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# 1 WhiteM5 @ 02/21/12 07:44 PM
I could be wrong...but looks like you linked to part 1? Nevermind. Looks like Part 2 is loaded into youtube channel now. Looks great.
# 2 nomo17k @ 02/21/12 07:46 PM
I think this is still Part I...

Look how Steve_OS got banned for this mistake... his username is now in red!
# 3 WhiteM5 @ 02/21/12 07:58 PM
Everyone has their nitpick areas, but the game does look to be playing very solid with the physics. Seems like a much more realistic portayal of hitting a baseball. Should make hitting fun this year.
# 4 catch212 @ 02/21/12 08:02 PM
Man, that PCI is uuuuggglllyyyy!. I'm glad you aren't forced to play with that on or else I'd be in big trouble.

I'm loving the flight paths of balls hit into play this year. Superb.
# 5 seanjeezy @ 02/21/12 08:03 PM
Is Soriano wearing low stirrups? It would be strange if just the very top of the shoe's tongue is editable

Edit: Looks like the white part is part of the shoe
# 6 dynastynation @ 02/21/12 08:05 PM
I love Carpenter's new delivery...
# 7 RGmoney @ 02/21/12 08:06 PM
Game is looking very nice. Loving the new ball physics.

Typical Soriano chasing the slider down & away with 2 strikes. Some things never change. lol

Good stuff, Steve.
# 8 k7k58 @ 02/21/12 08:06 PM
i like how it shows the guy's minor league stats also
# 9 Blzer @ 02/21/12 08:09 PM
I'll definitely be tweaking my audio settings from default, but man, things are sounding much, much better than before!

The commentary also seems very refreshing. I personally think that Campbell and Karros could be given the boot at times, but the lines in general are a huge step up, especially in a franchise!
# 10 tnixen @ 02/21/12 08:13 PM
Where is part 2?
# 11 nomo17k @ 02/21/12 08:16 PM
Originally Posted by tnixen
Where is part 2?
I don't know when it updated, but this is already part 2 I think.
# 12 Drew127 @ 02/21/12 08:16 PM
Is it just me or do the uniform textures look even better this year? You can notice the detail in the birds on the Cardinals jersey, when the camera cuts to Chris Carpenter. Looks like more definition in the stitching, or has the Cardinals uniform always looked like that?
# 13 Drew127 @ 02/21/12 08:19 PM
I'm seeing way too many strikes overall. Wish the locations were mixed up a bit more. You'd think with a 1-2 count the pitch would be out of the zone trying to get the hitter to chase.
# 14 jlatz10 @ 02/21/12 08:21 PM
Really pay attention to these gameplay videos... after watching them a few times it's apparent that so many of the little things were tweaked from batting stances (Beltran, Berkman, Holliday, Soriano, etc.), to fluidity, to the actual timing physics, to ball physics, to presentation.

I'm extremely impressed and really look forward to playing this year's installment of the virtual counterpart to the game we all love so much.
# 15 Sinner618 @ 02/21/12 08:22 PM
I liked the fact they added new comentary for the cardinals concerning "defending world champs... new manager at the helms... and (ugh) how will they survive in Year 1 AP, After Pujols..." its nice they touch on things like that, but I pray to god that I don't have to hear them rambling on about Pujols in every Cardinals game I play in franchise or rtts.. once a week (game time) is alright, but if I have to continually hear about him in every game I'm gonna wig out...

I also liked the new Dropped Third Strike steal attempt.. looked much better than the 11 version...
# 16 sydrogerdavid @ 02/21/12 08:24 PM
Very nice job with Jon Jay. He even looks like himself this year.
# 17 k_mac @ 02/21/12 08:26 PM
It's great to see the new guys like LaHair. All in all, this game looks and sounds amazing
# 18 DickDalewood @ 02/21/12 08:32 PM
Amazing! Thanks Steve 4
# 19 Sinner618 @ 02/21/12 08:41 PM
How many parts of this game are they gonna give us? Just these 2 or all 9 (or more) innings??
# 20 airlyle @ 02/21/12 08:42 PM
Can't Wait!

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