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# 1 Broncos86 @ 06/04/12 03:56 PM
Seeing the RBs trip over feet, that was something else.
# 2 djordan @ 06/04/12 03:57 PM
3:28 =WHOAA!
# 3 greenegt @ 06/04/12 03:58 PM
Awesome stuff!
# 4 CT Pittbull @ 06/04/12 03:58 PM
this looks amazing ..i am so friggin happy and excited right now!!! cant wait for this game to come out ...cam webber/ victor lugo/ whoever else u tha man!!!!
# 5 PGaither84 @ 06/04/12 03:58 PM
This makes me happy. This should make madden move better.

I wonder if they are also going to address other visual/animation problems like the QB gallop when they drop back or scramble against the grain.

Madden looks more and more like it is finally going to move like 2k [with a madden twist]
# 6 DeuceDouglas @ 06/04/12 03:58 PM
I wonder if with what they showed with the DB/WR interaction if there will be more realistic pass interference now.
# 7 jpdavis82 @ 06/04/12 03:59 PM
Originally Posted by wheelman990
thought you made a official video thread,lol
That's an E3 Video Thread, that's the only reason I didn't post it there. This is part of the ongoing Playbook Madden 13 series. All E3 related videos will be in my other thread.
# 8 Mr_Riddick @ 06/04/12 03:59 PM
Time to see this in action..
# 9 thaima1shu @ 06/04/12 04:00 PM
Good lord this looks SO DAMN GOOD.
# 10 xblake16x @ 06/04/12 04:06 PM
Oh my goodness (:
# 11 bukktown @ 06/04/12 04:06 PM
The King is back!
# 12 I_Pierre @ 06/04/12 04:08 PM
I can no longer call myself a man after the way i just reacted to that video. . .
# 13 AuburnAlumni @ 06/04/12 04:09 PM
Um...... Wow.

I might get Madden for only the 4th time in 20 years.
# 14 sars973 @ 06/04/12 04:11 PM
Wait. On the presentation on Spike the guy said "infinity engine = real time physics"

In this video the guy says "infinity engine = animation driven physics engine that augments every animation"

Are those the same thing, or different? Excuse my ignorance if I don't make sense it just seems odd.
# 15 billylee0000 @ 06/04/12 04:13 PM
Love it! I'm sure there'll this will be kinda buggy like Fifa, but this is headed in a good direction.
# 16 Mbalmer @ 06/04/12 04:14 PM
I really liked the spin move Forte had at about the 4:20 mark. I always loved the way 2k had it, and now it looks like Madden has it this way. I am (dare I say it) excited for Aug. 28!!!!

I hope it is good because it has been a long time coming.
# 17 at23steelers @ 06/04/12 04:14 PM
I like the poster in the background!!

Also, they better show us more commentary now that the cat is out of the bag!! Why not show us full games instead of just pre game?
# 18 NEW_ORLEANS @ 06/04/12 04:17 PM
Didnt think this day would ever come.
# 19 Mr_Riddick @ 06/04/12 04:19 PM
Originally Posted by AuburnAlumni
Um...... Wow.

I might get Madden for only the 4th time in 20 years.
^^ This^^^
# 20 JBucc @ 06/04/12 04:25 PM
Holy crap at that falcons player's foot getting caught. I didn't think it'd be that thorough.

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