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This was honestly a tough call between about 10 different ballparks. I have some sentimental favorites for the fifth position, but I had to go with the all around well performer. Dodger Stadium was opened in 1962, and was about 30 years ahead of it's time.

Not only did the ballpark stick to the game's roots with a retro feel it also had a futuristic flair with a symmetrical outfield wall. While there was a brief explosion in symmetrical playing fields during the 70s and 80s, typically within lifeless dual purpose stadiums which have all been eliminated from the game -- Dodger Stadium managed to go symmetrical while also being a charming ballpark.

When you play in Dodger Stadium in an MLB game, you'll notice it is now the only symmetrical field in the National League. It features the classic outfield view point with the wavy outfield roofing atop the outfield bleachers -- which is the stadiums calling card for players in game.

What is your favorite aspect of Dodger Stadium?

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# 1 SDwinder @ 04/23/12 03:17 PM
Love the way The Show 12 did the outfield skyline at Dodger Stadium with the digitized immediate hills and then the San Gabriel Mountains in the far back with the smoggy haze between them.
# 2 rudyjuly2 @ 04/23/12 07:49 PM
Symmetrical field = boring. Something like AT&T Park is awesome imo.
# 3 Iceman87GT @ 04/23/12 08:44 PM
Shouldn't the pic be of the in-game stadium?
# 4 sydrogerdavid @ 04/23/12 09:07 PM
Whatever you do, do not pick Busch Stadium. It still looks pretty bad. Nothing like it is in real life.
# 5 menos9 @ 04/23/12 09:56 PM
Dodger Stadium looks like a desert oasis. The palm trees, mountains, and pastel colors all add to theme. I think the show has done an excellent job of recreating its beauty. Not bad for a fifty year old stadium.
# 6 adayinthelife @ 04/24/12 02:18 PM
Originally Posted by Iceman87GT
Shouldn't the pic be of the in-game stadium?
It is in-game...

I like the retro-ness of Dodger Stadium, but that's about it. I really love the in-game versions of PNC and AT&T!
# 7 ewig @ 04/24/12 02:49 PM
From a digital perspective, my favorite thing about The Show's rendition of Dodger Stadium lies with how they managed to first capture, then refine over the last couple of versions of the game the sunlight progression of summertime 7p starts. There is a very unique (and comforting) ambiance with twilight starts at Chavez Ravine. The way the shadows start to stretch over the third base side of the field, while the hills beyond the center field wall are still brightly illuminated by the setting sun creates this brilliant contrast between the remains of the warm day with the promise of a cooler, and more exciting evening of baseball to come.
# 8 rjackson17 @ 04/24/12 07:50 PM
My has to be Wrigley Field!!
# 9 SOBAY310 @ 04/25/12 12:21 AM
Originally Posted by QB Killa
Dodger Stadium certainly has its place in baseball lore. Too bad it has become overrun with gangs and thugs over the past several years. I would NEVER take my kids there even if I had the opportunity. For me, that alone takes it out of the top 10. Maybe even top 15. A baseball park should not only have the charm, charisma, history, and atmosphere but it should also be a safe place to take your family to and enjoy a game. Just Youtube Dodger stadium fans and you'll get the picture.
That is absurd. I took my six-year-old daughter to eight games last year. To say it is overrun with gangs is a bit dramatic.

While I love the Dodgers and taking the family to Dodger Stadium, I'd have to say that right now Angel Stadium provides the better overall family experience. I'm not even an Angels fan.
# 10 NAFBUC @ 04/26/12 08:05 AM
I have been to all the MLB stadiums except Dodger, the new Yankee and Miami ballparks. Each one has its own flavor, but so far I would say PNC #1 and Oakland last.

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