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The second final four matchup is just as intriguing, as it features perennial crowd pleaser MVP Baseball 2005 against what might have been the defining game of the N64 console and a generation of young people, WWF No Mercy.While many scoff that No Mercy shouldn't even have been a part of the tournament, we disagree because wrestling games have been covered at OS for a decade.The question now remains, will the anti-wrestling crowd combined with MVP nostalgics be enough to unseat the seemingly unstoppable WWF No Mercy? Or will No Mercy layeth the smacketh downeth on MVP Baseball 2005 and advance to the champoionship?

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MVP Baseball 2005


WWF No Mercy


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# 1 chrisphil1724 @ 03/29/12 02:17 PM
This is a hard one, I've wasted a lot of hours playing both but I going to pick WWF over MVP because I don't think any wrestling game since WWF's release had been better then No Mercy. However, I believe the last couple of years of The Show have been better then MVP 2005.

MVP was 5 years ahead of its time

WWF is still ahead of its time.
# 2 AndyAndAj32 @ 03/29/12 02:23 PM
Sorry MVP. I have to go with WWF. I spent much time playing No mercy growing up then it usually turned into real wrestling and clawing, crying, etc. As for MVP it was my brothers...I lost it...I got hurt.
# 3 eaterofworlds888 @ 03/29/12 02:32 PM
No Mercy FTW!
# 4 bigdoc85 @ 03/29/12 02:35 PM
I think it may depend on whether you play MVP Baseball 2005 on PS2 or the original XBox with component video cables. For the Xbox, MVP Baseball 2005 is in 720p and actually looks very good. I had it for the PS2 and just couldn't get into it because of the graphics but the game "came alive" in 720p.
# 5 snaz16 @ 03/29/12 03:38 PM
It was terrific on the PC with all the mods,and they continue to mod the heck out of it to this day.
# 6 hawkeyekid @ 03/29/12 05:02 PM
I can't believe WWF No Mercy has made it this far considering it's not even a sports game.
# 7 Majingir @ 03/29/12 05:14 PM
I'm sure all the people upset that No Mercy won over NCAA will be all voting for MVP lol
# 8 Sendak44 @ 03/29/12 05:28 PM
Hopefully No Mercy can stage a Hogan-like comeback.

Someone needs to interfere and chair-shot MVP.
# 9 scottyo60 @ 03/29/12 05:35 PM
Still play No Mercy and voted for it this whole tournament. Gotta say I loved MVP though
# 10 jeremym480 @ 03/29/12 06:33 PM
For 55, who is one of the biggest/most knowledgeable wrestling fan that I know of, to choose MVP over No Mercy says a lot about MVP.
# 11 Armor and Sword @ 03/29/12 08:14 PM
MVP 2005. My second favorite baseball game of all time. I played this game for a solid 5 years. 5 years!!!! 3/162 game seasons over 5 years. I played every single game and post season game. I also got in some AA and AAA games and a few A games.

The game had it all.
# 12 SidVish @ 03/29/12 08:26 PM
As much as I love No Mercy I went with MVP Baseball 2005. I played multiple 162 game seasons on that game. I don't even want to think about how much time I logged playing that game. Fun as heck.
# 13 mmathaifighter @ 03/29/12 09:41 PM
No Mercy gets my vote here but I'd like to see MVP win to get EA back in to the baseball game biz. As much as I love The Show and have faith in SCEA I think it's a very bad idea for one company to corner the market on a particular sport.
# 14 gilla @ 03/30/12 07:06 AM
I'm kind of shocked that there are two baseball games in the final four, yet if you look at yearly sales that sport probably falls 4th or 5th overall in sales.
# 15 BEARYChi @ 03/30/12 08:01 AM
This is a Hard one....i love both,but i gotta go with No Mercy.
# 16 DBMcGee3 @ 03/30/12 09:44 AM
I would definitely say No Mercy if not for the hated "erase my CAWs" glitch. Actually broke that game slinging it against the wall and had to buy another copy used. MVP was by far the best baseball game I had ever played at that time, and since I don't own PS3 and have never played The Show, I guess it really still is. Boo to monopolies!!!
# 17 C the Lyte @ 03/30/12 11:45 AM
What a match-up!!!

But I gotta go No Mercy. My love for multiplayer gaming started with No Mercy. And I am a fan of Online multiplaying games today, just b/c of it. I loved sitting around with some buds and playing 90 minute ladder matches!
# 18 stevehamling @ 03/30/12 12:01 PM
This is the hardest decision of my life... Sticking to my roots. No Mercy.
# 19 stlstudios189 @ 03/30/12 12:20 PM
yeah I must go with the No Mercy factor. MVP is still a great game but, when I popped in No Mercy the other day I was sucked back into my old faction the Toledo Thugs and my exwife is still a charecter on that game so I teamed up against her and beat the team down.
# 20 jcmreds @ 03/30/12 12:55 PM
My two most played games of all time. The difference is MVP was surpassed by The Show while No Mercy is still better than the current WWE games.

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