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This NCAA Football 13 video showcases the USC Trojans intro and the new studio update with Rece Davis.

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# 1 prowler @ 05/10/12 01:31 PM
Rece says mascots along with school names, that bodes well for TB squads getting mentioned in studio updates.
# 2 ch46647 @ 05/10/12 01:31 PM
Crowd sounds a million times better on that kickoff return.
# 3 Scott @ 05/10/12 01:32 PM
Great looking video...
# 4 noplace @ 05/10/12 01:32 PM
Wow... That was boring...
# 5 illwill10 @ 05/10/12 01:35 PM
That looked great.
The ticker isnt too big and doesnt take away from the game, but it adds immersion. I also like the studio update.
I showed my mom this and she thought it was a real game.

I also like how the kickoff teams stayed in their lanes
# 6 Jeter2 @ 05/10/12 01:36 PM
Going to ask this question even though I already know the probable answer, can we view intros in user Online Dynasty games
# 7 bklyn85 @ 05/10/12 01:36 PM
Wow that was fantastic! Say what you will about gameplay, but that presentation was off the chain! I'm so glad they switched the pregame warm ups and team run outs, it looks so much more fluid for a pregame routine.
# 8 huskeraddict @ 05/10/12 01:36 PM
Originally Posted by ch46647
Crowd sounds a million times better on that kickoff return.
And they weren't dead during pre-game either. The pre-game actually has some flow now going from the studio/warm-ups, then a live shot from the stadium, and then the team taking the field.
# 9 jpdavis82 @ 05/10/12 01:39 PM
NCAA is making some improvements but I think Madden's team is going to be way ahead of them soon. Madden 13 looks much better based on this video.
# 10 mrprice33 @ 05/10/12 01:41 PM
For next year they need to tighten up Rece's audio bigtime. Also, I wish they would remove the "and that does it for us here in the studio," it sounds abrupt. I think instead Rece should set the stage and then we should cut right to the graphics, then Brad.
# 11 MrChainsaw @ 05/10/12 01:42 PM
I thought it was a little awkward how Nessler transitioned right to the studio after the kickoff. But, it's early footage I suppose.

Also, is the gameplay camera more zoomed out?
# 12 jpdavis82 @ 05/10/12 01:46 PM
Listen to the difference in Madden 13's audio, seems like they are using different technology or something idk

Audio starts at :43

# 13 Gotmadskillzson @ 05/10/12 01:47 PM
Reece's audio sounds kind of robotic.
# 14 LambertandHam @ 05/10/12 01:49 PM
Originally Posted by Gotmadskillzson
Reece's audio sounds kind of robotic.
Still has that "patched together" sound at times. Hopefully it gets ironed out by the time the game is out.
# 15 AndyP @ 05/10/12 01:53 PM
It's impressive.
# 16 Catamount53 @ 05/10/12 01:55 PM
Those entrances are still so awkward. It just doesn't flow right. They are too long and too quiet.

They could at least add some elements from a real broadcast. Like the one below.

# 17 jmik58 @ 05/10/12 01:56 PM
I'm enjoying the new ticker at the bottom, but the intro had me wanting to mash "X" and skip through it. I'm disappointed they showed one kick-off in a video that was titled "RAW Gameplay". That's hardly a showing of gameplay. The cut-to-studio moment is nice. It's a quality addition; not just another bell or whistle. Now how does the game play ON the field?
# 18 PantherBeast_OS @ 05/10/12 01:58 PM
Nice presentation. It ain't perfect. But looks and sounds way better then last year. That is all I have to say about that. Keep it coming guys.
# 19 TCFClemson @ 05/10/12 01:58 PM
Nice video the in studio update was awesome...

One complaint though.... I think those Pom Poms could be used as deadly weapons.
# 20 Knight9299 @ 05/10/12 02:00 PM
Originally Posted by noplace
Wow... That was boring...
I skip through all the pre-game stuff now. I'll do the same with this stuff too. Sure it looks great- but it's fluff. The time and effort put into this kind of thing could go into CPU playcalling, CPU roster management, or speeding up the sluggish menus....

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