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There are two new blogs on the EA Sports site discussing the New Infinity Engine. First off, the Developers Blog gives a bit of insight into the methodology behind the feature:

"The Infinity Team is made up of an all-star team of engineers who have backgrounds in mathematics, interactive entertainment, and physics (3 Physics PhDs to be exact) from EA Tiburon as well as EA Physics in Guilford, England. We set out on a multi-year plan to deliver something that would fundamentally change the way football was played. Even with all of the talent on the team we didn’t know if we would be able to release any features this year, but we all knew it was a goal worth striving for. Towards the beginning of the year it became apparent to us that if we pushed hard enough we would be able to implement the first stages of our plan in Madden NFL 13. For this year we chose to focus on primarily on character physics interactions, muscle strengths and tensions, and a balance system"

Secondly, a community blog written by Shopmaster details the new changes from a players point of view:

"When I got my first look at the ‘Infinity Engine’ from designer Victor Lugo I could not believe my eyes. Bodies twisted with every hit, wide receivers were spun around in mid-air, QBs getting laid out by blitzing linebackers from the blindside, it all looked great! As great as the presentation was it still could not prepare me for how this new engine would deeply affect the way I play Madden NFL 13. Everything you thought about Madden NFL 13 before has now changed."

Does the inclusion of real-time physics change your buying decision on Madden one way or another?

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# 1 MattyEdgeworth @ 06/04/12 06:40 PM
Sounds even better now that I've read this, especially the muscle strengths being added. This is something which is essentially for game trying to recreate a contact sport. Hopefully it'll vastly improve the O-Line and D-Line interactions as well. That is where I feel Madden lacks the most, mainly due to lack of a system like this.

and yes I was considering getting Madden but was on the fence, this has defintely persuaded me to buy it.
# 2 charter04 @ 06/04/12 06:41 PM
I was buying anyway but, now I'm as excited as I have ever been for a Madden game. Physic's changes everything for the better as far as game play.
# 3 chi_hawks @ 06/04/12 06:44 PM
1) Hope this somehow gets into the new Live series


2) wonder what additional features they will implement in 14 and 15 as a part of this RTP movement.
# 4 videlsports @ 06/04/12 06:49 PM
it is worth a try now.. gotta buy just to see the ea hype got me on this one.
# 5 acreyman @ 06/04/12 07:58 PM
OH MY OH MY OH MY!!!!!!!!!!! Man now I am wondering if I should cancel that NCAA pre-order cause if this physics engine is not in that game.....then whats the point?
# 6 TreyIM2 @ 06/04/12 08:09 PM
A running back that falls on a pile and never actually touches the ground will get back up and keep running. - Whoa dip!

I know they mentioned momentum but I wonder if this just pertains to RTP and not in regards to the new momentum, acceleration and speed that's being implemented in NHL with those beautiful skating animations. I'm assuming not and expect that in Madden 14...for next gen systems. Heh
# 7 TreyIM2 @ 06/04/12 08:11 PM
Oh, and as for buying the game, was going to happen regardless of this announcement but NOW I actually can't wait to get my hands on the demo. I just fear that some of this RTP will be overdone and/or funky. Eh, it's a HUGE improvement to Madden, regardless.
# 8 bukktown @ 06/04/12 08:18 PM
Could you add a link to Shopmasters blog?
# 9 green94 @ 06/04/12 08:23 PM
wow wow wow wow
# 10 Mos1ted @ 06/04/12 08:26 PM
I said to myself that there was nothing they could add to Madden '13 to pique my interest, but maybe I spoke too soon...
# 11 EAGLESFAN10 @ 06/04/12 08:29 PM
the one handed catch then BOOOOOOOM was my favorite but liked all of em
# 12 frankwyte81 @ 06/04/12 08:32 PM
Originally Posted by bukktown
Could you add a link to Shopmasters blog?
Shopmaster's Blog: http://www.easports.com/madden-nfl/news/article/community-blog-infinity-engine
# 13 PushaaP @ 06/04/12 09:02 PM
I am more interested in how it is all going to fit together I expect some flaws but i want to see what all of this is going to turn out to be.
# 14 khaliib @ 06/04/12 09:09 PM
1st, I must admit I was wrong about "No Physics" in the Revealed Physics thread.

2nd, Looks like it's Madden for me this year knowing NCAA will not even come close to New things added.

Oh well, I'll just create NCAA teams on Madden again.
(currently playing NCAA on Madden 12 now as Fresno St. and got beat down by Bama and loved it!!!)

Hope everything works out-of-the box though, and we don't have to do the wait for a patch dance.

Good stuff Madden Team, something to look forward to.
# 15 theDude47 @ 06/04/12 09:15 PM
If executed properly, I think this balance thing is really going to set players apart. Now if you create Barry Sanders in the game, he might actually have the balance of Barry Sanders!

I'm trying not to get too excited until I see how it will all play out, but this might be the first year I actually buy Madden.
# 16 boritter @ 06/04/12 09:29 PM
I'm a Dynasty, not a Franchise gamer. But this announcement has me more excited about Madden than NCAA for the first time ever.
# 17 ZoneBlitz @ 06/04/12 09:30 PM
It's increasingly looking like I will be returning to Madden after a 3 year hiatus. The physics engine sounds really good. I just wish that the game itself was more like football.

At any rate, I look forward to it. It seems like everyone is getting real physics in their games in some way.
# 18 Facts @ 06/04/12 09:59 PM
See when you put devs in that know the game from experience? 1 for 1. Pre-release order is in.
# 19 Skyboxer @ 06/04/12 10:42 PM
Already had this pre-ordered and for the first time in a long while my Madden excitement is back.
# 20 jmo2278 @ 06/04/12 11:01 PM
Ok two ?'s
1. Will this be in NCAA?

2. Will this affect blocking, ol/dl and wr/db interactions as well or is it limited to ball carrier for now?

Either way madden may finally be turning the corner this gen. Better late than never I guess.

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