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3. Manny Machado, Shortstop, Baltimore

Another 19-year-old fielding shortstop, Machado has decent contact and speed ratings. Going by his real life projections, Machado will be a middle of the lineup guy who may eventually transition to third.

Currently, he's hitting .266 for the Bowie Baysox.

How is Manny Machado in your MLB: The Show Franchise performing?

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# 1 hawks223 @ 05/23/12 01:53 PM
Machado is a stud on the game. I've made some blockbuster deals to trade for him in a couple of franchises, and he's ready to contribute already on the game.
# 2 KingV2k3 @ 05/23/12 02:49 PM
I just ran up against him as a starter for the 2013 O's (played them with my A's franchise)...

He didn't do much that game, but based on the fact his hot / cold zone grid is "dead red", he must be pretty good...

Cool series, BTW...

Prospects are the key to a quality long term franchise experience...
# 3 IK720 @ 05/23/12 03:11 PM
Manny Machado in my franchise (2014 now). He is currently playing for the mariners. I remember seeing a huge deal between them.

2012 - 200 AB, 41 Hits (.205 AVG), 5 HR
2013 - 572 AB, 153 Hits (.267 AVG), 17 HR, 62 RBI
2014 - 20 AB, 4 hits (.200), 1 HR, 5RBI
# 4 rocket21 @ 05/24/12 10:01 PM
I made a huge trade to get him on the Cubs, and I haven't regretted it one bit. I'm in 2013 right now, and Machado is an absolute stud. I actually gave up Starlin Castro to bring him over, and he is WAY outperforming Castro.
# 5 Bobhead @ 05/24/12 10:35 PM
He's definitely the most solid Manny in the game.
# 6 Computalover @ 05/25/12 07:28 PM
I traded manny after 2015 not because he was bad, but i got a 3 for 1 deal i instituted to bolster the orioles pitching.. 2 A potential minors and 1 major for jj hardy and machado (jj fell off, and his salary was too much for his performance level) and i drafted a guy just as good.. so a win win.. but he was nice when i did have him
# 7 sonylpizzle @ 05/25/12 10:06 PM
How do you get Machado in the game?
# 8 royals19 @ 05/26/12 06:31 PM
Machado has a good bat and is a great fielder with plus speed. Its hard to predict where he would fit in a lineup because he's a possible four tool player. Personally i like him as a 5 hitter because he probably wont hit 30-40 home runs but will be clutch enough to drive in those crucial runs when it counts however, his speed is being sacrificed. I suppose he could be a leadoff hitter somewhere along the lines of what the Rays are currently trying to do with Carlos Pena plus the speed element.
# 9 Knight165 @ 05/26/12 07:41 PM
Machado is a beast....no doubt.
I would love to grab him for the Mets....but the players I want to move, Baltimore either isn't interested in...or can't afford.

# 10 PowerofRed25 @ 05/26/12 09:37 PM
Machado is always one of my first prospect picks in fantasy drafts. In non-fantasy drafts, I've never really gone after him. When I was the Cubs I had Castro and when I was the Diamondbacks and actually needed a SS to replace Drew, I wasn't willing to part with the necessary pieces.

Shortstop is such a brutal position to fill. There is rarely a good free agent option and most the trade options are costly. I usually end up playing a utilityman there.
# 11 FoniX @ 07/18/12 09:50 PM
I got him in 2012 with the Mets, don't remember who I traded but it was a deal they offered me. He was my starter in 2013 but he didn't play spectacularly. Currently about to start 2014 and hoping he will have a breakout year

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