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With about a week left to shrink the field of potential Madden NFL 13 cover atletes from 64 down to 32. Cam Newton is leading the way, as he has received more votes than any other player involved.

Source - 'Madden' Cover Vote Update (ESPN)

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# 1 CatMan72 @ 03/15/12 11:47 PM
Let's be honest with ourselves... Cam should run away with this thing. He is by far the most exciting player in the NFL right now.
# 2 KBLover @ 03/16/12 12:40 AM
Putting the man who set rookie QB records and gives a franchise a new to reason hope on the cover?

Makes sense to me
# 3 MrBallaBoy21 @ 03/16/12 12:57 AM
Please don't let my QB win this
# 4 at23steelers @ 03/16/12 01:06 AM
I really hope Blaine Gabbert wins the whole thing! EA gives us someone who wouldn't bring popularity to Madden, so this is our chance to take advantage of this opportunity!
# 5 SkillzKillz719 @ 03/16/12 05:38 AM
I LOVE Cam Newton. Although we ALL realize that the curse works, hopefully he wont have too bad of a sophomore campaign. 8-8 and I'd be happy Madden curse works, just hopefully not as bad this year.
# 6 hoop xyience @ 03/16/12 07:46 AM
Noooooo!!! He had a great rookie season so madden needs to stay far away from Cam..

Im banking on us to get back to the playoffs this up coming season..

This madden voting BS needs to go..just throw a Pats player on the cover lol
# 7 J.R. @ 03/16/12 05:02 PM
TBH I always thought it should be Newton or Daulton.
# 8 J.R. @ 03/16/12 05:22 PM
Originally Posted by 1D4ever
All this Peyton Manning talk is hurting Tebow mania.
Tebow will still suck. With or without John Elway helping him.
# 9 B-Lo-Z-Ro @ 03/16/12 05:30 PM
# 10 LambertandHam @ 03/16/12 06:07 PM
Originally Posted by B-Lo-Z-Ro
I'm boycotting the vote over Andy Lee.

# 11 alifeincomplete @ 03/16/12 06:14 PM
Well that won't fuel Cam's massive ego or anything... Good for him, though. Curse-wise, I'd be happy with Cam winning or Tebow taking the cover.
# 12 mALiZ @ 03/16/12 10:35 PM
NOOOOOOOOO NOT CAM PLEASE NOT CAM....Can Cam refuse to appear on the cover???????
# 13 Aggies7 @ 03/17/12 02:01 AM
I'll probably look like an idiot but when's the last time we saw a Defensive player on cover? And I am talking solo cover not the split with Larry and Troy.

Would be a nice change of pace for a defensive player to be on cover.
# 14 mpt54 @ 03/17/12 02:01 PM
Originally Posted by TNT713
It's hard to vote against Cam Newton. No matter what happens, I'm starting him in my games!!!

Same here its hard to vote against Newton, being a Browns fan I traded for him in Madden 12 and he has been my starting QB since
# 15 jyoung @ 03/17/12 03:00 PM
Originally Posted by Aggies7
I'll probably look like an idiot but when's the last time we saw a Defensive player on cover? And I am talking solo cover not the split with Larry and Troy.

Would be a nice change of pace for a defensive player to be on cover.
Ray Lewis in Madden 2005.

Coincidentally, that was also the last great Madden game.
# 16 Trojan Man @ 03/17/12 11:52 PM
I love defense, but I can't see putting T-Sizzle on the cover over Superman. What Newton did was just so far beyond belief that it deserves commemoration. I hated that his work got overshadowed by Tebow coverage all season long. I'm not a Carolina fan, but I'm a Cam fan now, that's for sure. That kid is amazing.
# 17 at23steelers @ 03/18/12 11:45 AM
Originally Posted by 43M
LMAO....Dalton should not be anywhere the Madden cover, or even mentioned in the same breath.

He had a nice rookie season, but it was absolutely not memorable and he is not exciting to watch at all.

I dont think Cam is worthy just yet either, but at least he had a memorable rookie year and is really fun to watch.

Calvin Johnson, Patrick Willis or Jared Allen should be 3 of the top names for the cover.

Madden cover used to pay homage to the great players of the game....now EA moronically takes votes from what consists primarily of little kids and casual fans who truly dont know much about the NFL or real football in general. Thats also part of the reason the game continues to be a watered down product of the actual thing.
So, what's wrong with everyone voting for Gabbert then?? Now, he's fun to watch!!
# 18 balljonesjr @ 03/18/12 03:51 PM
Way to much of a Cam fan to want to see this
# 19 xxedgexx @ 03/18/12 05:02 PM
I voted for Tebow. The Madden Curse + Tebow's QB ability = ?
# 20 J.R. @ 03/18/12 07:13 PM
Off topic a bit, but it's not about "WHOS EXCITING TO WATCH". It's about who plays the best. And Cam and Daulton were arguably extremely good this year.

If it was about who's exciting to watch, Tebow should be on the cover. At least that way he'd finally get knocked out with the curse, which he deserves.

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