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For the first time in franchise history, familiar faces are now on the field in NCAA Football 13, where fans can build a national powerhouse by placing one of 10 former Heisman Trophy winners on the team of their choice for the upcoming NCAA season. Under center, in the backfield, or split wide, utilize a Legend’s skill set in the quest to win the Heisman Trophy. Video interviews with each Heisman Trophy winner will be unlocked throughout the season, detailing the achievements of their glory days. In addition, fans can truly test themselves by matching their Heisman Legend’s historical performance in one season, which will not only win the Heisman Trophy, but also unlock each player in Road to Glory.

Heisman Legends include:
  • Marcus Allen– 1981 Heisman Trophy recipient, University of Southern California
  • Doug Flutie– 1984 Heisman Trophy recipient, Boston College
  • Eddie George– 1995 Heisman Trophy recipient, Ohio State University
  • Robert Griffin III– 2011 Heisman Trophy recipient, Baylor University
  • Desmond Howard– 1991 Heisman Trophy recipient, University of Michigan
  • Carson Palmer– 2002 Heisman Trophy recipient, University of Southern California
  • Barry Sanders– 1988 Heisman Trophy recipient, Oklahoma State University
  • Charlie Ward– 1993 Heisman Trophy recipient, Florida State University
  • Andre Ware– 1989 Heisman Trophy recipient, University of Houston
  • Herschel Walker– 1982 Heisman Trophy recipient, University of Georgia
The following DLC Heisman Legends are also available:
  • * Tim Brown – 1987 Heisman Trophy recipient, Notre Dame
  • * Archie Griffin – 1974 and 1975 Heisman Trophy recipient, Ohio State University
  • * Jim Plunkett – 1970 Heisman Trophy recipient, Stanford University
  • ** Mark Ingram – 2009 Heisman Trophy recipient, University of Alabama
  • ** Matt Leinart – 2004 Heisman Trophy recipient, University of Southern California
  • ** Tim Tebow – 2007 Heisman Trophy recipient, University of Florida
* Available through the NCAA Football 13 demo download.

** Available through NCAA Football 13 pre-order from GameStop.


The new Reaction Time feature allows players to experience what it’s like on the field as a true Heisman Trophy-caliber athlete. Reaction Time literally slows down the action, allowing users to look for openings in defenses and perform skill moves to get into the open field, before smoothly transitioning back to regular speed. Gameplay has also been enhanced to include special teams and an updated playcall system.


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Member Comments
# 1 Tyler_Bullard @ 05/30/12 01:05 PM
Looks like they forgot..
# 2 weeeeeeez @ 05/30/12 01:08 PM
Watching to see what it's like. In the background they showed the main menu I don't know if that's been shown before.
# 3 Pezell04x @ 05/30/12 01:08 PM
Can the print be any smaller on the screen for the presentation?
# 4 jpdavis82 @ 05/30/12 01:10 PM
LOL that dude looked at Ben like, "Would you shut up already and let me do this presentation?"
# 5 huntt26 @ 05/30/12 01:10 PM
1 year - put heisman guys on any team

sounds odd
# 6 berad88 @ 05/30/12 01:11 PM
Did they start? For some reason my computer is not playing the video.
# 7 Mckinley Cash @ 05/30/12 01:11 PM
# 8 weeeeeeez @ 05/30/12 01:13 PM
I'll be putting Barry Sanders on Ohio State.
# 9 huntt26 @ 05/30/12 01:13 PM
Need to play Demo and order through gamestop to get ALL of the guys
# 10 Pezell04x @ 05/30/12 01:13 PM
Playing the demo will unlock 3 guys for Heisman Challenge.
# 11 Gotmadskillzson @ 05/30/12 01:14 PM
Originally Posted by berad88
Did they start? For some reason my computer is not playing the video.
refresh your browser a few times
# 12 RebelHog @ 05/30/12 01:14 PM
Heisman Athletes:
WRs: Desmond Howard, Tim Brown

RBs: Barry Sanders, Eddie George, Marcus Allen, Herschel Walker, Archie Griffin, Mark Ingram

QBs: RGIII, Charlie Ward, Doug Flutie, Jim Plunkett, Matt Leinart, Tim Tebow, Andrew Ware, Carson Palmer
# 13 Mckinley Cash @ 05/30/12 01:14 PM
I wish Reggie Bush was on there.. So I could put him on Fresno State and embarrass USC with him.
# 14 TheBadOwl @ 05/30/12 01:15 PM
This absolutely infuriates me. I mean, sure, it's a somewhat interesting concept, but who is actually going to play it? This is a waste of time for the team making NCAA 13.

I've spent literally 99% of my time playing offline dynasty since I started buying NCAA football..... in 2005. I'm sure that a lot of people are the same way. I don't think it's a stretch to assume that the vast majority of people who buy the game buy it for dynasty.

So my question is, WHY do they always spend time making things like this and season showdown? They need to be making improvements to dynasty, making improvements to player models and equipment, making improvements to the gameplay, etc. I mean, yeah, they do make a handful of improvements to gameplay and dynasty every year, but the time they're spending to make this mode could be used to improve dynasty/player models/gameplay MUCH more.
# 15 huntt26 @ 05/30/12 01:15 PM
Was hoping for an Eric Crouch for some great option fun, no biggie though
# 16 huntt26 @ 05/30/12 01:15 PM
Modeled after the year they played, retro equipment
# 17 Tyler_Bullard @ 05/30/12 01:15 PM
Not the exact look aka SOCKS !
# 18 RebelHog @ 05/30/12 01:15 PM
Play as 16 former Heisman Winners
Play through ONE season on any NCAA team
Specific Goals and Accomplishments for each player
Reaction Time - Brand new gameplay feature
Over 64 video interviews with Heisman winners
Compete on the new Heisman leaderboards
Bonus unlockables if you win the Heisman
# 19 weeeeeeez @ 05/30/12 01:16 PM
"We went the extra mile"
# 20 TheBadOwl @ 05/30/12 01:16 PM
Anyone else notice that they put the lineman facemask on Tebow? Fail.

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