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# 1 Gotmadskillzson @ 06/15/12 01:23 PM
So.......they turned video game development into a yearly reality series.
# 2 Retropyro @ 06/15/12 03:05 PM
Does that mean the loading screen is going to get interrupted again this year with a message about the "making of". That was rather annoying last year.
# 3 Sparkles @ 06/15/12 03:50 PM
did anybody else notice tebowing?????????????????????
# 4 PRAY IV M3RCY @ 06/15/12 04:08 PM
i cant believe wasted amount of time put into the legends mode when they could have spent that time improving road to glory teambuilder and online dynasty
# 5 mpt54 @ 06/15/12 04:27 PM
I enjoyed this last year I can't wait to watch it this year
# 6 SnakeEyez @ 06/15/12 07:10 PM
just waiting for the scene where Haumiller again exclaims, "bug free" and then we get a freezing game again at the main menu or some garbage due to a roster file....
# 7 sportzbro @ 06/15/12 07:39 PM
This should be a short series.
# 8 fsufan4423 @ 06/15/12 07:51 PM
If EA would only put the same amount of focus in improving the game as the do promoting it, we would have one hella college football game.
# 9 carvis#15 @ 06/15/12 08:15 PM
Maybe that's why the running animations are so terrible. They, use just anybody to do the animations. They got all hype over that goof ball animation lmbo. Still rootin' for you guys to make the perfect game though.
# 10 I3RIS3H @ 06/15/12 08:22 PM
Not this again..
# 11 eagskerfan @ 06/15/12 09:20 PM
Video synopsis:
Take NCAA Football 10, rinse and repeat, then do it again.
# 12 OPDriver @ 06/16/12 09:18 AM
Originally Posted by FloydNDLAL
You do know every video game is going to have bugs no matter what?
Biggest MMORPG World Of Warcraft. Still has a lot of bugs, and it racks in a lot of money per year. No game is free of bugs FYI
Of course every game has bugs, but EA never acknowledges them and never fixes them. Plus EAs bugs are usually a big part of gameplay.
# 13 Pezell04x @ 06/16/12 10:07 AM
So its a couple hours of watching developers sleeping?

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# 14 SkillzKillz719 @ 06/16/12 09:27 PM
I dont know if this will make me upset or give me insight.
# 15 tested29 @ 06/17/12 11:25 PM
I love how they touted improvements to the atmosphere before/during the games and whatnot, but still did a terrible job. Reveille, A&M's dog mascot, looks terrible in that video. I don't get it, EA. Please, do it right or not at all. Sigh
# 16 kingsofthevalley @ 06/19/12 04:49 AM
Thats cool, maybe they'll reveal why they can't change the color pallet on the socks to more than just black and white. I've waited 8 years for team colored socks folks....team colored socks. Really? Am I really asking too much here?
# 17 CAMPBLACKMAMBA24 @ 06/19/12 06:34 PM
Currently watching this right now. Pretty interesting. I gotta say I'm somewhat shocked the level of work that goes into these games.
# 18 BadAssHskr @ 06/19/12 06:39 PM
Leave it to me to catch this 40 min late.....
# 19 CcAaRrSsOoNn3 @ 06/19/12 06:49 PM
Originally Posted by Pmoney327
No one cares about your branding of a sponsor into the game...

You've got to be kidding me.
I was thinking the same thing lol.

"Check this out! Dove body for men logo is at the Kickoff!!!
# 20 Ramminyou @ 06/19/12 06:57 PM
This is pretty much a 30 minute commercial for soap.

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