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How long do you typically play a new sports game? You can vote on the poll on your right on the frontpage and above you in the forums.

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# 1 superbus @ 04/16/12 05:22 PM
I'm usually good for one season in franchise mode. I expect to get farther with this year's crop, either because of excessive time sinkage (NBA 2K12's My Player mode, which is *LONG* when you have to set 12 minute quarters) or because I'm tired of buying what is increasingly becoming weaker sequels (NHL '12, MLB '11 The Show).
# 2 addybojangles @ 04/16/12 05:51 PM
NHL 12 - all-year around.
MLB: The Show - when the Mariners start becoming depressing to watch instead of fun.
# 3 mylifeishid @ 04/16/12 06:12 PM
Basketball is my favorite video game sport so I'll play from the day I buy it until the day the new game comes out. I used to be the same way with Madden, but those games haven't kept their replay value the past few years.
# 4 threattonature @ 04/16/12 06:14 PM
Usually about 3-6 months hardcore and then I'll go back to it on occasion after that. The main franchises I play are NCAA football and NBA2K. So I usually play one out until the next one drops.
# 5 sydrogerdavid @ 04/16/12 06:15 PM
Other than the Show, I update all my sports games on occasion. Just got up to date with all the EA titles after having most of the 10 titles. Think I'll wait for 14 on the football games though; and I think I'm good on NBA for another year or two after 2k11.
# 6 Cletus @ 04/16/12 06:26 PM
It depends. The only 2012 game i've played a lot was nhl 12. I played over 1,000 games on my eashl alone. I'm playing quite a bit of mlb2k11, though. I don't usually buy a lot of new sports games, especially now that I'm making minimum wage.
# 7 jyoung @ 04/16/12 06:40 PM
From what I played last year:

Madden 12 - 1 week
NCAA 12 - 1 month
NHL 12 - Year-round. Been playing regularly since release.
MLB Bobblehead Pros - Year-round. Been playing regularly since release.
NBA Jam - 3 months
NFL Blitz - 3 months
Backbreaker: Vengeance - 4 or 5 months
# 8 H to the Oza @ 04/16/12 07:01 PM
NHL: all Year
NBA 2k: few months
MLB The Show: Still playing 09 almost monthly on my psp (gone through two 162 game seasons in over 3 years)
Tiger woods: few months
Fifa: few months
NCAA: played OD all year, but I didnt enjoy this game like the ones above
# 9 jacketman03 @ 04/16/12 07:22 PM
I'll play The Show up until the day I get the next year's version.
# 10 Armor and Sword @ 04/16/12 07:29 PM
NBA2K11 - October 2010 and still playing!

MLB The Show 2011 - still will be playing for years to come.

MLB The Show 2012 - See myself keeping this one along with 2011 for years to come and may still yet buy 2013 if franchise get's a facelift.

Madden 2012 - August 2011 to April 2012. I am done with Madden 12. I will wait at least a month following the releae of Madden 13 to demo, rent and decide if it truly get's an overhaul on the field that I would I need to justify buying it again.

NCAA 12 - July 2011 and still playing. I will not buy another NCAA title till I go next gen and that will be several years from now.

NHL 11 - October 2010 and still playing. As with NCAA 12 I will not upgrade till the next gen and I do not buy a next gen system for at least 2 years following it's launch.

FN4 - still playing this great title.

Top Spin 3 - will not need another tennis game this gen

FIFA 2009 - will not need another soccer title this gen

Tiger Woods 2009 PS3 and Wii - This is fine for me for a golf title.

CH2K8 - Played this game for a long time, and I will start up another legacy again in the future.

I average over a year easy. Normally I play sports games for at least 2 cycles. The only exceptions have been The Show and Madden this gen. I bought Madden 3 times (10,11,12) and The Show (09,11,12).

I only bought NCAA Football 2 times (11,12), 2K NBA B-Ball once (2K11) Tennis once, golf once, Hockey twice (2009, 2011), College B-Ball once, and Boxing once.
# 11 jeremym480 @ 04/16/12 07:30 PM
With Madden, NBA 2k & The Show (skipped it this year) about three months or less. With NCAA I'll play a little longer simply because their online dynasty is so much better than what any other game offers.

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# 12 horrormaster @ 04/16/12 07:59 PM
2 years

I bought MLB 2k12 and will play it until MLB 2k14 (if it does) comes out considering there is usually never anything vastly improved from one year to the next. Heck, sometimes I'll pay it for multiple years since the developers don't add anything great for years.
# 13 acreyman @ 04/16/12 08:24 PM
Madden 12 - One month
NCAA 12 - Played weekly, in year 2023 with tough sliders, still no BCS title
MLB 2K10 - Played it solid for a few months and now once in a blue moon.
Tiger 12 - Solid for a few months till NCAA came out, now dust it off and get a week out of it every couple months
NBA 2K11 - Great game, hardly played it, didnt even get a full year in NCAA and Battlefield just take up all my time.

I bought Skyrim and played it about 3 weeks solid......still have not beat it and have not touched it in 4 months or so.....dunno whay but NCAA and Battlefield is king of my TV
# 14 Champion8877 @ 04/16/12 08:46 PM
I play Madden from release day up to the super bowl(real life) and maybe a week or two after, but once the season is over in real life, I don't feel like playing the sport.

Same with NBA 2k, I play it from its release up to the time the NBA is over, then I move on.

NCAA I played from release day until Madden came out, then I traded it in. I'm not too big of a college guy, I only buy it for RTG mainly.

Forza is the only sports game I can play for a year+ straight through. Now I don't play it consitantly, just here and there whenever I feel like it.
# 15 mirrored32 @ 04/16/12 09:14 PM
until the next version comes out that I see is worth buying. typically a year. though it isn't as constant as it use to be.
NCAA half the year.
# 16 misterkrabz @ 04/16/12 09:21 PM
Madden/NCAA - 2-3 hours
MLB The Show ; TW Golf - 4-5 months
NBA 2k ; NHL 12 - 2-3 months
BackBreaker ; All Pro Football - Still playing
# 17 I3RIS3H @ 04/16/12 09:45 PM
The Show and NCAA last me 6 months each.
# 18 aloncho11 @ 04/16/12 10:08 PM
Used to play a lot of NBA 2K and PES, mostly until the next title of the series came out. This year was the exception, I played for the first 2 or 3 months after release.
# 19 poulterbear101 @ 04/16/12 10:19 PM
NCAA 11 - December 2010 till now
NCAA 12 - September 2011 till now
Madden 11 - My First 360 game and i still love it
Madden 12 - 3 weeks, it might of got perfect circle, but it didnt feel as good as 11
NBA 2K11 - December 2010 and still going
MLB 2K11 - December 2011 and stull going
MLB The Show 11 - Love the Game, havent got 12 yet but 11 is a top game
# 20 BurghFan @ 04/16/12 10:34 PM
Only once, because after that the game isn't "new" anymore

Seriously though, I play it for 12 months or until the next years version comes out.

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