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# 1 sportzbro @ 05/30/12 02:22 PM
Yikes - ND's helmets... Not even close.

Edit: Look how tiny that ND players head looks!
# 2 capn_razzamataz @ 05/30/12 02:25 PM
Originally Posted by BORN4CORN
Yikes - ND's helmets... Not even close.

Oh God...

...and what is it with gold pants? All the gold pants I've seen in screenshots and videos look like the same color as nice dress khakis.
# 3 StL_RamZ @ 05/30/12 02:30 PM
Eww I dnt like that you can put them On any team
# 4 qdog @ 05/30/12 02:31 PM
man there is bullet time in hiesman mode,....shm... this mode is targeted for the casual fan. i couldnt imagine a hardcore fan investing a large amount of time in this mode. its a waste of disc space in my opinion. the gamplay and graphics looks the same as 12, and they said there is another significant announcement during E3, i wonder what this could be, hopefully its something to enhance gameplay or dynasty mode.
# 5 Kaiser Wilhelm @ 05/30/12 02:31 PM
Nothing to say other than I am amazed. Amazed at how very little visible difference I seen between 2012 both graphically and movement wise and 2013.

I am sincerely disappointed in how this game is looking at this moment.
# 6 Goodolboi55 @ 05/30/12 02:39 PM
All I can say is that ea can introduce new game modes but must not have enough time to put in new equipment I am still going to check in at this website to see if ea will add equipment but it looks like I will not buy this game anymore I rather have a badass revo speed than play as herchal. If I ever wanna play as these guys I will do somethin called CREATE A PLAYER dissapointed ea u guys really need to get ur **** together and start listening to people or find a new director.
# 7 DerkontheOS @ 05/30/12 02:41 PM
I'm not sure what is more pointless, this or the mascot game.

I'm gonna say this because the mascot game is a little funny.
# 8 Sdrawkcab321 @ 05/30/12 02:43 PM
i like this. it could be a fun change. its not like you HAVE to do this. not sure why everyone is upset. i wonder if you can add multiple heisman winners to your team
# 9 Kaiser Wilhelm @ 05/30/12 02:47 PM
Originally Posted by jmiller937
This mode is so pointless. They should just get rid of this. And why would you want to take a legend from his team?lol this is such a let down.
I really do not have a problem with this mode per se or that they allow a person to change teams. I think that restricting it would be worse as it is an unnecessary restriction.

I would actually like this mode if they just integrated it into RTG. It would ship with a few licensed players but would allow players to use a template, provided online, to create set goals, rosters, and schedules and then upload that template to the game.

I really wish console games would utilize basic mod tools.

They could advertise it as a set your own goals feature.

Either way, I have less issue with the game mode than I do the actual game.
# 10 jagsrock95 @ 05/30/12 02:50 PM
yawwwwwwn, wake me up when it's June 4th...Everyone of these vids just convinces me more and more that I will NOT buy NCAA 13
# 11 bigsmallwood @ 05/30/12 02:51 PM
Not a fan of immediately being able to place them on any team. But other than that it's something that has to be played. May be more special than what we have seen.
# 12 jWILL253 @ 05/30/12 02:52 PM
Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd, there goes the video...
# 13 BoomerSooner11 @ 05/30/12 03:02 PM
Originally Posted by DerkontheOS
I'm not sure what is more pointless, this or the mascot game.

I'm gonna say this because the mascot game is a little funny.

# 14 DGuinta1 @ 05/30/12 04:00 PM
Not interested...BTW where's Bo!?
# 15 Aggies7 @ 05/30/12 04:16 PM
As I said in the prediction thread why take time away from improving areas such as gameplay which really needs help. Once again a gimmick that will last two years and be removed.

Overall I agree above this mode is as pointless as mascot mode and to make matters worse you get certain players for buying from certain stores. This bothers me in all video game. Stop giving these pre order bonuses and just put it all in the game. We pay for the game either way...give us what we pay for.
# 16 coogrfan @ 05/30/12 04:22 PM
Originally Posted by Aggies7
As I said in the prediction thread why take time away from improving areas such as gameplay which really needs help. Once again a gimmick that will last two years and be removed.
Because we're not the only demographic EA needs to appeal to?

Casuals will eat this up, you can count on it.
# 17 DJ @ 05/30/12 04:23 PM
As I mentioned in the other thread, I like a lot about this mode. The negative is that you can't go back and play the actual Heisman season for each player. That would've been cool if they would've done things 2K12 style and had retro presentation for guys like Griffin and Plunkett that played in the 70's, contrasted with modern-day presentation for Tebow and RGIII. That would've really been going the extra mile, but again, I don't know how limited the developers were in respect to that and the rosters.

My guess is even if they used generic guys for the opposition, they'd face a potential lawsuit for player likeness, so that's why they had to go the other way and just make the Heisman winners open to use for any team.
# 18 mtoo22 @ 05/30/12 04:29 PM
The best part is that everyone mentioned Notre Dame's helmets were the wrong color in the first webcast. The devs said that build did not encompass art. Guess what, they're still wrong. Please listen to our feedback instead of dismissing it and maybe people would do something other than bitch about this game.

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# 19 DGuinta1 @ 05/30/12 04:30 PM
If you can make it from start to finish why bother. Rather focus on gameplay etc.. stop with the flash and flair. Quality games are what people are craving for. I enjoy NCAA but c'mon, so many other things to address.
# 20 xxSTEELCITYDxx @ 05/30/12 04:30 PM
I hope they have alot of those heisman players available im sure people are gonna want to use the player from there favorite school who won the heisman like me for instance I would love to use dan marino or dorsett from my favorite team i hope there in there.

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