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Te-bow-ing... It's in the game.

According to Madden NFL 13 Creative Director Michael Young, Tebowing is in.

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# 1 Bgamer90 @ 05/18/12 07:12 PM
Lets see if this will get the same amount of controversy that Obama got (Madden 11)...
# 2 JayD @ 05/18/12 07:19 PM
Oh good lord.......
# 3 DeuceDouglas @ 05/18/12 07:22 PM
So does this mean when I play the Jets and they punt I get to see Tebow Tebowing behind the line?

Doesn't seem like that would be a very good personal punt protector if you ask me.
# 4 Kaiser Wilhelm @ 05/18/12 07:25 PM
I'm going to have to trade with the Jets then. Tim Tebow is better than Vince Young and has a far better celebration.
# 5 Moegames @ 05/18/12 08:09 PM
Originally Posted by Steve_OS
Madden NFL Creative Director Michael Young, just confirmed.


Tebowing is in for #madden13.
get out of town!! are you serious? Cool!! Thanks for the heads up..it did cross my mind if it would be in M13 when i mentioned it to a certain someone
# 6 DeuceDouglas @ 05/18/12 08:17 PM
I've tried everything possible to embed this video but it just won't let me.

As long as we're adding backup QB celebrations I think this deserves considering.

The Dougie is dead and Drew Stanton killed it.
# 7 DarthCa1 @ 05/18/12 09:02 PM
OMG!It blows my mind.
# 8 Clemsonpanther @ 05/18/12 09:21 PM
I can't stand Obama but I love tebow/ing
# 9 berad88 @ 05/18/12 10:08 PM
This is cool. I hope they add a lot more special celebrations.
# 10 FedExPope @ 05/18/12 10:11 PM
They also should put in that Manning sandwich celebration. And this.
# 11 Big FN Deal @ 05/18/12 10:14 PM
I really hope the Kinect feature for Madden 13 includes User created celebrations that can be shared.

Would be pretty sweet to have extra celebrations and reactions in addition to Tebowing.
# 12 BlackJack_Williams @ 05/18/12 10:18 PM
Originally Posted by FedExPope
They also should put in that Manning sandwich celebration. And this.
First off, ew at his arms!!!! And second, I saw someone doing the bernie in one of the earlier trailers. I'm sure it's in there.
# 13 themassacre771.1 @ 05/18/12 10:44 PM
Originally Posted by Clemsonpanther
I can't stand Obama but I love tebow/ing
Well I'm voting for Obama then
# 14 Iceman87GT @ 05/18/12 11:40 PM
I hope they added Rodgers' fist pump, or at the very least fixed the belt, it was terrible in game last year (was basically crouching when he did it).
# 15 StL_RamZ @ 05/19/12 12:26 AM
Since they got tebowing I'm pretty sure they should include Tom Bradying
# 16 soxnut1018 @ 05/19/12 12:41 AM
I hope they got his signature "throw the ball straight into the turf" move in.
# 17 TreyIM2 @ 05/19/12 01:07 AM
It only makes sense to include this in the game...and to think, this cat will be doing this ON MY TEAM!! Seems so surreal to me...so sur...real.....
# 18 at23steelers @ 05/19/12 02:09 AM
Originally Posted by StL_RamZ
Since they got tebowing I'm pretty sure they should include Tom Bradying
Just complaining about calls lef and right?
# 19 jpdavis82 @ 05/19/12 02:39 AM
Is anyone really surprised that "Tebowing" is in this game? This team is probably going to have the most authentic game true to what you see in real life that we have ever seen in a Madden. I think this year there have been more improvements "on paper" than any other Madden and maybe even several combined. This team seems really dedicated to give us a great, authentic game, that we can enjoy all season long up until the next year's game comes out.
# 20 K0ZZ @ 05/19/12 03:26 AM
Meh, it's not big news. I just hope the man hours of implementing a backup quarterbacks celebration didn't detract time away from vital parts of the game. It's cool, but not too neccesary. I rather all players have a way to distinguish themselves (generalities) than one player kneel down after a big play.

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