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# 1 TDenverFan @ 05/17/12 04:57 PM
Thanks. Looks decent, but that DB should have had a pick there. And, when he dropped it, he should have acted more upset.
# 2 PikeJR23 @ 05/17/12 05:03 PM
I keep hoping that somehow, someway they throw in last-gen's running animations before launch. Seems like that won't happen again this year. Also was hoping for some type of major update to player models...Madden's hype has eclipsed this game, though.
# 3 redsfan4life @ 05/17/12 05:03 PM
I dunno, I'm just not excited about the game this year. It looks the same as last year.
# 4 Reggie16 @ 05/17/12 05:04 PM
This is still showcasing the 12 engine right? or is this using the 13 engine?
# 5 txhardhitta405 @ 05/17/12 05:06 PM
improvement? What improvement?? The more i see the less i want to play 12.5
# 6 redsfan4life @ 05/17/12 05:07 PM
This is clearly '13, '12 didn't have Studio updates. The DE/OT interaction hasn't been touched, DT's will lead your team in sacks..or DE's that can bull rush. I'm not buying this game. Speed rushers are POINTLESS.
# 7 swac07 @ 05/17/12 05:08 PM
not impressed so far ...
# 8 illwill10 @ 05/17/12 05:09 PM
Good, but I wish there were more commentary between plays. Alot of dead air.
Also pass rush seemed non existent on some of the plays.
Another thing was on the 1 run play they ran the CPU seemed to know it was a run from the start and blitzed thr correct hole. Which seems like they still know what you are going to run.

But, I am buying without hesititation
# 9 BA2929 @ 05/17/12 05:09 PM
I'm buying. Looks like good ol' great NCAA to me!
# 10 chi_hawks @ 05/17/12 05:15 PM
its NCAA 12 with a new bow tie on it
# 11 spartyon6686 @ 05/17/12 05:17 PM
That last touchdown looked like they dumbed down the DBs too much
# 12 BA2929 @ 05/17/12 05:18 PM
Originally Posted by spartyon6686
That last touchdown looked like they dumbed down the DBs too much
I'm pretty sure this is on EASY mode. A notification on how to snap the ball came up at one point.
# 13 steelersfan7 @ 05/17/12 05:19 PM
Looks like NCAA 12 to me, im not impressed either!!!! Patch NCAA 12 and just make a new game for next year, but that wont happen!!!!
# 14 DorianDonP @ 05/17/12 05:19 PM
Thoughts after first viewing.

  • Game does look a little improved from NCAA 12. The movement looks a little smother. The graphics look a little shinier.
  • They updated the ESPN scoreboard.
  • They didn't update the way the scoreboard works (it should have displayed the yardage and then game stats for the player that scored on top of the scoreboard)
  • Crowd didn't react correctly. On a big play, they made more noise after the player got tackled than what he was gaining yards.
  • The update was patchy and robotic but at least it was DYNAMIC. I can live with it being patchy if it puts things into context and helps with storylines.
  • Player movement still twitchy/turn on a dime/no momentum.
  • Absolutely HATE the replays. Wish they would go to broadcast style and stop those stupid sequences.
  • Are perfectly rectangle slithers of stadium really filled by road team fans like that?
  • Did they change the commentary at all? Dead air. Dead air. Dead air. Play happens. One liner from color guy that sounds detached and read instead of conversational. Rinse/Repeat.
  • Wishing he had ran a play where I could see the corner turn his head (vert?)
  • The touchdown play looked interesting. Looked like the corner could have made a play, but he looked like he was indecisive. Was that an example of read and react? It's hard to tell, but it looked like it could be. I wonder what skill level this was.
  • Everything else looked about the same.
# 15 DorianDonP @ 05/17/12 05:23 PM
Originally Posted by BA2929
I'm pretty sure this is on EASY mode. A notification on how to snap the ball came up at one point.
That notification comes up regardless of difficulty.
# 16 Pokes404 @ 05/17/12 05:24 PM
I have to say, there seems to be less "hummingbird movement" by the defense. Drops and coverages look more fluid than in years past. The overall player movement still looks wonky to me, but at least defenders aren't constantly zipping all over the place. Although, on the last play, that nickleback on the right side makes a few "interesting" moves. But overall, it looks better.

It's hard to gauge much about the passing trajectories from that video. It looked like the player was just throwing bullets, so everything pretty much looked the same.

2:19 - I really hate how linemen don't engage the defender first, and then release to block. It makes it really easy to snuff out screens when on defense. But, at least the play is blocked pretty well on the edge.

3:03 - Why would the TE (82) double the defensive end instead of getting a hat on that safety (12)?

3:24 - Anyone have any idea what the CB is doing on this play? He shadows him like he's in man, but he also drops back like 10 yards. I can't figure out what that would be.

3:56 - Doesn't really even need to be said. Why wouldn't the DB even try to make a play on that ball?
# 17 BA2929 @ 05/17/12 05:25 PM
Originally Posted by TDAWG89
Just seems the same.. not impressed at all
I'm not saying this until I can actually play the game. It might look the same graphically, but it's looked this way since 2008 in all honesty. What I'm looking for is how it controls. How the QB moves and if the WR/CB and DE/OL are not complete idiots. I can't see that for certain from a 4 minute game clip on Easy mode.
# 18 BA2929 @ 05/17/12 05:27 PM
Originally Posted by DorianDonP
That notification comes up regardless of difficulty.
I've never seen it ever honestly. And I've been playing the NCAA series since 1998. Never on Easy mode though.
# 19 Hassan Darkside @ 05/17/12 05:27 PM
Commentary blows. Sounds exactly the same as it has the last 3 years, minus Rece Davis. As illwill said, too much dead air. You hear one short phrase, then silence, then another short phrase, then silence.
# 20 DorianDonP @ 05/17/12 05:29 PM
Originally Posted by BA2929
I've never seen it ever honestly. And I've been playing the NCAA series since 1998. Never on Easy mode though.
Pops up telling you how to play the game come up the first time you put it in. Most people (I assume...I do) just disable them the first time you see it.

I never play on freshman and I've seen it the first time I play the game. They come up on the demo too.

He could very well be playing on freshman though. I just don't think the notification confirms it.

I'm interested in that TD play. It looks...I can't quite put my finger on it. But the players behaved a little weird. I can't tell if its dumbed down or because the player has low read and react ratings or something.

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