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The New York Daily News reported yesterday that the Steinbrenner's might be looking to get out of the baseball business by selling the Yankees. Of course, it all comes after the Dodgers fetched a record sale price of $2.175 billion in April. So what do you think? Would the Steinbrenner's selling the Yankees to someone with more money than they know what to do with be a good or bad thing for baseball?

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# 1 Yankees_CT @ 05/24/12 12:53 PM
Still not sure how I feel about this. However I believe Hal just came out and said that the rumors are false and the team is not for sale. Who knows though, could be a smoke screen. Honestly I would hate to see the Steinbrenner name no longer associated with the Yanks but it hasn't been the same atmosphere since George passed anyway.
# 2 24 @ 05/24/12 01:04 PM
I can See mark Cuban buying the team if he is allowed in baseball.
# 3 DieHardYankee26 @ 05/24/12 01:34 PM
Originally Posted by poopydude
I can See mark Cuban buying the team if he is allowed in baseball.
He said he couldn't afford what the Dodgers were sold for. If that's the case, there's no way he could afford the Yankees.
# 4 SPTO @ 05/24/12 01:56 PM
Originally Posted by 55
For Yankee fans worried about it, I wouldn't. The franchise already had unarguably the richest history in pro sports before the Steinbrenner name had anything to do with it.

Pre-Big Stein: 20 championships and 29 pennants

Post-Big Stein: 7 championships and 11 pennants

The team is going to be just fine no matter what.
That's true to an extent but remember that Steinbrenner was originally going to buy the Cleveland Indians of all things. The Yankees however were in dire straits when he bought the team from CBS. The Yankees were starting to bleed money, fans were apathetic and the magic of the previous era had virtually disappeared. Steinbrenner brought excitement back to baseball in NY with his bluster and immediate free agency signings.

The Yankees+Yankee Stadium and YES Network would net over 4 billion bucks so that immediately rules out a single benefactor so you're looking at a corporate entity and really, i'd be a little concerned about that as corporate owned franchises don't usually have that much success in the grand scheme of things. One thing that would change drastically is the atmosphere around the ballclub and how it's operated. I daresay a corporate owned Yankees would probably spend LESS than what the Steinbrenners have put into the team in the last 30 years.
# 5 sydrogerdavid @ 05/24/12 02:26 PM
They'll be worth about a trillion dollars.
# 6 NYJets @ 05/24/12 02:52 PM
Doubt it happens.

If it does, I don't think it really matters.

The Steinbrenner sons have already put in at least a soft budget, and they've talked about cutting payroll gradually over the next few years. They are already being run much more like a business anyway. The days of just chasing after the biggest names they can regardless of cost are long over. They are going to keep the payroll at a level that makes sense business wise based on their market, regardless of who the owner is.
# 7 BatsareBugs @ 05/24/12 03:53 PM
I hope not, last thing I want to see are the current prospective owners interested in the Padres jumping off the ship and leaving us with many more terrible years with Moores or whichever crap owner MLB will "sort of" approve, but back out in the last minute after finding out later the obvious fact the guy has no money to buy the team.
# 8 SPTO @ 05/24/12 04:39 PM
Originally Posted by JerseySuave4
i bet they were just curious as to what they could get for the team i doubt they have any intention of selling the team anytime soon.
The teachers pension plan people that owned MLSE did the same thing 3-4 years ago and denied everything....Today MLSE is on the cusp of being owned by Rogers and Bell, two of the largest telecommunications/media entities in Canada. So there's probably more motive than just curiosity on the Steinbrenner's part.
# 9 AlexOvechkin @ 05/25/12 01:48 AM
If the Dodgers were sold for 2+ billion $$, the Yankees should be worth about 4 billion $$...

But why should the Steinbrenners sell the Yankees??
# 10 sarlndr @ 05/25/12 07:01 AM
Prepare to be purchased by a group of oil tycoons like Manchester City football club. Their pockets are DEEP!
# 11 Shawnj86 @ 05/25/12 05:19 PM
I cant believe people would even take this seriously.
The Yankees as a team isnt making that much. But the Yankee brand is where the money is
# 12 rudeworld @ 05/26/12 05:44 AM
TRUMP........ Maybe
# 13 TheMatrix31 @ 05/26/12 05:57 AM
It would be weird to see the Steinbrenners out of baseball, but I guess anyone who buys the Yankees would keep doing what they do....I dunno.

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