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# 1 Mabster @ 02/23/12 02:47 AM
I'm just gonna quote myself from the demo impressions thread

Originally Posted by Mabster
I just got done playing my first session of the demo. Yes, I said my "first session" because I know I'll be back at it for some more runs.

I usually don't play demos of games that I've already pre-ordered because what's really the point if I know I'm already getting it? I'm so glad I played this one because it is DAMN fun!

The smile that spread across my face the first time I got my meter up to tricky and the song started playing was immense!

# 2 RyanFitzmagic @ 02/23/12 06:28 AM
You know how the Need for Speed games a couple years ago were trying to implement a feeling of high-speed racing with screen blur effects and whatnot?

SSX has done that better than any racing game I've played (which isn't many, but still). And besides that, SSX is already a classic, the controls are simple yet complex, and did they say 150 venues?

I'd buy this game twice if I could.
# 3 ROABS @ 02/23/12 07:55 AM
ill be picking this up day one. being a big snowboarding fan its always fun to have something to mess around with on the 360. esp since we have had rain all winter in quebec
# 4 JohnDoh @ 02/23/12 08:11 AM
Not feeling it. I prefer games that are somewhat realistic and action sports never quite get it right. If I were twelve I would love the game. No offense to anyone... it's just when I was twelve I was doing my best to score a million points and do 100 backflips at one time. Meh...
# 5 Calvin_Johnson81 @ 02/23/12 08:57 AM
I love it! Plain and simple.
# 6 DirtyJerz32 @ 02/23/12 09:50 AM
Good demo, but not my cup of joe.
# 7 sportdan30 @ 02/23/12 11:04 AM
Was very excited to play the demo, but after a few minutes, I felt rather disappointed. I guess I harken back to the first SSX, when it was all about racing. It seems like this game is too dependent on tricks, and there are so many multiple combos that it's too overwhelming for this old dude. I'll rent or buy it when it comes down to a respectable price.
# 8 havoc00 @ 02/23/12 01:18 PM
I didn't find it fun
# 9 Methlab @ 02/23/12 01:36 PM
The first few runs I made I was like..ehhhh.

Then I figured out what the heck I was doing.my friends got on..we had scores to compete against each other with, and we started getting dirty..I figured out how to hold down the trigger to power up on jumps and started grinding off helicopters and being in super tricky mode for half thr course.

Thats when it gets really freaking fun.
# 10 Doormat @ 02/23/12 05:51 PM
This is how I felt..

I'll probably rent or borrow it, I sucked
# 11 noonan2112 @ 02/23/12 08:47 PM
This was the first game I have ever downloaded as a demo. The build-up to this game was pretty intense so I not only got the demo, but also pre-ordered the game. I can tell you as a big fan of the SSX series, the best part of these games is the replayability factor. After playing the demo, I can already tell that the game designers went above and beyond! Once you get the new controls down and start to explore the mountains a bit, the fun part will really kick in as you earn credits and upgrade your rider's gear. Not to mention the amazing new online features they tease in the video segments. If you have the demo, I strongly suggest watching the videos on the main menu screen. This game is going to be a blast!!!
# 12 Tomba @ 02/23/12 10:21 PM
Some ppl...

Anyway, SSX3 was a all time favorite.

SSX brings back one of my all time favorites in a way i never thought could happen.

Now only if Nintendo can bring back F Zero GX
# 13 ROABS @ 02/24/12 10:24 PM
I had a chance to give this demo some more time today and have changed my mind. i wont be picking this game up.
# 14 DirtyJerz32 @ 02/24/12 10:28 PM
Originally Posted by ROABS
I had a chance to give this demo some more time today and have changed my mind. i wont be picking this game up.
I played again just to make sure it's not something I'm missing. After about 3 minutes and my wife asking me what in the world I was playing, it was confirmed that this isn't for me.

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# 15 savoie2006 @ 02/25/12 04:18 PM
Well I'm not very good at the game, but I do enjoy the heck out of it still, but I've always prefered the arcade style racing games (SSX, Burnout, ect.) This is a fine return to form for the series. Hopefully Burnout can do the same soon.
# 16 Pappy Knuckles @ 02/25/12 04:22 PM
The demo didn't do much for me. I'm not really sure why people are getting hyped up for this game, but after the tutorial and a run down the mountain, I had seen enough.
# 17 savoie2006 @ 02/25/12 08:49 PM
Originally Posted by Pappy Knuckles
The demo didn't do much for me. I'm not really sure why people are getting hyped up for this game, but after the tutorial and a run down the mountain, I had seen enough.
Well if you never played the original or were never into the series to begin with, then it's no wonder you don't understand the hype. It's the same for any game that alot of people enjoy.
# 18 martymcflyy85 @ 02/26/12 01:10 PM
I'm a diehard fan of SSX, and this game seems pretty fun. Not quite like Tricky, but close enough. Hopefully this game sells well, so there will be a more "tricky" like sequel.
# 19 Blzer @ 02/27/12 12:05 AM
I'm surprised so many people are so "meh" on this. The game looks to be ultra-fantastic. Though, I do wish you could do online head-to-head live racing.

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