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It's another Big 12/SEC matchup, with former Oklahoma State Heisman Winner Barry Sanders squaring off against former Georgia Bulldogs Heisman Winner Herschel Walker for the rights to appear on the NCAA Football 13 cover.

Personally, the thought of Baylor AND Oklahoma State appearing on a cover of NCAA Football 13 has me thinking the Mayans were on to something and the end is nigh. Don't say I didn't warn you folks.

You can vote for the apocalypse or for normalcy through the NCAA Football 13 Facebook app.

The NCAA Football 13 My Heisman Cover Vote is open through April 2 and the winner will be announced April 16.

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# 1 jyoung @ 03/26/12 11:57 AM
Two of the best running backs in college football history.

Can't go wrong with either one!
# 2 jmik58 @ 03/26/12 03:12 PM
The legend of Barry Sanders will win almost any competition where it is entered. He left "too soon" and people will always vote him in because they always feel like they want more because of that.

He was really that good of a player and person though, but just know it's pointless to hold a vote anytime Barry Sanders is an option.
# 3 jWILL253 @ 03/26/12 03:57 PM
Barry Sanders FTW...
# 4 BenGerman @ 03/26/12 04:31 PM
My biggest reason for wanting to see the end of this, is that it means we'll be getting info soon. Its great to see Sanders and Walker at the top of the list. As others have said, you really can't go wrong with either one.
# 5 44drob @ 03/26/12 04:38 PM
# 6 darknmild @ 03/26/12 10:26 PM
Herschel Walker
# 7 TripleCrown9 @ 03/26/12 10:54 PM
Should've given Rashaan Salaam a shot.
# 8 Hunkerdown @ 03/27/12 11:24 AM
Walker!! Im not biased....
# 9 volwalker @ 03/28/12 08:09 AM
Who cares? Fix the actual game instead.
# 10 Tengo Juego @ 03/28/12 09:29 AM
Why will the winner be announced so long after voting is closed? A full two weeks to find out?
# 11 UniversityofArizona @ 03/30/12 06:31 AM
You've had pylon physics, but are you ready for . . . camera man physics!?!?!?!
# 12 Tengo Juego @ 04/11/12 09:53 PM
RGIII just tweeted a pic of him and Heschel Walker. Maybe the winner of the voting contest?


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