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...because really what else did you expect?

Fenway Park is the quintessential American ballpark. It was opened in 1912 and features many hallmarks of days gone by. The Green Monster in left actually was a typical staple of ballparks which were tightly squeezed into cities back at the beginning of the 20th Century. Several stadiums featured large walls right on a street back in those times.

But Fenway is the only park which has survived to this day.

Other than the 37 foot Green Monster, you also have the highly quirky "Pesky's Pole" in right, which sits just 302 feet from home, which is the shortest outfield distance in Major League Baseball. The wall juts backwards and quickly gains ground away from home plate, as the distance in right center field is 380 feet from home.

The park actually deepens out to 420 feet in deep right center, which personally I have hit an inside of the park home run with Vlad Guerrero (!!!) with a ball hitting out there and careening away from an outfielder.

What is your favorite aspect of Fenway Park?

Also...apologies for not getting to #1 on my list sooner. I've been doing a lot of filming in my other gig, you can check out what all we do on my other YouTube channel (hint: chasing tornadoes).

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# 1 Ollienyy @ 05/01/12 01:07 PM
Fenway is the only park to survive to this day? What about Wrigley, or do you mean Parks with big Monsters? Because the Big Monster as we know it today didn't really take it's shape till the 30's when the high wooden fence which WAS typical of ballparks of that era was replaced with concrete and tin with the Scoreboard installation and then in 1947 when it was finally painted green (and then later in the 70's when Plastic was added) Other then the exterior of the Pavilion, not much of the Stadium is original to 1912, the grandstands and bleachers have been mainly built upon in the 30's + much like Wrigley and over the years levels have been placed that have raised the press box higher.

Anyway I agree that this is the best Digital Stadium with just how beautiful it looks, especially when the lighting and shadows play off the Wall.
# 2 bcruise @ 05/01/12 01:09 PM
Had a feeling that if Wrigley was #2, Fenway had to be #1. Glad I wasn't disappointed.
# 3 beantownbruins @ 05/01/12 01:23 PM
Best digital stadium in baseball, hands down. Best ballpark in real life, hand down. No contest. Best part of the park is the Red Seat where Ted Williams parked one 502 feet through a guys hat.
# 4 Cardot @ 05/01/12 01:28 PM
I have a hard time with any Fenway that doesn't have the Citgo sign.
# 5 RunningTheNight @ 05/01/12 02:19 PM
Well, this wouldn't be Luke Scott's number 1, that's for sure.
# 6 Juggernaut55 @ 05/01/12 03:24 PM
I think Petco is a sweet park personally with that Building in play
# 7 zkiesel @ 05/01/12 03:42 PM
Can't disagree with this. Even as an O's fan, it's always fun to watch a game (even on TV) played at Fenway. Another fun part of the stadium is the short fence (literally) in RF. Players can fall over that immediately.
# 8 JayD @ 05/01/12 04:12 PM
I love playing at Fenway i just wish that the division standings board out in left field would be up to date with your franchise, that's my only small gripe about that stadium.
# 9 Curahee @ 05/01/12 05:53 PM
Originally Posted by MMChrisS
Top Five Digital Ballparks: #1 Fenway Park

How were these stadiums rated?
How did #s 1-5 become 1-5?

Was there a poll taken?
Was it personal preference?
# 10 johnnyg713 @ 05/01/12 06:47 PM
^^ its just fact
# 11 cavsfan2 @ 05/01/12 06:49 PM
Originally Posted by Curahee
How were these stadiums rated?
How did #s 1-5 become 1-5?

Was there a poll taken?
Was it personal preference?
Yankee fan?
# 12 Curahee @ 05/01/12 06:51 PM
Originally Posted by johnnyg713
^^ its just fact

So Dodger Stadium is better than Yankee and AT&T is better than Dodger?
And Camden is Better than Arlington?

Says who?

Im just curious where the rankings came from or is this just one man's opinion.
# 13 Curahee @ 05/01/12 06:52 PM
Originally Posted by cavsfan2
Yankee fan?

No, Cubs Fan!

And it has nothing to do with it.

Im just asking a simple question.
No favoritism here.
Just asking how he came about the list.
# 14 decga @ 05/01/12 08:10 PM
What was the #5 digital Ballpark?
# 15 Curahee @ 05/01/12 08:14 PM
# 16 CujoMatty @ 05/02/12 12:54 AM
Originally Posted by Juggernaut55
I think Petco is a sweet park personally with that Building in play
I agree. I also like tony gwynns statue in the park just behind. I visited San Diego a couple years ago and I thought it was pretty neat that people can basically walk into Petco and check it out whenever they want.
It's hard to argue with the top 5 though I'd probably put Petco 6th.
# 17 eMLBCommish @ 05/02/12 07:27 AM
100 year old park. Obstructed views. Small clubhouses for players.

Regardless of its flaws, it is the epitome of the true baseball experience when the sport was still America's pasttime.

For pure play, it's a joy to watch. As a lifelong Red Sox fan, I remember my first trip to Fenway in '84. It still takes my breath away to this day. I look forward to the same experience with my children, which my oldest may get to experience either this year or next!

My favorite experiences of Fenway: How balls that would be homers anywhere else in left turn into very long singles. Playing in an online league, it's a challenge to play balls hit off either the Monster, or the Center Field wall. You misplay it, and the batter will just keep on running!

Here's to another 100 years!
# 18 BostonsDaBest @ 05/02/12 08:09 PM
Where the Monster intersects with the left wall of the center field camera block, if you got the ball in that corner, it would be a guarrenteed (spellcheck needed) inside the park home run in MVP 05 because the center fielder would try to run through the wall. Good times with David Ortiz.
# 19 kaptainkarl76 @ 05/03/12 01:38 PM
Ah Fenway..no other park like it..I've been there only once and it was when Mo Vaughn was a rookie and Frank Viola was pitching, the Green Monster seats did not exist and you could get a ticket to a Red Sox game with no problem..The Brewers were still in the American League and that's who they faced the day I arrived...

The Sox lost that day, missed Roger Clemens pitching by one day..but I didn't care..I was on top of the world at Fenway Park..
# 20 johnpreyes @ 05/03/12 02:58 PM
Fenway's no Baseball Cathedral!

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