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Knicksbricks have posted this funny Mike Tysonís Punchout!: NBA Edition article, where they have compared NBA players and coaches with their Mike Tyson's Punchout likeness. Thanks Michael La Mare!

The other night, I was watching a Heat game (I donít remember which one), when I became completely mesmerized by Joel Anthonyís head. Itís not just that itís enormous (it is) or that his hairline is receding (also true) but straight (so bizarre). No. There was something about the shape of his cranium that sent me on a journey into the recesses of my memory. And then it hit me: he has the exact same head formation as Soda Popinski, the character from the NES hit Mike Tysonís Punchout.

This could get pretty funny, so post your own comparisons here.

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# 1 Altimus @ 04/25/12 07:59 AM
Good stuff and spot on. lol
# 2 The 24th Letter @ 04/25/12 08:00 AM
LOL...too funny
# 3 BringTheHeat @ 04/26/12 01:06 PM

# 4 VDusen04 @ 04/29/12 06:55 PM
As much as I want to like the NBA comparison of Doc (Mike Woodson), there's no way I can look at that dude training Lil' Mac and not think of Stanley Hudson. I mean, that is Stanley Hudson.

# 5 Nathan_OS @ 04/29/12 09:17 PM
This is the first time I've ever seen Steve in the PRO Basketball Section.
# 6 aloncho11 @ 05/04/12 05:26 PM
Awesome article! LOL at King Hippo and Ed Curry

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