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Revel in the pageantry of college football game days with NCAA Football 13. Featuring new team run-outs, mascots and pre-game traditions along with significantly enhanced audio and new trophy presentations, NCAA Football 13 will deliver the passion and excitement of college football to fans across the nation.

We have the opportunity to interview NCAA Football 13 Designer Christian McLeod and Producer Ben Haumiller. Please submit your Sights and Sounds questions now (ONLY SIGHTS AND SOUND QUESTIONS PLEASE). We'll try to get them answered and posted on Monday.

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# 1 TripleCrown9 @ 03/29/12 09:47 AM
Will Texas Tech be led out by the Masked Rider?
# 2 gogators @ 03/29/12 10:15 AM
Does the crowd look better? More action and people on the sidelines?
# 3 OGKing @ 03/29/12 10:24 AM
How is the sound in the game? Does it sound like an actual NCAA football game now? Crowd going wild on an interception / touchdown / fumble?
# 4 frankrizzo380 @ 03/29/12 10:41 AM
Will crowds vary as far as occ games rivalry games, bowl games, and neutral site games?
# 5 rufusone @ 03/29/12 10:42 AM
Has the volume of the game been fixed since last year? Remember in 12 we all had to crank up our receivers to here anything good. Has the crowd noise been redone to reflect more excitement?
# 6 hurricanefootball4 @ 03/29/12 11:01 AM
Has the size of the ball been fixed?

Will we see new player faces and differences in body types?

Are there multiple dreadlock lengths, long blonde/brown hair as well. Can dreadlocks be applied to all player faces or are there still only a select few face styles that they can be applied to?
# 7 ch46647 @ 03/29/12 11:05 AM
Does the crowd and atmosphere FINALLY sound realistic this year?
Does the crowd react dynamically to WHAT IS HAPPENING ON THE FIELD? (3rd downs, crucial plays, TD's, Inerceptions, Fumbles, Big Hits, Big Block, etc...)
Does the crowd ebb, flow, and swell like a real crowd does? (Currently it just has one constant roar and that is it)

Are on field sounds better? (Currently it just sounds like a bunch of car's crashing everytime you hike the ball. Pads dont sound anything close to that when they hit each other..)

# 8 Xero Theory 42 @ 03/29/12 11:28 AM
Are there more realistic cut-scenes for penalties, celebrations, etc.?
Are there more team-specific celebrations after a big play?
More shots of coaches/real players on the sidelines at all times?
Is there actually a chain gang in the game? you know, because its football.
# 9 SageInfinite @ 03/29/12 11:42 AM
Are there actual broadcast angles for pre and post play like Madden 12? Are these same angles used for replays now too?
# 10 w00dy Hayezz @ 03/29/12 11:45 AM
Will the players on the sidelines react to big plays as they develop? Also, will Brad and Kirk break out of a conversation if a big play happens while they are talking?
# 11 mm boost @ 03/29/12 11:54 AM
Will the trophy presentation be for the Heisman trophy only, or will it be for each of the trophies? Also, will it be animated or just like a clip from real life showing the presentation? In what method will this presentation come across?
# 12 volstopfan14 @ 03/29/12 12:09 PM
Are the trophy presentations for winning games (bowl game, rivalry game) or for individual awards (Heisman) or both?

Will the crowd sound like a real college football crowd this year?

Are the sidelines more dynamic this year? More shots of the coaches?

Will Tennessee run through the T?
# 13 green94 @ 03/29/12 12:30 PM
Originally Posted by w00dy Hayezz
Will the players on the sidelines react to big plays as they develop?

I'm tired of seeing the cardboard cutouts on the sidelines. I doubt they changed anything but this is something that 2k absolutely nailed. Hoping EA follows suit.
# 14 blkrptnt819 @ 03/29/12 12:44 PM
Has the look of the sideline been improved? Is there more live action celebrations, animations and not cutscenes? (E.g. on big plays or td is the celebration more live action animations and less cut scenes).
# 15 khaliib @ 03/29/12 01:00 PM
The field has always been too small in proportion to the actual field space needed for plays/movement to visually look fluid.

Q/A # 1
Why is there a hesitation to pull camera angles back some and expand the field (sideline to sideline especially) so that more of the Visual artistry can be seen and Visual movement can be more fluid to the eyes?

So much Visual work is missed because everything moves so fast on such a small Visual box (horizontal length of field specifically).

Q/A # 2
What issues are preventing the sidelines from being more dense with dynamic animations?

Q/A # 3
Will there be a playable Broadcast Cam?

Q/A # 4
Will Dynamic crowd attendance be in?
What will drive the crowds to be dynamic?

Q/A # 5
Madden 12's pre-game stadium fly-by would be perfect for NCAA with so many College
Stadiums available.
Can such a pre-game fly-by be done to show College Stadiums in this release?

Q/A # 6
Can more on-field Pre-game cut scenes be included in this years release?
kickers/punters kicking the ball, player's fielding KR/ etc....

Q/A @ 1
Improved dynamic crowd sounds matched to dynamic size/attendance and on field action?
# 16 spanky911 @ 03/29/12 01:21 PM
1. Will more pro stadiums be included in the game that could possibly be used as neutral site games?

2. Will shoulder pads be fixed to fit the players this year like in Madden 12?

3. Will there be a second Team Color option added for equipment?
# 17 Thatdude23 @ 03/29/12 01:27 PM
Will there be a difference in big games and rival games like LSU VS ALABAMA will that big game presentation and atmosphere be different from a Iron bowl atmosphere and presentation?
# 18 WipeOut464 @ 03/29/12 01:41 PM
Previous questions re: realistic crowd noise are solid. But what about post-game commentary & celebration?

I don't want to win a rivalry game at the very last second only to have the stadium sound like a funeral home.
# 19 NEOPARADIGM @ 03/29/12 01:41 PM
Originally Posted by OGKing
How is the sound in the game? Does it sound like an actual NCAA football game now?
Originally Posted by ch46647
Does the crowd and atmosphere FINALLY sound realistic this year?
No offense, but how do you guys expect them to answer this? "No, it sounds awful and is totally unrealistic." You might as well ask them for their sales pitch on the matter. Don't mean to troll you, just saying when I imagine what the answer to that question is going to be, I cringe.

As for me, I just want to know if the "Defensive Stop on 3rd" stadium sound is actually going to work on incomplete passes this year, as it has not since they introduced the feature.
# 20 Robby73 @ 03/29/12 01:42 PM
Will there be a difference in big games and rival games

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