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MLB 12 The Show Videos
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# 1 Cpre5 @ 03/02/12 01:59 AM
I feel the money floating out of my wallet
# 2 MrOldboy @ 03/02/12 02:35 PM
Hope the game actually has the players' actualy stances in Move mode. On that talk show with CC and A. Gonzalez the batter had some weird generic stance, or maybe he wasn't batting as himself (I'm just assuming it was A. Gonz batting in the game as well). Made sense given you can move the bat around while waiting for the pitch, but looked sort of dumb. This trailer just has the unique stances. Maybe someone who has the game can comment?
# 3 Steve_OS @ 03/02/12 04:53 PM
Woah... That looks really good. Hoping the swing is really 1 to 1 w/ no delay, like it shows in the video.
# 4 pdawg17 @ 03/02/12 05:03 PM
Originally Posted by Steve_OS
Woah... That looks really good. Hoping the swing is really 1 to 1 w/ no delay, like it shows in the video.
I played it "Move-style" at my local BB and there was a small delay...I'm hoping it was due to not having calibrated the controller beforehand but I have a feeling that wasn't the issue...the delay is much smaller than it was for the HR derby mode last year though...

Overall the controls felt great though...a lot of fun for an exhibition game or playing with the kids...I've been waiting for a long time for full motion controls in a "real" baseball game...
# 5 Doormat @ 03/02/12 06:13 PM
This looks extremely fun, bad thing is .. I don't have PS Move darn
# 6 woz411 @ 03/02/12 06:35 PM
looks good. Cant wait to try it
# 7 rudyjuly2 @ 03/02/12 07:13 PM
I got a free Move controller from Future Shop and bought a used Eye through Amazon. After shipping I only had to pay $28 to set myself up to try this out. I've always been anti-motion gaming but this seems fun and the HR contest with the family should be fun. I'm not a meter fan so I don't know about the pitching although fielding could be decent. I want nothing to do with those base running controls though.
# 8 nomo17k @ 03/02/12 08:43 PM
The PS blog post for Move is up as well:

# 9 earp4530 @ 03/03/12 10:48 AM
I like the song

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