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MyNBALivePad has posted their NBA Live 13 interview with Creative Director, Jason Barnes.

How do you feel basketball games should be represented in an authentic way? Make you feel as if you are the player? Watching a game on TV?

I think that games should be experienced from the perspective of the player, the coach and a TV spectator. The game mode itself or the camera angle can change the presentation of a game. We did a lot of consumer research about how they want to experience the game and one item stood out- ESPN.

That being said, we met with ESPN and got unprecedented access to their producers, directors and camera men to insure that we replicate and authentic ESPN broadcast. This includes their graphics packages, camera wipes and some of ESPN exclusive technologies that I can’t talk about just yet.

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# 1 fsufan4423 @ 05/22/12 03:59 PM
That's exactly how I am toward golf...too bad my scores don't reflect it. I hope this game is good. I've enjoyed 2K, but Live "was" my favorite. This game will have to repesent the kind of overall gameplay and presentation of all most real basketball for fans to come back. That's gonna be a tall order.
# 2 DeuceDouglas @ 05/22/12 04:03 PM
This is definitely going to be one of the more interesting developments of the year. Hopefully they bring it.
# 3 TreyIM2 @ 05/22/12 04:07 PM
What bothers me is that we've gotten NADA regarding the actual game and we're about 5mos away from release aside from these two interviews from the same person. I need vidz and some blogs, please. Gracias.
# 4 Sparkles @ 05/22/12 04:09 PM
sounds legit. cant wait to see it visually
# 5 mike24forever @ 05/22/12 04:20 PM
Playmaker, I could not agree with you more!
# 6 sportzbro @ 05/22/12 10:32 PM
I'm praying the Live franchise comes back with a huge bang. Dying for a different bball game... I think they'll knock the ESPN presentation out of the park - just gotta have a deep franchise and solid gameplay to go along.
# 7 RUFFNREADY @ 05/23/12 01:28 AM
People, EA Sports are the best of the best at hyping up Presentation in any of their sports titles, ie; Madden, NHL, Fifa; and where they mostly fall short is on the side of gameplay! ie, MADDEN (Next-gen). Some of the EA Sports titles have found their niche, and are running away with awards, after awards, and some have fallen off and gotten stale throughout the years.
What we expect from a EA Sports title on Next-gen, is something spectactular, and next to awesome-ness! that we cannot stop talking about for months like, ie; NBA 2K11
So for EA Sports just to say that they are coming back on to the scene with a bball game just wont cut it, if the game doesnt play great, and look great. (IMO) Sure they may sell 100,000 copies; soo what! NBA Elite could have done that; because bball players may not have like the 2K control scheme, and were more familiar with the LIVE franchise, and their button scheme; its just a matter of preference!
But i do have to say this; If EA Sports can knock the Simulation aspect of the NBA, out of the park; they may just have my made a customer out of me again! Provided that the game plays really really really good!!! and this blurb has placed the NBA LIVE 13 on my radar, with lots of interest:

COREY – There has been concern in the community that when NBA LIVE returned, that the goal would be to create a more ‘arcade’ type of experience instead of basing it on true, authentic simulation brand of basketball. What type of direction is Tiburon taking NBA LIVE 13?

JASON - Let there be no misunderstanding, NBA LIVE 13 is a basketball sim. My driving creative force for developing an EA SPORTS game was embedded in authentic simulations. We have an obsessed team trying to produce a simulation basketball experience. Gamers looking for an arcade experience, should check out NBA JAM: On Fire Edition (which is GREAT by the way).

But make no mistake; creating authentic basketball is a difficult challenge. I have an unrelenting desire to continually improve on what we’ve built, and I know when can deliver because of the passion and dedication of our team. We want to make sure that the gameplay is as organic and fluid as possible.

EA, you have got my attention! Let's see what more do you have to offer?
btw, i will not drink the kool aid, until i see some pictures or video gameplay.

# 8 22cedric @ 05/23/12 04:07 AM
It's good to see that EA Sports is focused on making realistic simulation sports game this time around.
# 9 JerzeyReign @ 05/23/12 04:40 AM
Originally Posted by JohnBoy227
I hope this game turns out to be solid, because i can't take all the bugs 2k has.
Not to disappoint you sir but ALL video games have bugs -- its what you're willing to put up with when it comes to dealing with them.

All this 'secret squirrel' stuff must stop though. I need a screenshot or something! lol
# 10 bigsmallwood @ 05/23/12 08:41 AM
I'm ready for EA to stop talking about NBA Live 13 and start showing us!!! We need this game to comeback better than ever. And because they have been gone for three years, they need to start the marketing EARLY! I'm hoping for E3 videos and live gameplay! Let's GO!
# 11 I Djm @ 05/23/12 09:59 AM
Originally Posted by TreyIM2
What bothers me is that we've gotten NADA regarding the actual game and we're about 5mos away from release aside from these two interviews from the same person. I need vidz and some blogs, please. Gracias.
we should get them around the finals and E3
# 12 kolanji @ 05/23/12 12:20 PM
am somewhat confident in nba live's directions. reasons being:

1.get a lead that loves the sport he is simulating is always a plus( sorry hockey guy u blew it)

2. emotions and animations after a dunk and big play really immerse the viewers/gamers of nba...and am sure the commentators have something to do with that emotion he refers to...mike breen "he puts it in !!!!!!!!" with exclamation

3. gameplay wise... AI players standing around is just isnt basketball jason is right...well unless ur the bobcats :P
# 13 jfsolo @ 05/24/12 09:20 PM
I haven't bought an NBA Live game since Live 2002, so I'm definitely not one who falls for any early Live hype, but Jason's words have peaked my interest.

I want my development team leaders obsessed with getting their game to mirror real life as much as possible. Hopefully the team has been given enough resources to put out a competitive product.
# 14 XenoZograscope @ 05/26/12 12:13 AM
Until I see some hard evidence, I'm not going to bite yet...I hope they can bring the heat this time around.
# 15 authentic @ 05/26/12 03:02 PM
Very excited for this game. I had always liked Live. There's no doubt about one thing, EA will release a game with great graphics, especially Tiburon. Question is, will the gameplay be as good? That's always been the question with Madden and NCAA.
# 16 KnicksFan88 @ 05/30/12 01:23 PM
I am A Long Time Live Fan..2k was always good as well but Live Was Always The Official Basketball Game To Play even According to The NBA. I Cant Wait For This Release, I play 2k a little but I will only buy NBA Live and Ive Been Waiting Since 2010. I Just Hope EA Delivers Live To it original Status. To Do This, The Graphics Have To Be Top Of The Line, The Game Play Need To Have That NBA Live Feeling of Really Being in Control of The Player and Team(2k Moves So Fake and The Controls are Delayed), Presentation Has To Be Like Real Life, Playability Needs To Be Handled(Add To Dynasty Mode, And A My Player Mode) It would be stupid to remove The Fiba Game Mode and The All Star Break and The Player Rating Have To Be as usual up to par. This Is Coming From A Fan Who Has been Buying This Game Every Years Since 1994'95, And These Are The people Who You Need To Satisfy With This Game.

# 17 EAGLESFAN10 @ 06/01/12 01:52 PM
Kevin Durant deserves 2 be on the Cover but a 2 man cover would be great (James and Durant)

Ima big time LIVE fan also just been playin 2k because its the only one on the market.

But a video and screenshot would be GREAT

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