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2K Sports compiled some of the funniest / angriest rage Tweets and Facebook updates, in regards to the many failed attempts at the MLB 2K12 $1 Million Perfect Game Challenge.

Check out some of the stats 2K Sports compiled, along with a collection of quotes from gamers that couldn't get the job done.

Perfect Game attempts:
  • +400,000
Perfect Games:
  • 275 verified as of yesterday
Average score
  • 611
Six most common pitchers used:
  • Roy Halladay (68)
  • Tim Lincecum (26)
  • Clayton Kershaw (21)
  • Jeremy Guthrie (11)
  • Ricky Romero (10)
  • Justin Verlander (10)
Most common teams faced:
  • Pirates
  • Diamondbacks
  • Padres

MLB 2K Facebook Page:
  • Blake Wald I hate this game I want to break it in half everytime they get a hit it's impossible to throw one!!!
  • Derek Mefford I threw a PERFECT game thru the 1st inning...
  • Hunter Vocks i made it to the 9th wit two outs n they sed he was safe but he was easily out
  • Rich Brown just pitched one with volouez score 709!! i believe gonna be in 9th place sucks but gonna keep tryn
  • Mike Connors lmao so proud of throwing a perfect game. then i look at the leadeboard and im #89 out of #95. not a very good perfect game.
  • Jeff Nielsen These ppl must have no life, I can't get past 3rd tho
  • Elliott Gomez Keep taking it to the 8th n a bull**** hit threw the infield
  • Todd Angello I got to 8th inning with Yankees, Lost it on first batter line drive up middle...
  • Jarelle Davenport had one going into the 9th an than the 7th both hit by the 8th hitters smdh

Have any quotes you'd like to add?

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Member Comments
# 1 roju @ 04/13/12 04:54 PM
Haha, Best one was "@Ronnie2K Allowed a homerun to the leadoff hitter in the first inning. (https://twitter.com/#!/ZCooley72/sta...92538656931840)"
# 2 Iceman87GT @ 04/13/12 10:48 PM
Originally Posted by kpkpkp
So when does this silly contest end?.. I want a patch to come out...

And I guess they arent going to put out a patch untill after this contest ends... so someone win the darn thing already.

Oh, and this post is funny.
contest ends at 1159 on the last day of April, for legal reasons they won't change the game with a patch before then.

I managed to screw up my perfect game entry by pausing the game in the 7th inning... My only solace is that I used Halladay against the Pirates so even though I threw 18 Ks in 82 pitches my score probably wouldn't have made the final 8 anyways.
# 3 PackerBacker123 @ 04/13/12 11:05 PM
ronnie 2k: I didn't buy game.........................
# 4 jmik58 @ 04/15/12 01:14 AM
Reminds me of the PS2 days... you can really destroy a controller when it has a cord attached to it. The whip that's generated by holding the cord and slinging the controller to the ground is devastating!
# 5 nyyanksrdbest @ 04/15/12 11:31 AM
People used Jeremy Guthrie?
# 6 nyyanksrdbest @ 04/15/12 11:32 AM
And people decided to face the Diamondbacks? Very strange.
# 7 Herky @ 04/15/12 01:15 PM
Hunter Vocks i made it to the 9th wit two outs n they sed he was safe but he was easily out

I hope there is a "argue the call" option.

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