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First of all I wanna thank everyone who had a hand in this set that Knight has thanked before. Its been an honor to work with such a great set of editors. Also thanks to OS, in my opinion the greatest message board and sports gaming site on the web..bar none. Knight would have put this post up tonight had he not had an illness but lets be real... without him this set would not be possible...so cheers to you M.K!

Ok so whats included...

-corrections from ST version
-MLB lineups/rotations should be accurate as of opening day
-AAA lineups rotations as close as possible..minors cant be perfect due to lower level prospects
-transactions up to today
-updated transactions
-we tried to get as many requests from you guys in as possible

Again thanks to everyone and Enjoy!

Vault under PSN Ridindwnkingsley OSFM Opening day25 man roster version (Hustlinowl) http://www.sendspace.com/file/hpb5vu

V1.5 Also in the vault
-AAA and AA more accurate including career minor leaguers with mlb service time given service time..so no promotions and then rookie status
-tons of fixes to the original OD set
- transactions accurate to current day
- ratings tweaks to any Low rated scea player..no big stars most are low depth chart guys rated way off
- SCEA caps imported from roster updates only if a decent version...some appearances then tweaked (Darvish, Cespedes etc)
-25 man rosters
- remember this roster will be missing a chunk of the lower level prospects in order to add the AAA and AA guys

This is mainly for guys who like playing with accurate minor leagues

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Member Comments
# 1 BDKiiing @ 04/11/12 09:05 PM
# 2 chasehale @ 04/11/12 09:05 PM
Thanks for all the hard work guys! Love this rosters have used them for 3 years now!
# 3 Geolink @ 04/11/12 09:06 PM
Hurray! I've been waiting for these forever.
# 4 seanjeezy @ 04/11/12 09:07 PM
Great job Ridin' (you too Knight), you guys can finally take a well deserved break
# 5 Geolink @ 04/11/12 09:07 PM
Are these up on the vault?
# 6 wowitsme0258 @ 04/11/12 09:08 PM
Just curious if ur putting this in the vault. Thanks for every1s work on these
# 7 37 @ 04/11/12 09:08 PM
thanx u guys who make this game entirely enjoyable
# 8 RidinDwnKingsley @ 04/11/12 09:09 PM
Originally Posted by Geolink
Are these up on the vault?
Yep PSN Ridindwnkingsley
# 9 COMMISSIONERHBK9 @ 04/11/12 09:11 PM
ridin u r god thank you
# 10 LiLTex12 @ 04/11/12 09:13 PM
I know you guys hear this all the time...but I wouldn't buy the show if it wasn't for y'all. Especially being an Astros fan....the minors means everything to me with the trades that have been made.

So thanks again, for everyone involved.
# 11 Chaos81 @ 04/11/12 09:14 PM
Thank you.
# 12 Side Effect @ 04/11/12 09:16 PM

What will be in the future versions and is there a timeline on those?
# 13 beantownbruins @ 04/11/12 09:17 PM
AWESOME!!!!! Thanks to everyone involved! So happy these are out. Thanks for all the hard work guys. Cheers!

P.S. Feel better Knight!
# 14 b22gamer @ 04/11/12 09:19 PM
Thank you guys. Your roster set has made The Show thevone and only game that i can thoroughly enjoy because of the authenticity your creation brings to the game. They get better and better each year.
# 15 adam42381 @ 04/11/12 09:19 PM
Thanks for the hard work, everyone.
# 16 37 @ 04/11/12 09:19 PM
Originally Posted by Side Effect

What will be in the future versions and is there a timeline on those?
if i remember correct, seanjeezy said v3 will be mlb pitch edits and v4 will be mlb rating edits...or vice versa
# 17 franch1se @ 04/11/12 09:21 PM
thanks to everyone who worked on this project!
# 18 blueduke @ 04/11/12 09:31 PM
Rosters look great. Thanks to all that made these possible
# 19 neoxeno @ 04/11/12 09:34 PM
# 20 seanjeezy @ 04/11/12 09:35 PM
The 4 guys on the Brewers are B's, all is right with the world again

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