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Nearly 20 Million Votes Cast through ESPN’s SportsNation, Shattering Last Year’s Award-Winning Campaign

New Features Unveiled for Madden NFL 13 during Kickoff Event in Times Square

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., - April 25, 2012 - Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: EA) and ESPN announced today that Calvin Johnson, Jr., wide receiver for the Detroit Lions, was selected by millions of fans across the country to grace the cover of Madden NFL 13, which will hit store shelves August 28. Johnson, a No. 6 seed, defeated fellow NFL Pro Bowler Cam Newton, a No.1seed, in a thrilling matchup culminating in a live unveiling on ESPN’s SportsNation and a cover photo shoot for the winner in New York City’s Times Square. This year’s vote campaign surpassed last year’s totals by 54% (19.6 million vs. 12.7 million), ending with Johnson triumphing over Newton by a final margin of 52% to 48%.

Nearly 20 million votes were cast during the seven week campaign (March 7 to April 25) through SportsNation online and via the mobile web, marking a new engagement record for an ESPN poll. Supported by integrations across multiple ESPN platforms, including TV, radio, online, mobile, social media, ESPN Deportes and more, fans rallied and supported Johnson as he beat teammate Matt Stafford in the newly introduced play-in round. He carried his strong momentum through the bracket of 32 all the way to victory beating No. 11 seed Dwayne Bowe, No. 3 seed Arian Foster, No. 2 seed Rob Gronkowski and No. 1 seed Aaron Rodgers in the final four before triumphing over Newton in the finale.

“The Madden NFL 13 Cover Vote has been bigger and better than ever thanks to all of our fans voting in record-setting fashion to honor Calvin Johnson, Jr. and we are thrilled to have him be the next face of the Madden NFL franchise,” said Anthony Stevenson, Madden NFL 13 director of marketing. “This year’s cover voting campaign had more rounds, more players and more votes than ever before, generating great conversations and debates amongst the fans and NFL players across multiple ESPN platforms and throughout social media. The amount of support that Johnson generated nationally and in his home market of Detroit was staggering.”

“This is the second year SportsNation was the home for the Madden NFL Cover Vote and it has been even more engaging than expected,” said Jamie Horowitz, VP of Original Programming and Production, ESPN. “SportsNation created a cross-platform experience like no other at ESPN, launching a play-in round on Facebook with more than 4 million votes, driving traffic to ESPN.com for a month of record-setting voting, and culminating with a live reveal show from New York City that was an exciting way for Johnson to learn of the fan’s ultimate decision.”
“This campaign is the latest example of what ESPN and EA have been doing for years together to serve sports fans,” said Raphael Poplock, Vice President, Games and Partnerships, ESPN. “From in-studio technology with Virtual Playbook, to authentic ESPN broadcast treatments within EA franchise games, and cross-platform social campaigns for the Madden NFL Cover Vote, our relationship continues to produce successful integrations and activations that engage fans in new and innovative ways.”

To celebrate and commemorate Johnson’s Cover Vote win and to kick off the Madden NFL 13 season, EA SPORTS conducted a photo shoot in New York City’s Times Square to capture the iconic image that will appear on the cover of this year’s game.

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Member Comments
# 1 Jakeness23 @ 04/25/12 05:03 PM
Thank God... Cam is safe!
# 2 Vaporub83 @ 04/25/12 05:25 PM
The vote was rigged. Only Calvin Johnson went through the ESPN carwash. Cam was robbed.
# 3 Illustrator76 @ 04/25/12 05:36 PM
Great. When are we going to get a freakin' break? We have one good season in how many years and now we have to deal with the Madden curse. What has me even more worried is that the curse will probably hit in the form of Matthew Stafford getting mauled again, which will in turn affect Megatron's numbers. I have come to the conclusion that football simply hates Detroit...
# 4 LBzrule @ 04/25/12 05:42 PM
NOOOO. Why would anyone wish this on this young man.
# 5 DigitalMikey @ 04/25/12 05:53 PM
People still believe there is a curse?

# 6 loccdogg26 @ 04/25/12 06:02 PM
Originally Posted by DigitalMikey
People still believe there is a curse?

# 7 PantherBeast_OS @ 04/25/12 07:18 PM
No no nooooooooo!! I wanted Cam on the Cover. But Congrats to CJ I guess. It wasn't mint to be for Cam this year. Maybe next year.
# 8 bigdoc85 @ 04/25/12 07:39 PM
I think Cam's video turned people against him. Go Calvin! Besides, I'm still not convinced that Cam will have a better career than Andy Dalton.
# 9 gillbilly12 @ 04/25/12 08:41 PM
Are you freaking kidding me? Cam would have been a better cover boy.
# 10 Jm0ney2001 @ 04/25/12 09:59 PM
Well, hopefully my vikings will move ahead of detroit in the north.
# 11 edwing @ 04/25/12 10:42 PM
All this fuss is nothing really. We actually get a bonafide superstar on the cover this time. Infinitely better than Madden 12's Peyton freaking Hillis.
# 12 MrBallaBoy21 @ 04/26/12 05:28 AM
Originally Posted by Jakeness23
Thank God... Cam is safe!
Exactly wat I was thinking
# 13 Shibito @ 04/26/12 08:19 AM
I'm excited to have a hometown player on the cover, wont be trading this years in like usual. If anyone can break the curse, it's Calvin Johnson. Iirc, Larry Fitzgerald wasn't hit with the curse when he was on the cover. Receivers > curse
# 14 DJ @ 04/26/12 08:40 AM
Curls don't look good on Beadle. That's what I took away from the cover announcement.

I think they should put the actual Megatron on the cover, with Calvin in the background.
# 15 NASCARS @ 04/26/12 04:03 PM
"This campaign is the latest example of what ESPN and EA have been doing for years together to serve sports fans."

Really? You must mean besides making a game that doesn't blow ***. 2K had a partnership with ESPN and got a modeled version of Chris Berman doing a weekly wrap up show complete with highlights and stats for the franchise mode. What has this partnership gotten us? A cover vote? A dumb virtual playbook on NFL live to show off the crummy player models? Gee. Thanks.
# 16 NASCARS @ 04/26/12 04:05 PM
# 17 TracerBullet @ 04/26/12 04:14 PM
There's a reason there is no ESPN in this game.
Originally Posted by DJ
Curls don't look good on Beadle. That's what I took away from the cover announcement.

I think they should put the actual Megatron on the cover, with Calvin in the background.
I was thinking the other way around. Funny coicidence though, Madden comes out the same day as Transformers: Fall of Cybertron.

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