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According to a Developer post at the RedLynx Forum, Trials Evolution will receive a title update tomorrow. Details below.

Attention Trials riders! We are releasing the first Title Update for Trials Evolution on Wednesday, May 30 at 2:00 AM PST (10:00 AM GMT). The Title Update addresses a number of important fixes, detailed below. You will need to accept the Title Update in order to remain connected to LIVE.

In addition to the Title Update, the Multiplayer Leaderboards will be reset approximately four hours after the Title Update is released. This reset does not affect Single Player Leaderboards, or Leaderboards tied to Player-Created tracks. It also does not affect your Multiplayer Rank (level) – that will remain unchanged.

The reset was deemed necessary by Microsoft and us, due to the large amount of corrupt data that entered the Leaderboard due to server overload and stress at launch, as well as some issues that have persisted until this update. We’ve worked hard to identify these issues and address them.

Because this Multiplayer Leaderboard Reset will take place after the Title Update, we advise you not to play multiplayer matches for at least four to six hours after you receive the Update, in order to avoid having your data purged by the reset or accidentally matching up with a non-updated player.

The Title Update addresses the following issues:
  • Multiplayer Leaderboard writing issues – addressed a number of situations where proper scores were not being recorded to MP Leaderboards or rank was being reset
  • Multiplayer Stability issues – addressed a number of issues, including viewing Gamer Cards, Party play functionality, response time of multiplayer matchmaking, and situations where the game would occasionally lock or hang during multiplayer
  • General Stability – we have addressed some issues affecting general stability and random lockups. If you find new issues related to this, please report them to this thread
  • Editor issues – a number of issues in the editor were addressed, including enforcing a 22 checkpoint limit and some issues around the event trigger system
  • Scoring issues – a rare issue where track times were calculated incorrectly at the finish line has been addressed
  • Track Central – a number of issues were addressed, including track sorting issues, lockups when viewing Player-Created Track Leaderboards, and searching tracks by the “Ninja” difficulty tag
  • Skill Games – adjustments have been made to Icarus Factor, Exploding Man, Out of Gas, and Balls of Steel skill games to eliminate scoring loopholes
We apologize for the Multiplayer Leaderboard reset. However, this step was deemed necessary to ensure the best multiplayer experience for all players, and we feel fair and valid Multiplayer Leaderboards are an integral part of the overall Trials experience.

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