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5. Trevor Bauer, Starting Pitcher, Arizona Diamondbacks

In The Show, Bauer possesses above average K/9 and Control ratings as well as outstanding stamina for a 21 year old.

In real life, Bauer owns an 8-1 record with a 1.60 ERA in 9 starts.

Who has played with Bauer in the majors? How'd he fare?

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# 1 BatsareBugs @ 05/21/12 02:43 PM
You're welcome.

I'm sure his in-game repertoire is debatable since he throws everything but the kitchen sink. If you're going with the D'Backs franchise or if you managed to acquire him in your franchise (via fantasy draft or trade), he's fun to pitch with.

However, on the flip side in RTTS, he might end up giving you fits like he has against my RF.
# 2 Helios12787 @ 05/21/12 05:28 PM
Ok this kind of writeup is straight full of win.

So many places to go with these kinds of articles such as:

underrated prospects
overrated prospects
top positional prospects


But ya I had bauer eat me alive in one of my RTTS careers. Made me cry.
# 3 SDwinder @ 05/21/12 07:50 PM
He just made the jump from AA Mobile to AAA Reno last week, and pitched a gem his first game there.

He needs to lower his pitch count by lowering his Walks. Also, he is not nearly as effective going from the Stretch.. But, he has electric stuff and is a tremendous competitor.
# 4 PowerofRed25 @ 05/22/12 02:37 AM
Every fantasy draft I do I draft Trevor Bauer, way ahead of even solid established starters just to have him. I always started him in the minors and then promoted him when I had the spot. I never really wanted to rush him. I absolutely love him, my favorite real life and Show prospect.

The problem with him in the show is that he really has 9 pitches and the game can't replicate that.

- 4 Seam Fastball sitting mid 90's (but can range from low to upper)
- Cut changeup and running changeup (his best pitches)
- Two curveballs (one thrown for strikes, one that he buries into the dirt as a show me curve)
- Two "right handed" sliders (one has no vertical movement, making it a cutter; the other has massive movement, it's his second best pitch)
- Reverse "left handed" slider (essentially what a cutter from a left handed pitcher would be, it's half screwball and half sinker that sits upper 80s)
- Splitter (not a good pitch of his at all, but it's new. He breaks it out as a put away pitch. Frankly I think it is a pointless pitch for him, it is basically a slightly faster changeup)

I truly love Trevor Bauer's approach to pitching, his stuff and basically everything about him and cannot wait to see him in the bigs which could be as soon as a week at this point. More realistically though, I'd say a month.
# 5 LetsgoGiants @ 06/01/12 12:23 AM
I love trading for Trevor Bauer. If your team is on a budget and you can't afford Tim Lincecum, Bauer is your guy.

Good pick.

(Though I still prefer Dylan Bundy.)

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