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# 1 Schreck @ 02/27/12 04:45 PM
Was just about to post this, I am really liking the looks of things. Wanna see more, obviously, but it's looking sharp to me.
# 2 dolemint @ 02/27/12 05:02 PM
Hitting looks pretty much identical... I did notice that Delmon Young's profile picture had a Tigers' hat so maybe those are more up to date this year. Another thing to be hopeful for is that I saw hot/cold zones while hitting as well as the additional stats (bats .140 in a 1-2 count, etc)... I know the latter was in exhibition last year but hopefully it made EVERY mode this year.

I like the additional pitching statistics (showing location basically). Hopefully those aren't too buried in menus but it likely is (hitting left on control pad instead of it being put up automatically). Nice dive by Bosch... I don't remember ever diving last year. Could be a button I missed though.

Visually it looks the same. Too bad Comerica's scoreboard doesn't appear to be working (everyone's batting .000).
# 3 rudyjuly2 @ 02/27/12 05:04 PM
I think they are going to talk about the "mixing up pitches and location" stuff too much. I didn't really see anything there that showed a big improvement. At the end of the inning Peralta still makes no effort to break up the double play. As soon as a batter is out they instantly slow down.
# 4 tvman @ 02/27/12 05:07 PM
Maybe it was being on youtube but when the foulball was hit by the Angels player i noticed a slight hickup in framerate and also when the doubleplay ball was hit.

To bad we didn't see a few more balls put in play instead of just k's.

I also agree the "mixing up pitches and location" seemed overdone.
# 5 NINJAK2 @ 02/27/12 05:21 PM
Outside of that transition animation on the throw to second to start the double play, everything looked pretty good imo.
# 6 bluengold34_OS @ 02/27/12 05:25 PM
It has a very 2k11 feel, which isn't a bad thing. It's really hard to tell until it's in your very own hands. Still a day one purchase, as I had a good time with last years iteration.

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# 7 nemesis04 @ 02/27/12 06:00 PM
Did not walk away with too much from that vid. Hopefully the demo will tell more of the story!
# 8 Kernel Pie @ 02/27/12 06:01 PM
I saw no positives in that video at all. The worst thing for me: they left in the clumsy pitcher animations after walks/strikeouts where the pitcher just sorta stares into space; it just looks so awkward and lame. I thought they would have at least tried to upgrade that. By leaving it basically untouched, they've told me all I need to know about what to expect in presentation. Looks like another year on hurry-up.

I also agree with the above poster who said they'll probably run the pitch info into the ground; that could get old real fast. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate all the info, but I saw one graphic pop up (from the batter's view) when a pitch was basically being delivered. That's distracting.

But anyway, this doesn't look like even a 30% upgrade from 2k11. I guess that's to be expected, though, with the financial woes of this series. I'll probably still buy it, but I'm honestly looking ahead to 2013--maybe someone else will throw their hat in the ring.

*Oh, and I don't know how people play with those slow pitch speeds. 100 speed, 100 break for me. That vid looked like slow motion.
# 9 AustSaint @ 02/27/12 06:03 PM
It looks alright to me, so I think this will be my choice this year.
# 10 davis420 @ 02/27/12 06:16 PM
Watch the scoreboard where it has the players name not the one with the face, every batter for Detroit had 1 walk I think it says and no average. SMH I hope this isn't final build.Little things like that make the game stand out, this should be fixed.
# 11 rudyjuly2 @ 02/27/12 06:25 PM
The pitches did look like they were moving in slow motion but that's on default (60). I liked to pitch with pitch speed at 80 last year and bat at 60 (yes, I need that help).
# 12 Doormat @ 02/27/12 06:26 PM
This is what I want to see, I can see a little upgrade on the lighting and a few new animations and batting stances. Verlander looks good and his pitching motion looks excellent. Can't wait to try out the demo
# 13 stcardinal @ 02/27/12 06:29 PM
Looks like 2k11 with a new patch to fix all the bugs. I probably won't get it unless it goes on sale or I hear good things about it. 2k11 was great for me, so 2k12 would have to have actual new features or changes for me to bite.
# 14 MrChainsaw @ 02/27/12 06:48 PM
I'm not gonna lie, I'm more than likely going to buy this game regardless of how bad the reviews are. I want to play in marlins park.
# 15 FearlessKaz @ 02/27/12 07:02 PM
Broadcast overlays/commentary is still top notch. 2K needs to do something about the self-shadows though. They're a jagged mess.

2K11 was a fun game so I'm at least intrigued. We'll see how the demo goes.
# 16 LONGOBEASTT @ 02/27/12 07:08 PM
so far it looks good i wish i could have seen pujols bat though.
# 17 fsufan4423 @ 02/27/12 07:09 PM
If the gameplay was as good as the commentary this game would be epic, but its not...so it isn't.
# 18 bigfnjoe96 @ 02/27/12 07:38 PM
Not bad @ all. Swing Animations look better. It doesn't seem like players are swinging with wiffle bats. The catch by Rayburn was nice, as was the Double Play. The ball seems to come off the bat some what different. Commentary was great. Player Models look good. Would've been nice to see both Albert & Prince get an AB in the video.

Looking forward to the demo tomorrow
# 19 jim316 @ 02/27/12 07:40 PM
GET READY FOR MVP BASEBALL 2013!!!!!!!!! LET'S GO EA SPORTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
# 20 Blitzburgh @ 02/27/12 07:53 PM
I guess the MODs are all over in the other forum... Any way we all are going to have opinions on what we like and don't like about each BB game. I wish they could merge and take the best from what each other does and then would would have one hell of a BB game!

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