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The FIFA Street demo is available now. Play a few games and post your impressions here.

Read the full press release below.

February 28, 2012 – EA SPORTS™ announced today that a demo of FIFA Street is available now for the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system at the PLAYSTATION Store, and for the Xbox 360® videogame and entertainment system from Xbox Live Marketplace. Free your game by using tricks, flicks and flair to roast opponents in the first authentic street soccer videogame that replicates the way the game is played around the world.

Players will compete in a 5-a-side match at the iconic Amsterdam Square stadium with four unique teams: English Premier League giants Manchester City, defending Italian champions AC Milan, a team of real-life street stars, and an adidas™ all-star team featuring Barcelona and Argentina superstar Lionel Messi and 12 of the most skillful superstars in the world. Using the groundbreaking new Street Ball Control that delivers the highest fidelity of touch on the ball and responsiveness ever developed by the FIFA franchise, fans can experience the authentic one-on-one battle and variety of gameplay that FIFA Street delivers.

In the demo, the journey to glory begins in the World Tour story mode where players create themselves and their squad in-game, upgrade attributes, and unlock some of the 50 new skill moves and authentic street dribbling styles available. Players can then pull their progression from the demo into the full game version of FIFA Street that will be in stores March 13th. In addition, gamers who download their friends’ created players onto their own squad will unlock the Freestyle Challenge tournament on the Shanghai Rooftop. Plus, the in-game social network in FIFA Street kicks off as players view friends’ stats and accomplishments, share videos, and connect in the FIFA Street Network*.

Fans who pre-order FIFA Street from leading retailers around the world will receive exclusive in-game access to the adidas™ all-star team featuring Messi. The pre-order offer also includes exclusive access to the Lionel Messi Barcelona venue, an environment inspired by street players playing in and around the Plaça de Catalunya in the historic center of Barcelona, that Messi helped design. Fans with EA SPORTS Season Ticket will get full-game digital access to FIFA Street three days in advance of launch.

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Member Comments
# 1 Tomba @ 02/28/12 06:53 AM
Dude this games cool...(seriously my first reaction to the game)

The best way to quickly describe the game is like being outside at a charity event/exhibition match. The atmosphere and gameplay feel non competitive and fun.

EA's 3 for 3 so far this year

Grand Slam
and now this...

Fifa Street
# 2 davis420 @ 02/28/12 08:12 AM
It's a really fun game with a vast moves and tricks to pull off. It will take a little bit to learn everything you can do in this game.
# 3 Panicshade @ 02/28/12 10:00 AM
This demo is seriously fun. Doing rainbow flick passes into back heel shots for an overtime goal can never get tiring. I was just brushing this game off to the side as a future bargain bin purchase but I am considering getting this on release day.
# 4 richie923 @ 02/28/12 10:45 AM
After seeing the vids, I thought that this would be a day 1 buy for me and a lot of you all are saying good things.

I have PS3, but in the demo is there a futsal game mode?
# 5 Panicshade @ 02/28/12 10:49 AM
The demo has a Exhibition match and World Tour (create a player) mode available

Also the usual practice arena

I believe the teams available are Manchester City, FIFA All-Stars, AC Milan, and Street Swirl
# 6 Tomba @ 02/28/12 02:53 PM
Keep playing the demo cant get enough it. Better and more realistic than Fifa 12 and PES 2012 combined
# 7 ezio @ 02/28/12 06:41 PM
Is it on the PSN yest? I didn't see it. I did a search too.
# 8 richie923 @ 02/28/12 07:04 PM
Originally Posted by ezio
Is it on the PSN yest? I didn't see it. I did a search too.
Just did a search and found it. Typed in 'fifa street' and it was the first one.
# 9 tjenkin7 @ 02/28/12 08:47 PM
Originally Posted by Tomba
Keep playing the demo cant get enough it. Better and more realistic than Fifa 12 and PES 2012 combined
Certainly isn't more realistic.
# 10 sars973 @ 02/28/12 09:52 PM
Just played for about an hour on PS3.

I like that you can import your Be-a-Pro from FIFA 12 for the World Tour mode. I played the 1st street game and then the game in Belgium/Germany and won both easily.

Played then in the "Street" mode as my created team (71 overall) against Man City (83 overall). I won 4-2 easily, it wasn't even a challenge to get past Man City's players.

Switched then to see if playing as Man City vs. my created team would be easier and it was SUPER EASY to win. 5-0 and the players on my created team didn't even attempt a shot I don't think.

The demo is set to "Easy" right?

It's pretty fun and I like how it plays.

BUT I don't like the player/on field chatter; it's terrible.

I'd buy the full game if it was like $30 new; not $60 though.
# 11 Mattskinned @ 02/29/12 12:25 AM
The game is really fun to play.
# 12 2k10Fonzarelli @ 02/29/12 12:22 PM
Fifa Street's 'Streetball control' is the greatest addition to sports gameplay since NHL's total stick control. Quite possibly, even better!

I was expecting this game to be fun, but it turns out its fun, deep, Balanced, features a bevy of options, OTP, Street Network community and it goes on and on. Plus, the offensive arsenal at your disposal doesn't make for a mess of a game like old FIFA Streets. Defense is very easy and has to power to shut down Pannas or Air Beats with one or two buttons, and the right timing of course.

The Controls in this game are supertight, almost ultra responsive.
The Animations are on par with anything FIFA.
The Gameplay is a near perfect mix of arcade and sim.
The Sound does a good job at conveying the atmosphere and putting you on the court.
The Options are many, potentially offering hundreds of hours of good times. From dozens and dozens of players and teams, to freestyle players, to mode customization. 35 some odd venues to play in. Fifa Street is doing many things that its peers don't seem to consider.
The (many) game modes should cater to many people, including single player franchise/association types.
The Online (to me at least) holds promise to be the best OTP experience to date.

I mean, this game is every part authentic to Futsal as FIFA 12 is to Futbol.

Besides any baseball game you can name, FIFA Street does 1-on-1 match-ups better than any sports game on the market. (OK, i admit, I wasn't thinking about boxing, MMA, tennis or R*'s excellent Table Tennis game from a few years ago. But for a team sports game, you really can't beat FIFA Street)

Playing against friends harkens back to days of NBA Street 2, where friends who didn't even like sports would play with 3 other players, 2 per side till 3am on a school night.

IMO (and probably factually) FIFA Street is back and better than ever. 'Not- too-over-the-top' arcade gameplay mixed with FIFA 12's physics and gameplay engine make for a realistic, almost simulation representation of real life street footy.

Now, if only they can figure out a way to make the Streetball Control translate into a new NBA Street. Think about it...
# 13 richie923 @ 02/29/12 02:48 PM
I am loving this game, really addictive. Hopefully it'll do the same in the full game.

I am assuming you can't change the difficulty in the demo?...I am sure you will be in the final game, right?
# 14 Kevin26385 @ 02/29/12 03:06 PM
I am really enjoying the demo. The possibilities seem endless with all of these moves. I captured two videos:



Amazing that you have the ability to capture videos on the demo. I can't wait for the game to drop. OTP/Online play is going to be sweet!

Richie-You can't change the difficulty in the demo (Unless I am missing something?) and you will be able to change it in the retail version.
# 15 ezio @ 02/29/12 07:48 PM
I played for a little bit last night and really enjoyed it.

these are 2 goals I scored.


http://www.easports.com/media/play/video/115560648 - This one if my favorite so far

Am I correct in assuming you can't actually progress in the World tour mode in the demo?
# 16 richie923 @ 02/29/12 10:46 PM
Originally Posted by ezio
Am I correct in assuming you can't actually progress in the World tour mode in the demo?
I believe you can only play in that one event but you can continue to play as many games as you want. I have been able to upgrade my player up to level 4 but it stopped there.
# 17 ezio @ 03/01/12 07:44 AM
Originally Posted by richie923
I believe you can only play in that one event but you can continue to play as many games as you want. I have been able to upgrade my player up to level 4 but it stopped there.
Ok that is what I thought. Thanks.
# 18 Panicshade @ 03/01/12 07:53 AM

Here is a clip I saved last night
# 19 jb1 @ 03/01/12 08:11 AM
I've played 5 a side football for the last 15 years and this demo does a great job of capturing that fun fast flowing feel that you get when actually playing. They seem to have implemented a really nice way to pull off the skill moves pretty easily and I also like the idea of the on pitch chatter as that is a crucial part of any 5 a side game.

Overall it looks a really fun game however i'm still not convinced it's worth paying full price for, i'll probably wait for it to drop in price before I pick it up but it does look like they have done a good job.
# 20 ps3veron @ 03/01/12 01:02 PM
Just tried the demo, absolutely loved it!

It has a very free flowing feel to it and the tricks actually feel productive/practical while still being aesthetic.

Its actually quite hard to classify this game because it has that arcade feeling but its no where OTT . A Definitive positive addon to one's sport games portfolio. Day 1!

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