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Total immersion is all gamers want these days. They want accurate stats, seedings and signings. Well, what better way to experience this total immersion in an MLB game than completing a 162-game season? It's one feat that many, even our staff writers, struggle with.

So staff writers, have you ever finished a 162-game season?

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# 1 Knight165 @ 03/28/12 11:11 AM
Good read.

Matt Coe has some nice points about ASB2005. Very good game.
I loved(LOVE) every minute of that game.
The only thing holding it back was the clunky editor. That game would have lived forever if either
A. They gave us an editor that was more open,.
B. Someone(I'm looking at you Flyin' Finn....I offered you straight cash money for that editor!!!!) made a PC editor for that game.

That being said....I've done many 162 seasons. Usually at least one(my second or third in the franchise...as I too like the off season to mold the team into my style)...but it's a bit easier for me as I play in Manage only Mode and can have the game playing while I do something else and only have to step in when I feel necessary. So there is that caveat.

I think the Vita and cross platform saves is going to open up how many guys actually finish 162 game seasons.....so this staff pretty much touched on everything!

# 2 dbacks_Nation @ 03/28/12 11:14 AM
I've always finished my 162 game seasons, but they do take like 3-4 months..... I might sim 1-2 games a series this season though, speed up the process and get the best out of the OSFM.
# 3 BIG CAROLINA @ 03/28/12 11:32 AM
I am not even going to lie, I have not even come close to finishing a season ever. I always have intentions to finish, but, I never do mainly due to starting over my in-progress season and other games in the collection.

This year I am really enjoying the game so hopefully this will be the year that I play (don't want to sim any games) all 162.
# 4 CgyFlames @ 03/28/12 11:35 AM
Trying this year for the first time. Doing a 144-game AAA season with my local team, though. Pacing it at one game a day, and so far I'm on track with 22 in 22.
# 5 Cardot @ 03/28/12 11:42 AM
I played 162 On ASB '05...BUT, I was using a generated 2-1 pitch count which really sped things up. So there is an * on this accomplishment.

It isn't so much that I don't have enough video game time to play 162, but I am playing basketball and NHL games into June. And once August roles around, football games are taking a piece of the pie.

The other issue I run into with 162, is that by the time game #80 rolls around, my skills are much different that they were at game #1. So then it becomes a whole slider/settings fiasco.
# 6 EnigmaNemesis @ 03/28/12 11:43 AM
I finished several 162 game seasons every year in this game in RttS. But those are obviously a much shorter sample size of play time.

I have yet to finish a full season in this series. Came close. Not that I don't want to, just sometimes time constraints come into play since I play a lot of RttS. I however feel I may achieve this with the Vita cross play as Knight mentioned.

ASB however I finished many, as well as MVP. But I had way more play time back then, and less gameplay options such as (RttS, DD, etc).
# 7 HustlinOwl @ 03/28/12 11:51 AM
Finished a full year and a half in 11 with my Reds Franchise. Won the World Series my first year and began to fall off half way in year two.
# 8 Mo @ 03/28/12 12:01 PM
Yes, done it the last two years with the Show, playing every game, all 9 innings.

Did it with HH02 on the PC and HH04 on PS2 as well.
# 9 Joey @ 03/28/12 12:12 PM
In '10 I finished a season using the Mets and my '86 roster set - got beat by the Blue Jays in the Series (Barfield and Bell were mashers). This year with the extra games I'll be able to get in on the Vita, I fully expect to finish a season with the Marlins (playing all 162 games) AND a full season using one of the classic roster sets. Probably will go with jemeyers '87 set.
# 10 ootherocoo @ 03/28/12 12:13 PM
I've played a full 162 game season and a half of another in The Show '10.

This year I'm going to try an play a full 162 game season this year.....all while working a full time and planning my wedding!!....
# 11 Dogslax41 @ 03/28/12 12:22 PM
I usually play every game of the 162 in tune with the games in real life.

This can lead to some long catchup weekends as i generally try to make it to 30-40 games a year.

Once my first season is done, for any subsequent year I will play 2 games of each division series and 1 game of non division series unless it is a rivalry then I will play the entire series. Usually works out to about 70 games.

That let's me possibly get an additional season in before the next year comes out.
# 12 dochalladay32 @ 03/28/12 12:23 PM
Depends on what we are talking. Completely play? No. But I've finished many a complete season in MVP 05 between playing and managing games.
# 13 saturn2187 @ 03/28/12 12:27 PM
I'm going to chime in. My friend and I did an online league last year, and we both played all 162 games. No simulations.

Simulated every single CPU vs CPU game as well.

We both made the playoffs.

We are doing it again this year.
# 14 sbmnky @ 03/28/12 12:28 PM
Good read.

I've only done once - HH 2001. I took the Dodgers to a WS title (the last one I've won in a video game) playing all 162 games. Dodgers swept the Yankees in the series. The only thing I remember from the season was Shawn Green hitting his 70th homer off the LF foul pole against John Rocker. I think that game determined home field throughout the playoffs.

I enjoy the simming aspect of the game now - especially with the rosters that are about to release. I figure I can get through 4-5 season in the same amount of time it would take me to play all 162 games of one season. That's much more interesting to me. This year, I plan on keeping my game to game stats on a spreadsheet.
# 15 Mercury53 @ 03/28/12 12:31 PM
Back when I play Triple Play 2000, I finished a few, but I really didn't have much to do back in those days. Now, I've only managed to finish one, and that was last year. It's so hard to develop a dynasty with such long seasons.
# 16 tril @ 03/28/12 12:34 PM
did it once, with mlb2k 4 or 5, I dont remember which one. It had that awkard swing. it took me from MAy till December to complete 1 season. I played the game off and on. sinc ethen Ive said I would play 162 but never even tried.

I usuall play a 29 or that 56 games season, with MLB 2k and the Show. And Ill play a season until I get eliminated from playoff contention. that way I can get more seasons in. I average about 2 seasons on each game.
I hate simming games until that point. I get every game in.
# 17 econoodle @ 03/28/12 12:35 PM
Matthew, did you say ASB 2005.
the best
gameplay had its ugliness but oh boy what a game.
It's still my OG.

With all the trade logic issues with present games like the Show, ASB showed us how it was done.
Commentary? yes, please.It was jus another thing that helped me get through 162.

Glad I still have it.
# 18 chrishthomas @ 03/28/12 12:48 PM
I've finished several 162 game seasons starting back with the MVP series. Each year of that series, I would pick a random team and play all the way through, no simming (03-Angels, 04-Padres, 05-Phillies). Rarely did I play many games after that.

I was in my early-30s at the time, and although I was married, we didn't have children. But, looking back on it, I still didn't have a whole lot of free time...I was in a doctoral program, and gaming was my release that helped me keep my sanity so many of these games were played very late at night and I just needed some sort of activity to relax me prior to going to bed.

After we had our daughter, I didn't do much gaming at all, and it wasn't until she was around 3 that I picked up gaming again at infrequent intervals. I put MVP '05 back in (several years old at that point). And, because we had moved to Chicago, started a season with the Cubs. Made it all the way into late July or August and had a bad/corrupted save and couldn't recover the season. Felt like I had wasted a lot of time, and put the games away again.

Wife bought me a PS3 for Christmas 2010, and in March I picked up The Show '11. I played a full 162 with the White Sox (lost Game 7 of the WS to the Rockies). Right now, I'm playing a new season with the Rockies, and I'm midway through May with the intention of playing all 162.
# 19 Roggie @ 03/28/12 01:09 PM
The only game I was ever able to play full 162 game seasons in was the old High Heat franchise on PC. With franchises transferring from one game to the next, playing every game of a season made sense. I think I finished 5 or 6 full seasons before the franchise was discontinued.
# 20 37 @ 03/28/12 01:16 PM
Completed? yes cause i was eager to reach the offseason and perform GM duties....gunna try really hard to actually play all 162 games within a reasonable time this year...hopefully boredom doesnt take over

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