more games come out. But I'm not bias towards mobile gaming; a good game is a good game.
# 17 Cod @ 02/13/12 04:18 PM
I played with a demo Vita at the Sony Store last week and I was unimpressed. The graphics of Uncharted looked "too digital" and clunky. Plus, based on Japanese sales, we should see a massive price cut within the first months (a la 3DS).
# 18 porkys8077 @ 02/13/12 04:27 PM
Never been interested.
# 19 NYJin2009tm @ 02/13/12 04:43 PM
A new Uncharted game sold it for me!
# 20 jmik58 @ 02/13/12 04:46 PM
Can't afford it. Wouldn't play it enough to justify the purchase. I've never been an on-the-road gamer. So, no.

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