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We are a few months away from both NCAA and Madden dropping. With ample time and news, how is your gut right now? Do you feel EA Football is going to meet your expectations this year or are you expecting disappointment?

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# 1 chrisphil1724 @ 03/27/12 02:15 PM
I'm tired of thinking "This is the year; this is the year Madden will finally update all thier out of dates systems. This is the year they’ll added physics based animations / tackle system. (Ex. Backbreakers, FIFA 12, NHL 12) This is the year they’ll add online spectator mode. This is the year Madden will be fun again."

I'm just tired...I don't plan on buying Madden this year.
# 2 Blak_Baki_Hanma @ 03/27/12 02:20 PM
Better question.... HAS IT EVER?
# 3 DigitalMikey @ 03/27/12 02:40 PM
I agree with all of the above. Especially chris and Patriot.
# 4 jmik58 @ 03/27/12 02:41 PM
They'll meet my expections... but that's not a good thing. I expect more fluff and bells and whistles. They know that presentation is what sells games to the general public, so they'll run more buffaloes and bald eagles onto the field while the gameplay itself is horrid. I'm hopeful of the direction of the read-and-react type of defensive gameplay (finally); but I'll hold out judgement until I see it in action.

I'm definitely not buying this year. I've been burned too many years in a row. EA has to prove themselves in my opinion. I've invested enough money into their product; now I'm ready for results.
# 5 MetalCavs @ 03/27/12 02:50 PM
Unfortunately history tells us not a chance, EA will market the minor tweaks as they always do , until they have a competitor it will never happen
# 6 jkra0512 @ 03/27/12 03:02 PM
I'm glad I'm not the only one who is apathetic toward EA's football games. They have much to prove and I will not be purchasing either game this year as the little good will they had with me last year is all gone.

This year is a make-or-break year for the EA football games...
# 7 bukktown @ 03/27/12 03:32 PM
No. Effing. Chance.
# 8 Dogslax41 @ 03/27/12 03:37 PM
This will be the first year since 1990 that I have not purchased Madden football and to be honest it feels a bit sad. Kind of like when Episode 1 The Phantom Menace came out. Like a piece of my childhood died.
# 9 BLA7E @ 03/27/12 03:41 PM
No expectations. Disappointments abound the last few years. Last year was the straw. No more new EA sports games for me until 1 yr into Next-Gen. Maybe they'll have their act together then, but still doubt it.
# 10 eagskerfan @ 03/27/12 03:42 PM
no, I didn't buy madden last year for the first time in about ten years, this year I won't buy madden or ncaa.
# 11 BLA7E @ 03/27/12 03:47 PM
@Dogslax: Totally feel you dude. Buying NCAA matched w/ Madden used to be 'IT' for me. I used to get so engulfed in the offline dynasty and franchises. Now they have basically crapped all over ppl of our ilk, since the importing and 'players playing like themselves' has become an absolute joke. They don't care about us anymore, so why should I care about seeing how much they shafted us this year?
# 12 nivek64 @ 03/27/12 03:48 PM
I don't see any reason or purpose to continue buying NCAA or Madden going forward. For years, EA has ignored the PC base and until Baseball returns to EA, I will not be buying any sports games from them. They had excellent opportunities to embrace users and sadly they have not. At least the 2K series with basketball gave us some hope with bringing back the past.
# 13 Scribe1980 @ 03/27/12 03:50 PM
Never lost interest so quickly in both Madden and NCAA as I did last yearl.

Both games have gone from must-buys on release day to wait-and-see, bordering on no purchase. I've got better things to do with 120 bucks.

I have lost hope in the football genre and was playing the new NHL all fall and into winter, as well as FIFA 12. How EA could nail world football so well and fail at American football so badly continues to baffle me.

EA still gets my money, just not as much as it used to.
# 14 Dogslax41 @ 03/27/12 03:53 PM
@BLA7E I use to buy NCAA just to play for one season and import the players to madden. Then they broke the import feature, then they broke NCAA all together.
# 15 gogators @ 03/27/12 04:10 PM
Are they going back to the PS2 and Xbox style and features? If not, then they're not even close. Sad because that was 7 YEARS AGO!
# 16 soulless pupil @ 03/27/12 04:11 PM
The real question is, "is EA trying to meet my (our anyone else's) expectations?" Last gen we complained endlessly about players suctioning in place while making or breaking tackles and when catching. This gen it has taken until 2013 just to get that to an almost acceptable standard.

This year they are working on the passing. I expect that it will be reasonable, but in the end, it seems to be the animations that start the problems. EA either needs to start the framework for a new physics based engine, or put a new contact algorithm or formula, that takes angle of impact and result force into consideration, into the game and program a post contact physics patch. That means the game can run on animations until contact between two or more objects occurs, then run on physics until the contact stops.

Anyway, EA will change the passing. It will cause all sorts of problems. They will then patch it 6 times (I'm calling it now), but the good news is that at least one thing will improve. Question is, what is it; the super linebackers, the coaching carousel, the teambuilder, custom playbook, or the grass?
# 17 jkra0512 @ 03/27/12 04:28 PM
Originally Posted by JerseySuave4
based on what they've scheduled as the information release dates for NCAA, i say no. Judging by what they've said they will be doing blogs on, i have a really good feeling that once again NCAA football will be a huge disappointment.

The only difference is this year i'm not buying anything Ben says and i will wait until the game is out and hear what people think of the game + how well the demo plays and then maybe i'll buy it.

But there is no reason to buy these games on release days anymore because they always have so many bugs and glitches that it takes at least a month before a patch comes out and the games are playable.
He's lost all credibility after some of his interviews last year basically laughing at all of us. Plus, that Making of NCAA series where the devs sat there and said they were sooooo happy there were no bugs in the game. HA!
# 18 B-Lo-Z-Ro @ 03/27/12 04:37 PM
Until they stop focusing on new features that the game does not need & actually work on fixing and making the basics of real game play on every level from stats, on field play, & presentation no ones expectations will be filled.. ithink them buying out the nfl license shot themselves in the foot because they have no other games to compare their product too in order to make their product better year to year.. instead of working harder to make a better product they pulled the $ card & just bought out the better competition so that people have to purchase whatever they put out IMO. But oh well, its just a game.. ive wasted $60 or more on worse stuff
# 19 irishred002 @ 03/27/12 04:45 PM
I don't have any expectations for EA and football. There is no fun or enjoyment to be had there. The genre of football mixed with video games does not exist this gen.
# 20 xboxman41 @ 03/27/12 04:46 PM
I agree has it Ever??????? like you said only a few months till both games Drops, So no reason to ask that now, EA can't do much changing now, But for years we been ask, What we like, don't like, what would we change, and so on....And it's never done any good, it always looks like EA gives us what they want us to have in a game NOT what we want/like.....That's why there games keep going to waste side

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