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Madden NFL 13 Presentation (Jean Adams, Art Director)

As an Art Director it’s important to me that the game look as realistic as possible. The user should look at our game and compare it to what they see on TV every Sunday. When we started this cycle we knew Madden was already a good-looking game, but we wanted to reach an even higher level of quality.

We started by bringing NCAA’s HDR lighting and dynamic exposure system over, but applying it in a more realistic, true to broadcast way. The dynamic exposure will improve presentation by exposing the game similar to the way professionals shoot the action on Sunday. To be clear, this is just a way to allow more or less light in to our virtual camera so we can better display the great details in the game. A Multi-Vector lighting system was added on top of the HDR to represent a more realistic lighting model, especially at night when the artificial lighting hits the players from a lot of different directions.

Madden NFL 13 Community Presentation (Casey Mosier, Game Changer)

Fortunately the new presentation elements don’t just pertain to the on the field action. A new “home” hub menu system has been added that keeps you up to date with all of the latest news and happenings all across the Madden NFL Universe. The menu system itself has been overhauled throughout the game and provides a more streamlined “social media” feel that is easier to navigate and much more user friendly. The team has adopted a more futuristic approach to the menu system and animations which is both bold and appealing to the eyes as it brings all of the aspects relevant to sports gaming and places them all in one easy to understand and use hub. These changes are immediately obvious to any longtime fan of the Madden NFL series.

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Member Comments
# 21 King Gro23 @ 04/26/12 10:54 PM
Originally Posted by SuperNoVa27
I wonder when tattoo's will return to the Madden Verse, It's just kind of odd seeing a dude like DeSean Jackson with bare arms.

Maybe it's because of the No Fun League Regime led by Roger Goodell.....
Yea man think about how Aaron Hernandez looks... haha The dude is fully sleeved up!
# 22 blklightning @ 04/26/12 11:40 PM
it's too bad i have a ps3 because i'll probably never notice any of these graphical changes. when i think of madden on the ps3, blurry is the first word that comes to mind. muddy would be the second.
# 23 Tengo Juego @ 04/26/12 11:50 PM
Originally Posted by KANE699
You guys are welcome for the new facemasks btw
You know us equipment nerds do appreciate it.
# 24 knick9mm @ 04/27/12 12:43 AM
Besides the obivious Nantz and Simms, the presentation looks very much like CBS Football
# 25 HammerOfGod @ 04/27/12 02:31 AM
My only complaint with the screens is the continued lack of definition in players arms and the obvious lack of tattoos. They really need a vascularity/tone slider to convey everything from Terrence Cody to LaRon Landry.
# 26 Tengo Juego @ 04/27/12 02:55 AM
Hey Kane, did they revise the original Robot mask? The lower vertical bars seem a bit straighter. A little more than they should be.

# 27 skinnybonez @ 04/27/12 07:00 AM
no nike gloves?
# 28 bpac55 @ 04/27/12 09:10 AM
man those cleats are gorrrrgeous!!!! gone are the days of spatting players to make their feet look better. my one and only gripe...there is always one....the 3 bar rb facemask still has a huge gap. it should the bottom bar should be eye level not beneath the nose like they have it. otherwise they are doing a great job!
# 29 Pezell04x @ 04/27/12 11:58 AM
Cleats are nice, but if the game plays like **** will anyone care?
# 30 Eman5805 @ 04/27/12 12:18 PM
Game has always looked good. Great pop and the added equpiment makes me all tingly. But...
# 31 bxgoods @ 04/27/12 01:26 PM
where are the mouth pieces !!!!!!
# 32 KANE699 @ 04/27/12 01:28 PM
I sadly have no influence on NCAA, I just try to help make madden as accurate as possible, and sometimes ncaa just follows suit.
# 33 KANE699 @ 04/27/12 01:29 PM
Originally Posted by Tengo Juego
Hey Kane, did they revise the original Robot mask? The lower vertical bars seem a bit straighter. A little more than they should be.

To my knowledge it's the same as it's always been. Looks like it could use a tweak though.

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