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To chalk or not to chalk? Good luck! You're gonna need it.

The annual OS NCAA College Basketball Brackets contest is ready to go. First place receives 3 games of choice (limited to $59.99 each).

Rules? If you enter more than once, you will be disqualified.

Register and fill out your brackets here Password - osftw

Member Comments
# 1 redsrule @ 03/11/12 07:39 PM
I'm down, even if I won't come close to winning.
# 2 PantherBeast_OS @ 03/11/12 08:35 PM
Heck why not join another bracket why I'm at it. Everyone has a chance at winning. Count me in.
# 3 stepasyd @ 03/11/12 08:40 PM
I'm in! good luck guys.
# 4 bluengold34_OS @ 03/11/12 08:59 PM
I won this thing like 3 or 4 years ago...so why not
# 5 Bellsprout @ 03/11/12 09:01 PM
Go ahead and buy a copy of Kingdoms of Amalur, Tiger Woods 13, and FIFA 12 in advance so you can send them to me right away when the tournament's over.
# 6 PackerBacker123 @ 03/11/12 09:10 PM
# 7 detfan @ 03/11/12 09:11 PM

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# 8 CC @ 03/11/12 09:15 PM
In for the win.

Seriously don't want or need any more games, but I won't win anyways.

P.S. Not that I care, but it looks like some people have multiple entries in already.
# 9 detfan @ 03/11/12 09:22 PM
Yea it was confusing. Input the PS in once then it took me to the page again so I did it again. Don't worry I will only fill one bracket. Once I get to my computer ill try to delete one.

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# 10 drewst18 @ 03/11/12 09:23 PM
Elite 8:
'Cuse, Ohio St
Mich St, Murray St
Michigan, Kansas
# 11 IlliniM1ke @ 03/11/12 09:31 PM
In on this, my bracket was pretty good last year considering all the upsets, can't wait to see how I do this year, I typically seem to do really well or completely fall on my face, never much middle ground so here's to hoping I'm on my game this year!

Thanks for putting this together again Steve, look forward to this contest every year.
# 12 legacyme3 @ 03/11/12 09:32 PM
I filled in my bracket.

I never do entirely well on these, but I'm hoping this year is different.

Good luck to everyone.
# 13 Heatles @ 03/11/12 10:10 PM
I can talk myself into buying the show for the 5th straight year. Must win this year
# 14 Marino @ 03/11/12 10:43 PM
I'm not use to doing this with my team in it, but **** it, Steve go ahead and get my 3 games.
# 15 Mo @ 03/11/12 11:14 PM
I wont win, but I'll settle for 1 game for finishing 73rd? Deal?
# 16 Jr. @ 03/11/12 11:27 PM
I suck at brackets, but I'm in anyway
# 17 Jasong7777 @ 03/12/12 05:53 AM
In it, to win it.
# 18 ALBIDNIS @ 03/12/12 10:19 AM
1st time using this bracket made an error. Steve, how can I delete the 2 submissions. I renamed to albidnis2-error and albidnis3-error to tag them as mistakes.
# 19 RedSceptile @ 03/12/12 11:23 AM
I can't wait to get my copy of Mass Effect 3...FOR FREE!

Thanks dudes.
# 20 Mo @ 03/12/12 11:33 AM
Originally Posted by ALBIDNIS
1st time using this bracket made an error. Steve, how can I delete the 2 submissions. I renamed to albidnis2-error and albidnis3-error to tag them as mistakes.
Select the entry you want to delete, can be found through My Brackets(In Blue in photo) then go to the group page, and select Leave Group(underlined in yellow)

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