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The fifth and final EA SPORTS NCAA® Football 13 feature playbook, “Road to Glory”, is now available on the NCAA Football 13 playbook page. As first unveiled in Playbook #4: Heisman® Challenge, the experience of being a college football superstar is now even more exciting with Reaction Time. This feature slows down gameplay during key moments, increasing on-field awareness and opening up more opportunities as you sense how the play will unfold. In addition, NCAA Football 13 lets you customize your experience in Road to Glory with all-new Scouting Reports that detail the upcoming week of practice and Difficulty Options that allow users to choose their challenge.

Reaction Time
First introduced in Playbook #4: Heisman Challenge, Reaction Time throws players into slow motion for a limited amount of time each play. Reaction Time may be limited, but players can refill the meter by scoring touchdowns, converting first downs and making big plays. Once players release the trigger for Reaction Time the game seamlessly transitions back to full speed. Every camera angle for Reaction Time was tuned to bring fans as close to the action as possible without losing track of what’s happening on the field.

While functional in both Heisman Challenge and Road to Glory, Reaction Time in Road to Glory is based completely off a user’s Awareness Rating. The higher a player’s Awareness Rating is, the larger their Reaction Time meter grows. While players may not start off with a large amount of Reaction Time, those who invest in improving their Awareness will eventually see significant dividends.

Scouting Reports
Fans will be greeted with a Scouting Report when entering the brand new College practice facility, which is now equipped with two fields for separate Offensive and Defensive practice. The all-new Scouting Report details important information about the upcoming week of practice – including which players to practice with and what playbooks will be used.

In addition to a brand new College practice facility, more than eight new High School stadiums have been added to Road to Glory, with a variety of backdrops ranging from small towns in the middle of cornfields to downtown of a metropolitan city. These new stadiums bring to life a diverse atmosphere in Road to Glory, especially when importing TeamBuilder teams.

Difficulty Options
A highly requested community update, NCAA Football 13 now allows you to adjust the difficulty modes in Road to Glory. Each level affects your progression for Coach Trust leveling system, XP progression system and gameplay, Players can choose from difficulty settings ranging from Freshman for beginners to Heisman Difficulty for the ultimate challenge.
We also spent time tuning our play calling logic so that we could avoid situations like a running play when you’re behind with three seconds left in the game and the ball on the 40 yard line. That will not happen anymore. Instead, we have completely revamped the playcall system to make sure that you are having more fun and getting more of the plays called just for you. Along with tuning the playcalling, we also tuned the amount of Recruiting Points you get in High School. Last year, you were getting a lot of points on Offense and not as many on Defense, so we adjusted both.
Perhaps the most frustrating aspect of Road to Glory in the past was the lack of touches for your player. This year the play-calling has been tuned to provide more carries for running backs and more pass plays for quarterbacks. Now your player will have more opportunities to shine and in turn, make the mode more enjoyable.

Another top community request added to the mode is the ability to return kicks and punts. This ability will be available for running backs, wide receivers, and also defensive backs. With the improved punt return system in game - as well as Reaction Time (which I'll discuss next) - the ability to return kicks will give your player an additional avenue to earn Legend Points and change the momentum of a game.

For those of you that missed the webcast, The Gaming Tailgate has posted plenty of details.

Road to Glory Improvements:
  • Difficulty Levels - Each level effects Gameplay difficulty, Coach Trust Points and XP Points (Time until starter: Freshman - 5 weeks, Varsity - 8 weeks, AA - 13 weeks, Heisman - 18 weeks)
  • Kick Return (KR & PR) - Depth chart determines whether you return or not. Positions that can return: WR, S, HB, CB. New camera angles for returns.
  • Reaction Time: React to the play by slowing down time and outperforming your opponent. Left Trigger activates, react to the action, release to return.
  • Time Meter for Reaction Time: As you use it, your meter will drain. You auto get 20% of meter back after every play. Gain time back by completing good and great plays. (HS: 5 seconds, College: Awareness - Total Time. Cap: 10 seconds. 3.1 seconds for every play in Practice Mode.)
  • Reaction Time Progression: Can use boosts to improve. Top Skill Upgrade item only one that will give Reaction Time boost.
  • Unique cameras for each position
  • Tuning Update: Playcall - More plays focused on you, more playbooks in HS, better all around playcalling (More passing plays for QBs, more running plays for RBs, more passing plays for WRs_
  • Tuning Update: Recruiting Points - Harder to get Offensive Recruiting Points, Easier to get Defensive Recruiting Points
  • New Practice Features: Scouting Report - Learn everything about your opponent before you play them. Can play on scout team preparing team for upcoming week's foe.
  • Practice Facility: Offensive Field (Scout Team D & 1st Team Offense) & Defensive Field (Scout O & 1st Team Defense)
  • 8 New High School Stadiums: Based on regions of US (11 total)
  • New Award System & Leaderboards: Goals (Position Specific Goals & New Point System) Records: School & NCAA Records)
  • Leaderboards: All-American & Heisman, Varsity

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Member Comments
# 1 TrapStar215 @ 06/11/12 01:04 PM
Please be something good.
# 2 Xero Theory 42 @ 06/11/12 01:05 PM
I dont want to hear about Heisman Challenge. Get to the stuff we havent heard about
# 3 huntt26 @ 06/11/12 01:07 PM
Just now starting
# 4 War34Eagle @ 06/11/12 01:08 PM
this took me to a heisman challenge webcast??
# 5 devilwearsmaize @ 06/11/12 01:08 PM
mine still isn't there?
# 6 Ramminyou @ 06/11/12 01:08 PM
Are we sure it's about to happen? The NCAA EA front page says the time for the webcast is still TBD, and the link is only showing the Heisman Webcast.

Of course it starts right when I post this.
# 7 War34Eagle @ 06/11/12 01:08 PM
Originally Posted by War34Eagle
this took me to a heisman challenge webcast??
nvm, we're good
# 8 huntt26 @ 06/11/12 01:09 PM
Refresh or it will play the old video for heisman challenge.
# 9 huntt26 @ 06/11/12 01:10 PM
"right after this short presentation is the trailer"

Not a good sign if it's super short
# 10 illwill10 @ 06/11/12 01:12 PM
Good that we can be KR/PR and the positions will be WR/S/Hb/CB
# 11 huntt26 @ 06/11/12 01:12 PM
Kick and punt returns are in - finally
# 12 illwill10 @ 06/11/12 01:14 PM
5-weeks unti Starter for Freshman
8-weeks unti Starter for Varsity
13-weeks unti Starter for AA
18-weeks unti Starter for Heisman
# 13 huntt26 @ 06/11/12 01:14 PM
"our biggest feature is reaction time"

Not surprising but that sucks
# 14 TDenverFan @ 06/11/12 01:16 PM
4 Difficulties is nice. HOnestly, with just RTime, Difficulties, and the Ability to be a Return Man, they made 3 very nice changes.
# 15 RidirkulousPokes @ 06/11/12 01:18 PM
I honestly don't understand how EA says they strive to be the most realistic football game and anyone that enjoys the "sim" aspect of the game can actually like Reaction Time.

It has to be one of the dumbest/worst additions to any sports game of all-time.

Absolutely worthless and it's their biggest feature. I know plenty of people on OperationSports that have much better/more realistic ideas to revamp this mode among others. /RANT.
# 16 illwill10 @ 06/11/12 01:18 PM
If Custom Quarters isnt in, then I cant see myself playing this after named rosters are out.

I was hoping the XP packs were more expensive
# 17 TrapStar215 @ 06/11/12 01:19 PM
OMG, WHO CARES about reaction time!!!
# 18 WipeOut464 @ 06/11/12 01:20 PM
Is the Livecast still running? I can't get the link to work...
# 19 illwill10 @ 06/11/12 01:20 PM
Playcalling is focused on your player. and more Playbooks in HS
Harder to get recruiting points for Offense
Easier to get recruiting points for Defense
# 20 TDenverFan @ 06/11/12 01:21 PM
Good. As QB, you could get tons of scholarships in 3 or 4 games.

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