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Calvin Johnson, fresh off a Megatron-like year, is pitted against the huge favorite, Rookie of the Year Cam Newton. Who would have thought that in two consecutive years there would be a Browns cover followed by a Lions/Panthers cover?

Anyway, click the link below to vote for the cover athlete of Madden 13! Who do you have winning?

Click here to vote!

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# 1 roadman @ 04/18/12 09:48 AM
Thank goodness, no A-Rod.

Disappointed Willis didn't make it, though.
# 2 jpdavis82 @ 04/18/12 11:16 AM
# 3 coke hogan @ 04/18/12 11:42 AM
as a panthers fan. we need calvin johnson on that cover.
# 4 TheTruth437 @ 04/18/12 12:00 PM
I'm expecting a Calvin Johnson win.
# 5 Yeah...THAT Guy @ 04/18/12 12:34 PM
I'm hoping for Calvin, but man, I REALLY wanted Willis.
# 6 murph17 @ 04/18/12 12:50 PM
Megatron all the way.
# 7 paarman @ 04/18/12 12:50 PM
A-Rog dodges the curse, again... whew.
# 8 SaintsNATION32 @ 04/18/12 03:14 PM
I pulling for the first WR on the cover by himself!!!! Too many QB's made the cover already.....but i wish P.Willis would have one it.
# 9 TreyIM2 @ 04/18/12 04:21 PM
Killa Cam better NOT win. I believe that cover curse is real, as crazy as that idea even defies my own personal logic. Heh. I want him to have a great season and career. I'm a fan of his, even tho my squad is the Jets.
# 10 PantherBeast_OS @ 04/18/12 04:29 PM
I can honestly say I want Cam to win. So he can show everyone that he can be the one to break the Madden curse. Which most of us in Carolina call him Super Cam. Let the voting to begin.
# 11 thelakeshow @ 04/19/12 12:35 AM
I really wanted Willis to win. One because it would be a cool cover, and two because I live in the Bay Area around all this Niners fans. If the curse continues, Willis has a bad year, the Niners miss the Playoffs, and I don't have to listen to all these bandwagon Niners fans in the Bay.
# 12 lgxjames @ 04/20/12 11:41 PM
Know wut! Screw that Madden curse! CJ helped break the Lions playoff drought he can certainly break this Madden curse...All of you will be thanking him for putting this thing to rest.

Go Calvin!!
# 13 whodey85 @ 04/20/12 11:49 PM
they're both great players... but honestly, i think cj deserves it. he's (imo) the best wr out there right now. there are qbs better then cam. just curious, has a player ever made the cover right after his rookie year?
# 14 XDrewBreesX @ 04/21/12 01:56 PM
For the love of god, vote for Johnson, I do not want a 1 year pro on the cover, especially not a panther.
# 15 RobD4477 @ 04/22/12 01:47 PM
I've been saying this since the beginning the cover will be Cam Newton doing his superman pose.

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