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There are roughly 24 hours left in the Sweet Sixteen of the Greatest Sports Game Ever Tournament and there are some big upsets brewing. As of this writing, all of the #1 seeds are in danger of falling. Here's an update from each region:

NFL 2K5 Region

Currently, MLB '10: The Show has a pretty sizeable lead on NFL 2K5. Barring a huge surge in voting in the next day, our defending champion could be going down in the sweet 16. (Link)

On the other side of the bracket, Tony Hawks Pro Skater maintains a narrow margin over Madden NFL 95. This matchup was all Madden early but Tony Hawks has retaken the lead as of last night. The margin is close enough that this one could go either way. (Link)

NBA 2K11 Region

Currently, NBA Jam is keeping it close with NBA 2K11. Jam had an early lead but 2K has tended to stay around 2-7 votes ahead. Your vote is going to count in this matchup, so go cast it now! (Link)

Tecmo Super Bowl currently has a sizeable lead on Mike Tyson's Punchout. Barring a miracle, it looks like Tecmo Super Bowl will advance to the next round to face the Jam/2K11 winner. (Link)

Tecmo Bowl Region

Tecmo was down by a large margin to NHL 94. Since then, it has slowly begun an ascension back. Right now Tecmo Bowl is down by around 20 votes to NHL 94. However, this matchup will likely get much tighter as voting sets to close. (Link)

MVP Baseball 2005 remains one of the strongest titles in this year's tournament. Currently MVP holds a more than one hundred point margin on FIFA Soccer 10. For all intents and purposes, this matchup is decided. (Link)

Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball Region

The flair and style of Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball is no match for the multiple legions of fans who still hail, NCAA Football 2006 as the greatest college football game of all time. But this matchup is close and either game can still take it. YOUR VOTE COUNTS! (Link)

In what I personally find the most surprising matchup, WWF No Mercy is not only hanging tough with College Hoops 2K8, it's actually in position to potentially win the matchup, as it is down by just one vote (as of this writing). This one is going to be interesting to see how it unfolds. (Link)

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# 1 boomhauertjs @ 03/23/12 06:46 AM
Maybe if MVP 2005 wins this tournament, it might help "inspire" EA to get back in the baseball game now that the 2k license is mercifully over.

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