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EA Sports has released the following dynasty blogs.

NCAA Football 13 Dynasty Presentation

In todayís ever-connected sports universe this scenario simply isnít realistic, and we realized that for NCAA Football 13 we needed to change our weekly simulation logic so that it better reflected what we see in real life. The simulation process now evaluates games being played before and during the realistic time frame of a userís game, and then begins to expose them in real time during the game. How are they exposed you ask? Iím very proud to announce the implementation of the ESPN Bottom Line ticker into this yearís game.

Utilizing the data that is received from the simulated games, the ticker will be keeping you up to date throughout your own game. That means should you be playing a 3:30 game, you will be receiving final scores from any of the 12:00 contests that are completed. Furthermore, the 3:30 games will be updating in real time as your game progresses, and you will even start seeing some early scores roll in from games that start even later in the day. The ticker will also give you a quick glimpse at upcoming games, complete with team logos and time of kickoff. What makes the ticker even cooler is that it reacts exactly like what you see on ESPN on game day. That means youíll be seeing Priority Score Alerts--complete with the score changing dynamically on screen--Final Score Alerts, and Upset Alerts.

NCAA Football 13 Operation Dynasty Deep Dive

Dynasty mode has received a major upgrade with the addition of recruit scouting. Yes, I did say scouting! Here's how it works: You can scout recruits weekly and during the off-season. During the off-season, you are allowed 20 hours to scout players that you are interested in. Each week during the season, you are allotted 5 hours of scouting time which you can spend on any recruits of your choice. Similar to recruiting in previous years, you can spend as much as 1 hour scouting each recruit or as little as 10 minutes.

NCAA Football 13 Dynasty Improvements

After scouting has revealed which players you want to recruit, the next step is to sell them on the ratings of your university using the Phone Call system. However, before I get into the changes made to the phone call, Iíd like to discuss just how you can now improve these ratings with the new Dynamic Pitches feature.

Each school has 14 pitches which can be viewed on the My School screen in the Recruiting hub (Pictured above). These grades are utilized during the Phone Call, and in the past were practically static with only a slight chance of changing from year to year. However, they are now dynamic and can be directly influenced through various actions in Dynasty. Iíll be walking you through each of the pitches, detailing out how the pitch can be influenced, how often they will be updated.

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Member Comments
# 1 65South @ 05/07/12 02:28 PM
# 2 cparrish @ 05/07/12 02:43 PM
This one really got me excited about the game. Dynasty and On-line Dynasty is all I ever play, so I am excited to see them really put some work into bettering the experience.
# 3 WyxHarmon @ 05/07/12 02:55 PM
Wow. Wow.

They listened.
# 4 drlw322 @ 05/07/12 02:59 PM
I think they are still hiding something regarding gamePlay. All the video are short and hardly shows any tackles. Last year they showed all kinds of video with consecutive tackles. We haven't had any sort of gameplay video. I think they waiting for the madden announcement on June 4 to roll out the gameplay videos.
# 5 Black4track @ 05/07/12 03:01 PM
Im still not impressed. Ok so they finally put in a feature that was in NCAA 2004.

Aside from the recruiting, its still the same ole boring dynasty as before
# 6 shanew21 @ 05/07/12 03:01 PM
Triple threat players! Finally!

Very excited. I played the heck out of Dynasty in 11 and 12.
# 7 illwill10 @ 05/07/12 03:04 PM
Before 2pm, I was "Buyin first day, but....."
To now "I cant wait"
# 8 Robby73 @ 05/07/12 03:08 PM
I really like the recruiting/scouting features very in depth. i wish they would have done somthing for cc and maybe bring spring games and add medical red shirts, but anyways ill pick it up on day 1.
# 9 boritter @ 05/07/12 03:10 PM
I'm excited about the dynamic score updates, improved recruiting & scouting, and players leaving early tweaks.

I'm bummed that they didn't address the spring game (another PS2 feature that we don't have yet) or player progression.
# 10 illwill10 @ 05/07/12 03:15 PM
A few things will completely change the way I play/recruit.

With Playstyle as a pitch, I might play a certain way. So, If I a going for the big time back, I am running it 35+ times or going after a DL, I will go for alot of TFL and Sacks. Also like that if you are focusing on certain stats, it might hurt chances with another position. Like, being top 10 running team but a 8-123 passing team, will scare away QBs.

With Gems and Busts and scouting, I will put more focus into Preseason. I will be more inclined to go after 3 stars if they can be gems and not always going after 4 and 5 stars.
# 11 ComebackDylan @ 05/07/12 03:15 PM
This game is going to be so unbelievably fun, y'all.
# 12 jmurphy31 @ 05/07/12 03:22 PM
Glad to see the game updates and live ticker were added.. It should make dynasty mode better
# 13 cparrish @ 05/07/12 03:25 PM
Originally Posted by boritter
I'm bummed that they didn't address the spring game (another PS2 feature that we don't have yet) or player progression.
They could bypass the "no spring game" argument if they would just give us the ability to export teams like Madden did/does?
# 14 boritter @ 05/07/12 03:31 PM
Dewiel just confirmed on twitter that NCAA 13 does not have in-game save.

This is so disappointing because it used to be in EA titles (Madden, I think) & is available in NBA 2K.
# 15 illwill10 @ 05/07/12 03:32 PM
Originally Posted by boritter
Dewiel just confirmed on twitter that NCAA 13 does not have in-game save.

This is so disappointing because it used to be in EA titles (Madden, I think) & is available in NBA 2K.
I love In-game save for NBA 2k.
If I am having a great game and have to go, I dont have to worry about having to do it over again
# 16 illwill10 @ 05/07/12 03:38 PM
I already know who I am going to start my Dynasties with.

OC-Utah State. Make them more of a balanced team
DC-Texas State
# 17 waytofailself @ 05/07/12 03:40 PM
The changes look pretty good, but here's to hoping that other bugs won't break the dynasty experience (like last year's tendency fiascos).

Definitely not day 1 for me, but I'll be keeping an eye.
# 18 cptnclutch28 @ 05/07/12 03:41 PM
Honestly this game is so much better than madden. I know that people will say that they are essentially the same but IMO NCAA has been the better of the two games for the past several years. Its not even close and with these new additions I look forward to having another great year of NCAA. I am very excited.
# 19 TDenverFan @ 05/07/12 03:55 PM
I'm really excited now!
# 20 Pokes404 @ 05/07/12 04:02 PM
The bottom line is a nice addition, especially with the real-time score updates. Pitches seem to be reworked pretty well and the scouting feature could be add some depth if implemented correctly.

Certainly not enough to change my mind about the game this year, but a few solid additions here for the future.

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