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Check out the first Forza Horizon screenshot and box art. Once we get the release date, we'll let you know.

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# 1 DickDalewood @ 05/17/12 10:07 AM
Looks nice, but screenshots always do.
The real question is, WHAT IS this game? Lol.
# 2 steelereign @ 05/17/12 12:37 PM
Exactly! What is this game all about?! It's like the BIG box under the Christmas tree...pretty sure it's gonna be awesome, but the anticipation is driving me nuts!!
# 3 Flawless @ 05/17/12 03:48 PM
It's open world. That much we know.


"Forza Horizon combines the automotive thrills that Forza fans expect with a gorgeous open-road world that begs to be explored."

TDU like open world, PGR handling and phsyics (a lot of former Bizarre Creations people working on this) and Forza's customization is my guess.
# 4 Yrogergj24 @ 05/19/12 12:37 AM
I just love how if Kaz or anybody at PD hints at anything, T10 gets all copypasta and makes it into a 60 dollar game
# 5 Flawless @ 06/02/12 03:50 PM
First real details (translated):

  • Forza Motorsport 4 physics optimized for off-road
  • 65 grounds like mud, gravel, grass, tarmac etc.
  • open world with dynamic day/night
  • colorado environment/panorama with detailed foresight
  • festivel with a huge drivable area and car service stations, paintshops, car dealers etc. on it
  • events like mustang vs. mustang or racecar vs. jet
# 6 CaptainZombie @ 06/02/12 08:23 PM
Originally Posted by Yrogergj24
I just love how if Kaz or anybody at PD hints at anything, T10 gets all copypasta and makes it into a 60 dollar game
Did PD hint at making an arcade version of GT?
# 7 CM Hooe @ 06/03/12 03:22 AM
I will buy this just for the SRT Viper, lol.

Notwithstanding that I'm pretty sure that that car's going to be DLC in Forza 4 sometime soon...
# 8 DickDalewood @ 06/03/12 12:59 PM
Really not feeling the open-world vibe.... I just don't care for that in my racers. Having to drive to events, tuning/customization shops, etc is so tedious. Plus, with an open world, something almost always has to give, be it graphics, fram rate, car count, whatever.

Wait and see, but right now, I'm not too enthused.
# 9 DickDalewood @ 06/04/12 03:06 PM
I'm starting to wonder if this game will have a cockpit view.... Every video and preview so far (including gameplay today) has only showed the exterior view. Seems to be taking a slightly more arcade/Need for Speed look and feel.
# 10 geisterhome @ 06/04/12 04:17 PM
think this game will be huge!
# 11 Flawless @ 06/05/12 07:21 AM
Test Drive Forza. It actually looks promising. Skip to 5:20


And yes, there's cockpit view.

# 12 lnin0 @ 06/06/12 07:14 PM
This reminds me of the original NFS games. A celebration of hot cars and open road racing that tried (for its time) to be realistic. No cut away crashing and take downs. I loved NFS and really enjoyed the way TDU put together an open world. This looks like it could be the best of those two worlds built on top of the incredible Forza engine. Thought I would not say this about another Forza game but, "day one". Forza Horizons is the FRESH MAKER!

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