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Looks like Kotaku has gotten their hands on some information regarding the next Need for Speed title. If there really is going to be a sequal/reboot to Most Wanted, I'm going to be a very happy camper.

Not too much of a huge surprise, as Electronic Arts earlier this month told everyone it'd be publishing another Need For Speed title in the final three months of the year, and everyone figured that would be Need For Speed: Most Wanted 2. Yesterday, IGN reported that an EA E3 booth schedule being sent around confirms the game will be shown in Los Angeles.

Read More - Kotaku: Whether Sequel or Reboot, New Need For Speed: Most Wanted is Basically Confirmed

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# 1 ps3veron @ 05/28/12 05:16 AM
Yes! I am absolutely stoked about this, after last year's mediocre The Run this should fill the the void left by Hot Pursuit.
# 2 DickDalewood @ 05/28/12 12:22 PM
Cockpit views and full car customization and this game could be AWESOME.
# 3 bigbob @ 05/28/12 12:45 PM
This sounds great.

Most Wanted is one of my favorite ones of All-Time, and to me is pretty even for Underground 2 as the best Need for Speed game ever.
# 4 Retropyro @ 05/28/12 12:53 PM
Most Wanted and Underground 2 were my favourites. If this represents a return to those, I'm going to be very happy.
# 5 Reed1417 @ 05/28/12 02:21 PM
yes i would love a Most Wanted 2. that was my favorite of the series next to Underground 2.
# 6 porkys8077 @ 05/28/12 08:41 PM
I'm happy about this too.
# 7 Bolt957 @ 05/28/12 11:09 PM
Hopefully it has qualities of the 1st one, especially full car customization.
# 8 Tsuki @ 05/29/12 02:09 AM
hopefully this will be a retun to the street racing type of game. Would have perferred a ProStreet 2
# 9 jb12780 @ 05/30/12 09:55 AM
Agreed with what most are saying. The first most wanted was a lot of fun.

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# 10 JMD @ 06/04/12 04:13 PM
Just saw the new most wanted game demo on spike tv's E3 coverage. Looks great. I believe they said it's out in October.
# 11 AussieChiefsFan @ 06/09/12 08:40 AM

I used to be the biggest Need for Speed guy before I got into football. The decline in the quaility of the games in recent years certainly didnt help but now THIS, is going to bring back so many memories of not just 2005's Most Wanted but other earlier NFSs too!

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